A Reception At Shinzak's Mansion

Posted June 25, 2019, 10:15 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Nicholas James (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Sam Pennington)

Posted by Civilian Shinzak (Head of Mining Operations) in A Reception At Shinzak’s Mansion

Posted by Civilian Shinzak (Head of Mining Operations) in A Reception At Shinzak’s Mansion
OOC: Everyone from the OED V cabinet is welcome to this reception!


Shinzak of Remus wanted to introduce himself to every single cabinet member in the most lavish way possible. To do so, he decided to throw a lavish reception at his mansion. As mentioned before, his mansion was smaller than that of both the governor and his lieutenant as a means of not inciting too much jealousy from his superiors, something that could mean doom.

Shinzak decided on simply having drinks at his private bar in his basement. It was easy and simple and would not require making inquiries about each cabinet officer’s particular nutritional tastes.

He would send an invitation to each cabinet officer inviting them to a drinks reception at his home in his lavishly decorated basement at a given time. He’d have his bodyguard acting as a bartender and would have some 19th-century Earth music on from the opera Faust by Charles Gounod upon their arrival.



In his quarters, Nicholas held a PaDD as he looked in the mirror. He was contemplating what colour his eyes should be. Every disguise was down to the finest detail. [Iris Colour: Blue] was the current setting. He rotated it. [Iris Colour: Brown.] His eyes changed to a dark brown. He put on a pair of false glasses. [Stimulate Beard Growth: 4 Days.] A neat, and only just full beard grew in. In a sharp looking, seemingly expensive, blue suit, his guise was complete. A lot was unethical about what was done to him. But now he made full and effective use of everything Section 31’s experiments gave. He picked up a mini PaDD with a forged invitation. It requested the presence of one Nicholas Ramsay, CEO of a terraforming company.

He arrived at Shinzak’s mansion and took in all the details as he was led downstairs. The servant who brought him down announced him. “Mr Nicholas Ramsay, CEO of Evergreen Terraforming.” The servant then went over to Shinzak and whispered “I do not recall placing him on the guest list, but he has an invitation with him.

-Lt Cmdr Nicholas James, CIO

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