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Posted July 18, 2019, 9:46 p.m. by Sophie Brown (Freelancer) (Miriam W)

Posted by Kasper Brown (Archaeologist) in Side sim - Arrival

Posted by Sophie Brown (Freelancer) in Side sim - Arrival
“Well, isn’t this a lovely little hell-hole?”

Piercing amber eyes, framed by tightly braided dark brown hair, looked dismissively out the window of the Serenity. Her mouth was drawn into a tight line as she watched the planet approaching.

“It’s perfect for what we need,” the pilot said dryly. “It’s got everything, buyers, sellers and the seedy undergrowth that supports the foundations of civilization.” His grin told her that he was enjoying this immensely.

“And we’re stuck here until further notice. Great,” she growled through her teeth. “I want to go back home, not hunt for artifacts that I already know are there… It’s boring!”

“You want to actually work for your money?” He said to her, this time looking at her. His yellow eyes marked him out as definitely not Human, further evidenced by the small ridge that ran from the top of his nose to his forehead. “This is easy money, and it’s what we need. You might almost say it’s fate.” He looked back to the console and made a few adjustments, the Serenity changing its angle of attack as it began to approach the Colonies space port.

“At least the cash this stuff will get us will let us live in relative comfort. You did get us at least a semi-comfortable lease, right?” She glanced at the pilot, lifting an eyebrow.

Sophie Brown, Freelancer

There was a slight pause, as he might have been considering something pilot related, or not. “Uh, sure I did. How could I let my high strung sister live in anything less than the lap of luxury?” He pointedly avoided her gaze as they passed what appeared to be a large Klingon Battlecruiser on orbit. “I wonder what they are doing here?” He muttered, then looked back at Sophie.

“Who knows, who cares?” the woman said flatly, her eyes glancing over to the Battlecruiser. “It’s not a part of our primary mission, brother dear.”

“Look, when we land, lets go for a walk, see the city and get to know it. Later, we can check out the place I found. You’ll love it, it’s close to everything we need. I’ll even buy you coffee to get that evil grimace off your face sis. You’re gonna scare the buyers like that, you know I’m the one with all the charm. Try this.” He smiled then, wide and cheesy and highly over exaggerated. “Come on, you can do it!” his encouragement was hardly genuine as his words got all messed up as he didn’t move his mouth.

Kasper Brown, Archaeologist/Pilot

Sophie stretched her mouth into something approximating her brother’s exaggerated smile, although it more approached a grimace, and flipped the bird at her brother. “I’m the historian. You’re the face,” she said, dropping the near-grimace. She moved in close to him and looked over his shoulder at the controls. “The face and the pilot. But coffee first. I’ve been going crazy since we ran out of beans last week. Why is space so friggin huge?”

“Anyways. You’re the face, you’re charming and know people and all that junk. I’m the historian. I’m the one who knows where all the stuff is that we’re gonna dig up.” She added, settling back down in her chair. “I don’t want to see the customers.”

Sophie, Archaeologist/Freelancer

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