PRSIM - Lacuna

Posted June 25, 2019, 3:46 p.m. by Civilian Michael "One" Halloway (Governor) (Tony Findora)

Greetings people of Oed V!

This is a PRSIM that will be run by myself and Trinity Fister. So, if you see the word “Lacuna” in the title of a thread, chances are its important and part of the main PRSIM on Oed. There should be something for everyone to take part in eventually. It won’t all come at once, but there is about to be a lot to happen on Oed. We’ve made a couple intro posts already (that we forgot to put LACUNA in the title for :P ). You’ll know once we get the ball rolling what will be happening and what your department or person should be ready for. ;)

I’d like to also thank Trinity for teaming up with me on this one, and for Sidney for being the backup we always need. The command team is aware of something that will be happening at the end of the PRSIM, a bit of a surprise if you will for all. ;) So without further delay, here’s the summary.


An unknown threat has targeted Oed V for impending terror. What is in store for Oed, and who is on there way to either save or subjugate the populace. Only time will tell as the bad things unfold. Will the people of Oed survive?

-Tony Findora

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