An Invitation to Dinner

Posted June 26, 2019, 3 p.m. by Civilian Astrid Rousseau (Head of the Judicial System) (Amber DeSadier)

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Posted by Civilian Astrid Rousseau (Head of the Judicial System) in An Invitation to Dinner
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She finished putting on the stars and moons dangling earrings and inspected herself in the mirror. A simple white deep v sleeveless shirt paired well with the high waist, tight fitting dark blue cropped pants. Her feet were bare as she turned from the mirror and searched for a small scarf. Finding it fairly quickly she proceeded to braid it into a low ponytail mixed with her hair. One good tug and her hair would be free, but it was a pretty accessory.

She alerted her security she was expecting Dawson, ordered a small fire in the outdoor fireplace. Then, finding she didn’t have much left to do, she went to check on how the cook was coming along with dinner.

Rousseau, HotJ

Dawson soon arrived at the door in dark blue jeans, a dark pull over t-shirt (almost form fitting), and a black leather jacket to boot. His silver colored leather boots were typical of him (as they came from a time long ago). He rang the bell at the gate, feeling a bit out of place. He was always on the move, always on the hunt. The threat of the Kalidonians was gone, at least for now. His job entailed dealing with the aftermath and whatever else the head of police felt was necessary to dump in his lap. But, being El Aurian meant he understood what it meant to wind down, even if he felt a need to pounce on something.

For now, he gave the good judge his attention. He had felt a form of attraction to her. And she had sought him out. Whether it was wise of her to do so or not was anyone’s guess. He was old compared to the rest of the human population. But he certainly did not look it. Would age be a major factor? Or was this some heat of the moment thing? Maybe she genuinely just needed to relax and felt Dawson could provide her with such? Dawson knew well enough not to trust the very first reasoning someone gave. At least not right away.

He smiled as he awaited to be let in.

-Dawson, Owner of Secret Securities

At the buzz, security took their time confirming Dawson was indeed the guest the Judge was expecting. Astrid meanwhile sampled food before it was brought out to her dining area. Satisfied at its placement, the cook and her in house security personnel melted away. She knew that there was no escaping the idea of security possibly seeing her spend an evening in the company of Dawson, but they were discreet and she could almost forget they were there. It wasn’t a particularly hot night, but it wasn’t chilly either. Still, she lit a fire in the outdoor seating area as Security allowed Dawson to come in. He was met at the door by her in house security, who looked him over and scanned him discreetly before disappearing once more.

Dawson, of course, having likely helped develop the tech they now used, did not bring up his observance of the fact. Security was simply doing their job. Some still had not yet met him. He handed them his jacket, allowing his shirt to come into full view.

Astrid looked up from the fireplace, gazing through the open doors, the living room and the foyer and smiled. “Thank you for coming. I hope my request didn’t cause too much trouble. I know you are perhaps as busy as I am. Word through the grapevine is that Secret Securities is quite the popular service.”

Astrid, HotJ

Dawson offered a grin, a dimple on one side making itself known as he walked over to her. “It is nowadays. Security will always be a need for people, and I’m more than happy to provide people with updated info, technology, and techniques. It was by no means a bother.”

He found a seat next to her and sat down, gazing at her for a moment before turning his attention to the fire before them. “So what made you decide to get me of all people?” he inquired with a hint of playful curiosity.

-Dawson, Owner of Secret Securities

She sat down on the couch opposite the outdoor fireplace and sighed softly, relaxing easily. She turned to face him, propping her arm on the back of the low backed couch. With Halai gone, people I call friends here are few and far between. I am afraid I have not had time to do much in the way of socializing. My choices were limited to less than a handful and I have not seen you since that night. I thanked you much that evening so I could not possibly pretend that was why I invited you over. To be honest, I invited you over because I wanted to get to know you and I felt you would be open to that.”



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