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Posted by Civilian Kasmira Kassidine (FSA Agent) in LACUNA - Governor’s Office - A Grave Transmission

Posted by Civilian Michael “One” Halloway (Governor) in LACUNA - Governor’s Office - A Grave Transmission

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Posted by Civilian Michael “One” Halloway (Governor) in LACUNA - Governor’s Office - A Grave Transmission

Posted by Civilian Kasmira Kassidine (FSA Agent) in LACUNA - Governor’s Office - A Grave Transmission

Posted by Civilian Michael “One” Halloway (Governor) in Governor’s Office - A Grave Transmission

Posted by Civilian Kasmira Kassidine (FSA Agent) in Governor’s Office - A Grave Transmission
“Keep me apprised, Lieutenant…Computer, terminate transmission.”

The screen blipped, replaced with the foreboding black that reminded the aging admiral of his solitude. Cooped up in an office soaring high above the San Franciscan skyline, he was left to watch from the clouds as life pursued beneath him. Today, the drop seemed further than ever; grave news pinning his back to the chair. Pressing the tips of calloused fingers against his temple, he encouraged the stress away, but it was stubborn today. More stubborn than usual.

=^=Admiral Emaastren.=^=

Arrik peered through the creases between his fingers, furrowing his eyebrows. Checking the chronometer, a sense of confusion came across his features, at once replaced with urgency. Good Gods. What now? He pressed the comm.. =^=Emaastren, here. What can I do for you, Mr. Lang?=^=

=^=There is a woman here to see you, sir. She says she has urgent business to discuss with you.=^=
Arrik had informed his staff that all drastic matters should be brought before him prior to their meeting. If this woman had something to discuss, and she was a member of his staff, he doubted her information was critical if she had chosen to meet in person, given their personnel were scattered across the quadrant on outposts and starships.

=^=I don’t have time for general Intelligence right now, Mr. Lang. If she needs–=^=

=^=It’s Ms. Kassidine, sir.=^=

=^=Send her up.=^=

Removing his hand from the comm, he sat back, contemplating Kassidine’s demand for a meeting. His thoughts were interrupted by the chime and its high-pitched squeal. Pressing the palms of his hands against his desk, he pushed himself up. “Come in!” He barked, watching as the doors peeled open to reveal the lithe figure of a woman he had not expected to see again. “Commander Kassidine,” He greeted.

“Retired, Admiral. Please, save the formalities.” She slipped past the doors, dropping a PaDD on his desk. “I trust you’ve been apprised of our current situation, Admiral?”

“You must think little of my staff to believe they haven’t relayed the data to me, Ms. Kassidine.” Arrik pursed his lips, gesturing for the younger woman to take a seat.

“Habit, sir.” Kassidine waved it off. “In that case, you know how dangerous this predicament is. This man could easily destroy Oed, before Intelligence has a chance to deploy teams to infiltrate his agenda.”

“I understand the constituents of this predicament, Kassidine.” He paused, leaning forwards. “But you didn’t come all this way to keep me informed. What do you want?”

“Although I am well aware of Intelligence’s desire to keep their missions and measures on the down low, I do believe that this case should be an exception,” Kasmira stifled a sigh, “Oed should be informed of what they are about to face.”

“You came all this way to ask me to notify Oed of an impending attack?” Although it did not surprise Arrik, having known Kassidine since she was a new face in a sea of cadets, it amused him to think she would advocate for this. “Kassidine, we are more than capable of handling this case before it impacts Oed.”

“I am not as fortunate to share the same optimism in Intelligence as you, Admiral.” Kasmira gestured to the PaDD. “We know little of our imminent assailant. We know he is ruthless, and he will do anything to see his actions through. Other than that, we are clueless.”

“It is our job to gather further data on this assailant, that way we can determine his weaknesses and act on them prior to his attack—if the attack happens at all.” Arrik glanced at the PaDD before setting it to the side. “Kasmira, Oed is a prominent colony. It faces its own set of discrimination and threats for assorted reasons. For all we know, this is just a pissed off business owner who didn’t get a stellar deal on his ore. We can’t jump to conclusions.”
“And if we don’t, sir?” Kasmira demanded. “If we don’t jump to conclusions, then what? We just wait and see if it happens?”

“You know we will do everything in our power to understand this threat before we back off completely. I already have teams investigating.” He informed, “If we think it is a threat, then we will notify Oed. Until then, I’ve got a team prepared to be dispatched to the colony, for investigation. Look, Kassidine.. I understand you’re concerned for Oed, but this isn’t the first time we’ve been threatened with something like this.”

“Admiral, with all due respect, most terrorists don’t threaten to assimilate an entire colony of people.” Kasmira retorted, shaking her head. “If you won’t notify Oed, at least let me go with the investigative team. I have dealt with several terrorist projects before, sir.”

“You’re retired, Kassidine.”

“I am Federation Security, Admiral. This is a threat that concerns Federation citizens, not just Starfleet.” She pointed out, eliciting a raised eyebrow from her Betazoid companion.

Kasmira was infamous for her tenacity; of that, Arrik was certain. She would do everything in her power to keep that colony safe, and he agreed. She was right, this threat loomed over them with greater urgency than he had been subject to in the last several years. Oed was in danger. “No, Kassidine.” He couldn’t risk it. “We are going to stick to the plan. There will be no contact to Oed until we are positive. We cannot risk it. If this news slips to the citizens of Oed, they will be terrified. You know, firsthand, what terror does to people,” He sighed. “Kasmira, nothing is going to happen. We will do our due diligence to this case.”

“And what if something does, Admiral? What if this person is stronger than you believe him to be?” She demanded, the anger building up behind her eyes. “Are you ready to take on that responsibility? Can you handle the guilt? Thousands of people live on Oed, Admiral—.”

“Kassidine, listen..”

“No, Emaastren, you listen. My sister is on that colony. She has two young children, two little boys. They may never need to know about this, but the people in charge of their protection do. Because, God forbid, something does happen, the Governor and his cabinet should have time to devise their own plans. We will handle the terrorists themselves, but they need to handle their citizens.”

=^=Admiral Emaastren; Admiral Astrada is requesting to speak with you in his office.=^=

Kasmira glanced at the comms, bowing her head in resignation. “Thank you for your time, Admiral.” She pressed her hands to her thighs, pushing herself to her feet. “If nothing else, think about the consequences.”

As Emaastren watched her departing figure, he knew what she was going to do. He wasn’t going to stop her. Sucking in a breath, he released it, tapping the comm that lay beside him. =^=Thank you, Lang. Tell him I will be there soon.=^=

Hours has passed, the events of the day weighing his mind as he sat behind the sanctuary of his desk. It was late in the evening, 2300, maybe later. He’d lost track. Echoing in his mind like a broken record, Kassidine’s words begged his conscience to reconsider. She was right.. Those people were in danger. They were facing a threat unlike any other. It wasn’t as simple as an armada of ships coming to attack Oed; it was much deeper than that. Its devastation would make a battle seem like child’s play.

Biting his lip, Emaastren shot a long glance at his monitor. It taunted him, poking at his mind. Are you going to do something about this, Arrik? It sneered, without saying a word. Or are you gonna treat this like every other case? He knew it was foolish to internally debate with himself, but the emotions he had read off of Kassidine earlier were strong. She truly believed Oed was in danger. Intelligence officers were trained skeptics, so when they felt something was wrong, it usually was.

He couldn’t deny he, too, felt something was off.

“Computer,” He turned to face the monitor, tapping his fingers hesitantly against the tabletop. “Contact Michael Halloway, on Code 47 channel; priority one.”

Admiral Emaastren, Starfleet Intelligence
Kasmira Kassidine, FSA

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IC: Governor Halloway was situated at his office desk, playing games with his little girl on the viewer before him. When the priority one message came in, Michael looked up to his wife on the viewer. “Priority one. I have to go. I’ll see you soon.”

She nodded understandingly and clicked off her end of the video.

Halloway straightened his civilian Governor’s suit, and opened the commlink with a look of curiosity and sternness. “This is Governor Michael Halloway of Oed V,” he stated, expecting a similar reply.

-Governor Michael Halloway

“Governor Halloway,” an older man greeted, his voice a mixture of sobriety and urgency. “This is Admiral Arrik Emaastren of Starfleet Intelligence. I apologize for contacting you so late in the evening,” he began, although his regret did not last longer than the echo of his words. “Unfortunately, I speak to you bearing sore news.”

A pause of contemplation filled the air with silence. Arrik hesitated. “I trust you are alone?”

Halloway nodded after pressing a few controls to ensure that the office was completely and totally secured. “Absolutely Admiral. What’s the news?” he asked both gravely and curiously.

Once certain his audience consisted primarily of the governor, and whatever eyes might stare down at him from pictures on the wall, Emaastren continued. “At 2312 hours last night, Starfleet Intelligence was made aware of a possible threat to Oed V. We have minimal information regarding the threat, beyond the act itself.”

Emaastren fell silent, allowing Halloway the time he needed to process what he’d just said.

SF Intelligence

Halloway was pretty quick on the trigger. He was a man of security, having spent most of his life protecting others. The fact that Oed itself was under a possible threat put the Governor on edge. “What’s the act?” he inquired quickly, seeking as much information as he could.

-Governor Michael Halloway

“I trust you know better than most the danger of the Borg,” Emaastren knew better than to beat around the bush with a man such as Halloway. “We have been given a tip on a potential threat regarding a man who is in the possession of Borg nanites–a technology he intends to use against Oed. We are unsure of his intentions at this moment, aside from the obvious–assimilation of the colony.”

“As of current, we are left to assume the nanites were recovered from Section 31 or perhaps during a covert operation by Starfleet Intel. As said before, we cannot he certain. Should you have any ideas where this man may have obtained Borg technology, keep us apprised.”

Halloway was a bit stunned, to say the least. He leaned back in his seat, looking up at the ceiling, wondering how he was going to protect an entire colony from borg technology.

An earnestness dressed his expression.

“I apologize for how vague this information is, Governor. I wanted to gather more before coming to you about this issue. However, you and your cabinet deserve to be made aware of any possible–no matter hollow–threats that could infringe upon your ability to keep your citizens and officers safe.”

He brought his eyes once again level with the screen. The admiral was trying his darndest to ensure Halloway had the opportunity to protect them at the very least.

“I will be sending an Intelligence detachment to your colony, first thing in the morning. They will appear as general citizens as not to disturb the peace about your people. Do not get in their way and they won’t get in yours.”

Emaastren kept his phrases simple, giving just enough information to work with without divulging everything they knew. They had no means of trusting the situation, so the Admiral did his damndest to keep this close to his heart. Just in case.

“Do you have any questions?”

Emaastren, Starfleet Intel

“Will your detachment be meeting with myself or my Lt. Governor?” he inquired, curious how he would know who was who in a game of mystery.

-Governor Michael Halloway

“Initially, they will speak with your Lt. Governor, as he is the Starfleet commander of Oed. However, you will be notified of their arrival by their team leader, should you wish to attend the meeting as well.” Emaastren stifled a sigh. “I wish I could tell you more.. Anything we can do to aid your efforts, we are here. This threat is not yet confirmed, but any and all precautions will be taken by my Intelligence detail to ensure your colony remains safe…Anything else?”

Emaastren, Starfleet Intel

Michael nodded. “I will definitely be wanting to attend. This is all happening so fast. I’ll need to let me senior staff know, at least the ones it would most pertain to. You are aware of this?”

-Governor Michael Halloway

“Well aware, Governor.” Emaastren returned. “You may do with this information what you please; Oed is your colony to run, not mine.”

For a second, the communique went quiet, Arrick had fallen into silence. He was hesitant–contemplating whether he should speak more to his knowledge or keep Michael further in the dark. His instincts spoke volumes he could not silence with his reason, and out of consideration, rather than logic he blurted “Governor, I should have you know–.”

Darkness. As if there had been an electromagnetic pulse directed solely at the monitor, Arrick’s pale face blipped from view, any further information left hanging from his tongue. It happened within the span of a second, almost too quick to comprehend in that moment.

Emaastren, Starfleet Intel

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