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Posted by Captain Parker Xavier (Lt. Governor) in Star Port

Posted by Captain Parker Xavier (Lt. Governor) in Star Port
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The Captain made his way to the Star Port. He did not visit it enough. He went to his office for a few minutes but found that he yearned to get on the Bridge of the Centurion so he went to its dock. Currently it was not manned so he boarded it alone. Being a small ship it took not time to get to the Bridge. With auxiliary lighting on he sat in the Captains chair. His chair. How he missed the bridge of the Ark Angel as he commanded it so many times. He missed the feel of traveling through space. Watching crew do their jobs and taking on the next mission.

All of which he had given up to be the good soldier of SF and go to Oed. However times like this he could at least pretend he was a starship captain. If only for short times.


Suddenly a female officer walked in holding a PaDD in her hand doing a routine check through. She did not notice him at first and nearly jumped out her skin when she turned and saw him there.

“Wow you scared me silly!” She exclaimed. “Your here to help do a walk through of the Bridge systems?”

Xavier said nothing at first. She was pretty and about 30 years of age of not a bit older. Dark black hair and dark brown eyes. Petite but not curvy in her uniform. He did not recognize her but saw Lt. pips.

“Not really but I’m happy to help out.” He answered. “Oh and sorry for the fright.”

She stood back a moment and then saw the pips. It hit her like a brick.

“I am so sorry Captain. I did not recognize you. I mean I know who my commanding officer is…well..I did not expect you here.” She stammered and then just stopped talking.


“Its ok Lt. I’m the one out of place. Just visiting the ship I guess. Really though I would like to help. First it would be nice to know your name or is it Lt?” He said jokingly. However he could see it was having the opposite effect.

“Its Genevieve Garces Captain.” She said nervously. ” I mean sure if you want to help.”

It was obvious she was not sure herself.

He then took the PaDD from her hand and looked at it.

“Believe it or not Genevieve I think I can manage not to screw this up too much. I can run the weapons system check first if that is ok?” He asked.

“Sure. Yes that is great.” She answered. She turned from him as he moved over to the weapons station. She bit her lip and took a breath. This was the big man. She hoped she didn´t screw up something this simple.


They worked on the diagnostics for over an hour. Talking business from one station to the other but occassionally bumping into each other and separating quickly like two high school kids. The Captain felt awkward as he knew he was attracted to her but was also her commanding officer.

“Tell me a little about yourself Genevieve.” He said as he went over the back up deflector relay system.

“Well Sir I{m from Rigel. My Mom is from Earth and is French. My Dad is..well he was from Rigel and Spanish descent. I am afraid I do not know him. He died when I was Young. Star Fleet. An accident on the USS Excélsior. He was an engineer and there was a plasma eruption. He got his team out but did not make it.” She said. It was obvious she was rethinking the incident in her head.

” Sad to here it. Sounds like a brave man.” He answered the best he could.

“That´s what I am told. I mean I know he was. I just did not know him. Ihave small memories of him lifting me as a child and playing but…but well strangely they are blurs.”

“Not strange. Rather normal.” He added.

“Well Sir.” She said snapping out of the story and a little embarrased she had shared so much. ” Were done.”

“Tell me Lt. Your in red. Command potential?” He asked.

“Engineering but yes my goal is to move up to a post like that. Maybe a 3rd officer. I only recently went over to command. My first stop was security. I´m trying to be rounded out as an officer.”

” Good and bad idea.” He said but did not elaborate.

He then went over an pushed the com button.

=/= Space Port this is Captain Parker.=7=
=7= Go ahead Captain.=7=
=7= Send the back up team to the Centurión. Emergency skeleton crew drill. I want them on station in 10 minutes.=7=
=7= Aye Aye Captain=7=

“Lt. Garces your in command. I will function as your XO.” He said.

“Sir no. I can´t.” She said suddenly and obviously a little frightened.

” You can and you will Lt.” He said sternly.

“Yes…of course Captain.” His tone and command snapped her back to her mind and duty.

” Center chair. Your crew is coming.” He motioned to the chair.

She gingerly moved to the chair and sat as if it might bite her. She knew this was an opportunity and she had to master it but she was feeling the adrenaline in her veins and the nervous movement of her muscles in reaction. However she was willing.


As the crew assembled the Captain took on the XO position. He scanned the readiness board.

“Captain we are all green for launch.” He announced.

At first Genevieve did nothing but then realized she was the Captain at this moment.

“Aye Aye Sir… I mean affirmative XO.” He said catching herself. Some one behind her, maybe weapons snickered a little. She put it out of her mind.

“Release couplings. Booster ony. Take us out of dock.” She ordered.

No one moved or said a word. She looked nervously at Xavier. Then she bit her lip and cursed herself inwardly.

=^=Oed Starport. This is Lt. Garces, Acting Captain of the Centurion. Requesting permission to leave dock on the preplotted exercise.=^=

=^=You are free to release couplings and leave the Starport Captain. Good hunting.=^= Came the reply.

=^=Release couplings, straight ahead on boosters only. Once we are clear of the Port 1/4 impulse. Heading 246.2.=^=

This time it all happened just as she had planned the first time.

Lt. Garces and Captain Xavier

Once in open space she ordered base patrol pattern of the planetary sector. Status checks were coming in fine and she felt more and more comfortable. Xavier stepped up over to a main console an punched in a simulation. It was time to see if she had what it took to do more than just follow a pattern.

Suddenly the bridge dimmed and the red alert began flashing but no sound. If she had been paying attention she would know this was an indication that it was a simulation but she was not ready for that.

“Captain two bird of preys decloaking off starboard and port just in front of us.” Xavier called out.

She swiveled her head around to him with a confused look but said nothing.

“Shall we stop, take evasive maneuvers.” He asked quickly.

“Uhh full stop.” She ordered.

Xavier knew the simulation and knew she had just made a bad move.

“Sir they have charged weapons and are dropping speed but closing fast.” the weapons officer called out.


Genevieve sat in the chair and said and did nothing at first. Xavier looked at her and then tapped her shoulder.

“Uh yes.” She said snapping out of it. “Full impulse hard to port. “

The officer at the helm looked back at Xavier as if to say something silently. He just lowered his head slightly as if to say turn back around and do the job.

“Captain should we hail them?” He asked.

Even as he did so Helm followed the order. However as they were stopped the other ships closed faster. The bird on the port side skimmed past the Centurion and delivered a hard shot to the port and aft of weapons fire.

“Damn its simulation.” Genevieve said finally realizing it. Even as she did the ship shuddered.

“Shields down to 25% on port. It was a direct hit and close.” Came the weapons officer voice.

The ship shuddered again as the other bird fired at close range to the rear of the ship. She realized she had turned the ship to the worst possible direction. Port of starboard fell both into their game.

“Fire all weapons. Gamma Beta Delta solution.” She called out as she gripped the chair and leaned into it.

The powerful little ship let out torpedos and phasers. It was impressive but she was targeting ships moving away quickly. She hit on 39% of targets. It was enough though to damage the starboard bird. He veered off.

“180 degrees down. Maintain full speed.” She called out.

She shipped went nose down if there was a down in space. The sudden maneuver stunned the rear bird and it adjusted to follow but lost a clear firing solution. The damaged bird was already coming around.


The other bird got a fix on the Centurion and hit them.

“Captain shields down to 22%. Starboard thruster damaged. Damages to decks 3 and 4. Integrity shields activated.” Came the ops officer.

“Captain we are closing on the first bird and have a shot.” Came weapons.

“Fire torpedo’s. Alpha pattern. ” Genevieve ordered.

The torpedos ripped out and hit the bird one after the other on its port side. The ship exploded. However the aft bird now had a clear shot and let loose with everything it had. The ship shook and shuddered. Genevieve was about to call out an order when the computer chimed in.

=^= Ship destroyed. Sim over.=^=

The lights came up.

Xavier put his hand on her shoulder.

“Not bad.” He said.

She looked up at him as if she had no idea what he was talking about.

“Fastest loss of command ever I imagine.” She said low and looked again forward. Then she suddenly caught herself and got up.

“Sorry Sir. Your seat.” She said quickly while looking slightly down.

“No Lt. this is your cruise till the Centurion docks.” He replied and indicated for her to sit which she did. “Bring us back to the Starport Lt. BTW that is not the fastest defeat in a sim or loss of a command. Been many much faster than that.”


She smiled but inside she felt she had let him down and more importantly herself. The rest of the trip back to the Starport she remained quiet except for the occasional command. As they docked, which she did perfect on, she breathed out slowly.

“Thanks for the opportunity Captain.” She said as she rose. “Thank you all.”


Once back at the dock the crew spilled out. The Captain waited until it was just him and Genevieve.

“You did good. I know you don’t feel that way but you did. I’m going to send you some instructional material and I want you to schedule time in the simulator program. You have potential but not the experience.” He told her.

“Thank you Captain. I don’t exactly feel like I did good.” She answered.

“I’m hungry. Do you want to go and eat at the executive lounge?” The Captain queried.

“I don’t think I’m on that list Sir.” She answered.

“I am. Lets drop the titles. Call me Xavier. Were off duty now..well if that’s ever really possible.” He said chuckling to himself.

“Now that is true.” She said smiling. “Sure Xavier. I would like that.”

After a few final task they both left. The Captain had a slight pep to his step.


They arrived at the lounge. It was semi full. The executive lounge was on the upper portion of the starport. The whole lound was in small semi circle with Windows to one side and the bar and kitchen to the other. Tables were between both. The área near the Windows was slightly elevated. This was the reservation or VIP only área. The host saw the Lt. Governor coming.

“Lt. Governor it is good to see you again. It has been a while. For two?¨” She asked.

“Yes Dinner for two.” He answered.

“Please follow me.” She said and led the way.

Of course Xavier knew the way. The Head of SF had a reserved table and he did not eat there much but it was always there waiting for him.

As they were seated in a small section away from others Genevieve looked around.

“If your trying to impress me Captain you have done very well.” She said and then thought if that had been appropriate to say.

“Well Genevieve I would be lying if I told you I did not want to impress you a Little.” He answered.

She smiled and was sure she felt the heat in her cheeks. Was she crazy or was she on a kinda date with the Lt. Governor of Oed and the ranking SF officer of the whole damn sector?

Parker CO

The dinner went well and the rest of the meal was filled with casual conversation. Xavier was careful not to overdo it. He liked her and wanted to push more but also knew he was ultimately if not directly her commanding officer. Once they were done he walked her to her quarters.

“Its not much Sir. Officers quarters. Which here on the Star Port are not bad. I am sure you know.” She said slightly embarrassed that this man lived in secluded quarters on the planet and much nicer than these.

“Lt. I have slept in a closet before that masqueraded as a junior officers quarters. This is a palace. I want to thank you for the evening and applaud your guts commanding the Centurion.” He said.

She wanted to say more and even wanted him to come in but she played it safe.

” The pleasure has been mine and thank you for the opportunity..” She said as she offered her hand.

He took the hand and pulled her in slightly as he moved toward her. He kissed her cheek.

“Thank you Genevieve. Expect a call for another....evening out.” He said stopping short of saying the word date.

She was trying not to smile but it was impossible to conceal it. She turned and the door opened to her room and she stepped in. She shot a backward glance and saw he had done the same. She balled her fist and gave a slight pump.

As the Captain walked to his Star Port quarters, which were much larger than hers, he was feeling pretty good with himself and the whole day.


With a good feeling the next day the Captain, who was not the usual sight on the StarPort, made his rounds. He first went to the Command and Control center. This was a Starbase for all intents and purposes and like any large starbase the central command was huge. In this case it was circle in shape with a central hub that served as the nerve center. Rows of consoles and chairs and screens occupied most areas. In the center hub was a central chair that could swivel in all directions with two smaller chairs next to it with consoles in front of them. Behind them was a conference table for 8 with holographic projections displaying whatever the command team deemed important at that time.

It was a buzz of activity. Usually there was a commander on duty and some Lt. Commanders. In this case today they were all present as well as the Captain. Xavier went over some sit reps and operational data. Given its size and number of ships coming and going the majority of operations were logistic in nature and facility generated. Which made it a rather routine base but extremely hectic. One malfunction or delayed departure could cause a cascade of issues.


Just then an alert went off.

“Inbound freighter Dixolaxos. Your inbound speed is above approach limits. Thrust back and prepare to orbit.” Came one of the controllers voices over the main com.
“Repeat Dixolaxos. Your inbound speed is to high. Throttle back and take orbit 2234.45/3390.67.”

“Sir the freighter is not responding and is inbound.” The Ensign at the station called out to her supervisor who was a Lt. jg.

Quickly Lt. Commander Scotts stepped up and bypassed the j.g.

“ETA?” He asked.

“5 minutes to impact on this course.” The ensign replied.

Xavier stepped near. Suddenly the calm of the day evaporated.


The coms officer tried again with no answer.

“Life signs?” The Captain asked.

The Medical section picked its head up.

“Getting that scan info now from Science.” She answered. “Yes. We have 5 signs but they appear to be low pulse rates and perhaps unconscious.” She reported.

Logistics then chipped in.

“That matches the crew manifest number.” He answered.

“Customs here.” Came another. “They are empty. Here to check in with customs and then to the mining docks to receive neutronium.”

“Engineering reporting in.” An engineering officer said. ” Class 3 freighter. Standard warp core and propulsion drive. I’m getting telemetry from the ship. Warp core is functioning and antimatter is secure and stable. However given its fuel on board for impulse a direct hit would cause a 1 kiloton explosion not to mention the kinetic energy factor. Shields would only absorb 80% of the energy from the hit and resulting explosion.”

Structural engineering then added.

“We will sustain a 15% loss of the station if it strikes away from the engineering core. If it projects close to the core we have to drop the core starting now to get it clear in time.”

“Sirs.” Came security station. “We can destroy the ship with quantum torpedos. No time to launch the Centurion though. We will use the stations torpedos.”

Xavier looked to the duty officer.


“Sir.” The Lt Cmd said. “It may be the option. Given its proximity, trajectory and speed plus size etc..I don’t think the tractor beam will deflect it enough.”

As he said that he looked at the tac station to see if they would confirm it.

The Captain was already running the scenario in his head.


“That freighter in dock 6. Is it loaded still and can it be manned automatically?” He suddenly asked.

“Uh Sir. Let me check.” The docking officer said. “It just arrived. Crew has just offloaded. It has a load of service equipment for the mines. Uhh no it cannot be controlled remotely.”

“Beam myself the Lt. Commander here and a Lt. Garces to the bridge of that ship. I don’t care where she is or what she is doing. Clothed or naked. Do it now.” He ordered calmly but with a hint of urgency and command.

Another officer rushed to the controls and looking scared to execute the command did it anyway. He initiated a local transport of all three of them to the Bridge of the Okeydokey freighter transport vessel at Dock 6.


They were suddenly on the freighter bridge. It was cramped and had three chairs in it. Genevieve looked stunned. She was in workout clothes but did not appear like she had been exercising.

“What the heck!” She exclaimed. “Sir what the hey.”

“A freighter loaded is inbound and about to collide with the station. Man the navigation station. Lt. Cmd propulsion. Drop dock clamps and engage at half impulse.” He ordered rapidly.

Both of them seemed stunned and did not immediately move.

“NOW!” He barked.

They jumped to his command this time.

“Make course…” He said as he leaned over Genevieve and looked at the screen in front of her and the data streaming on it. “221.34 at 556.78”

They both did as they ordered and the ladened freighter lurched into movement.


“Can’t we try a tractor beam?” Genevieve asked.

“We calculated it. Too close. Probably would still hit even if we gave it full power.” The Lt. Cmd answered.

“Lt. Garces were going to to take this loaded freighter and come up along that one and nudge hard to starboard. When I say hard I want everything we can get.” He ordered navigation.

“Cmd shields to maximum. Any integrity fields this thing has you better engage them.” He added.

Genevieve cursed under her breath. She was having to bring the ship out and then hard to port and time it perfect to pull directly along the other ship. All before they both collided with the station. She doubted seriously the Captains plan but it was too late for that.


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