LACUNA: Entering the Dome - 0930hrs

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nicholas James (Chief Intelligence Officer) in LACUNA: Entering the Dome - 0900hrs

Posted by Civilian Kasmira Kassidine (FSA Agent) in LACUNA: Entering the Dome - 0900hrs

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nicholas James (Chief Intelligence Officer) in LACUNA: Entering the Dome - 0900hrs

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nicholas James (Chief Intelligence Officer) in LACUNA: Entering the Dome - 0900hrs

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A nameless asteroid-like body orbited the planet, but there was little more to accompany the lonely station that had claimed its place high in OED V’s atmosphere. It was just as she remembered it: an organized hubbub of life separate from the colony’s diversity. Here, things were different. Although the Orbital Platform (and consequently the Space Port) did support civilian commerce, they were run by Starfleet personnel. Kasmira wasn’t sure if she still preferred its order. Her work with Federation Security had drawn her closer to its civilians and she had, despite efforts to remain detached, grown the enjoy their company. Now, what was once a sanctuary from the hectic nature of civilians, seemed nothing more than a hollow mid-point between space and the colony below.

“We are transporting to the surface in 10 minutes, Commander.” A man’s voice sounded from behind. He was slim fellow, his lean structure accented by the slight stubble on his chin and the high rise of his cheekbones. He seemed young; too young to be a part of this detail. Although, Kasmira had once been in his place and knew well the value of a fresh mind.

“Thank you, Lieutenant. I’ll be sure to meet you at the transport pads when the time comes.” Kassidine returned, gesturing for the spindly fellow to return to his previous work. She was supposed to be here, but he didn’t know that. She had no desire of drawing greater attention to herself, nor that fact, than was necessary.

“Of course.” A slight bow and the man had disappeared down the corridor, his ignorance a gift she wished she had valued at his age. Kasmira watched as his figure soon melded with the metallic walls around her, contemplating how–what seemed like hours–before she had been on Earth, arguing her position with Intelligence’s finest. Denied a place on the detail, she took the low road and sneaked her way on; old uniforms and an enigmatic past had came in handy. Kassidine knew Emaastren wasn’t stupid. The only reason she had successfully boarded the Juno was because he had intended it. Whatever his reasons, Kasmira didn’t care. She had work to get done and it appeared her to know Arrik understood that.

Turning over her wrist, she took note of the time. Five minutes until departure. Shaking her head, Kasmira tugged her uniform straight. It had been several years since she had dressed in the deep red of her comrades. And with those pips situated along her collar came a waft of memories, many she chose not to recall. Among those: her final mission. The thought sent a chill up her spine. To rid herself of its burden, Kasmira closed her eyes, inhaling a deep breath to calm her restless limbs..and mind.

By the time Kasmira stepped onto the transporter pad, she was in a alternative state of thought. She walked with the Intelligence detachment, but her ulterior motive was on a different plane than their own. She, stubborn in her ways, made certain their differences were not obvious. Kassidine had little time for arguing with protocol-driven officers over trivial matters.

Time passed slowly in her wait to be transported to the surface. Although she was the seniormost officer among them, Kasmira was not the CO of the detachment; she had no authority to order their dematerialization. Pensively, she peered through the gathered officers at the Bolian woman in command. Let’s go, Lieutenant. She thought to herself. While generally quite patient, she could not find it within herself to wait much longer.

“Transporter coordinates have been locked in, Lieutenant Xorten.” The particularly nasally voice of the transporter technician broke her train of thought.

“Intiated transport.” Xorten ordered, adjusting her stance to match the formal ease of her subordinates.

A time she felt could not come sooner arrived within the duration of a single second. Watching as the station blipped from view, replaced by the soft illumination of the Oed-ian sun over a modern city, Kasmira brushed off her uniform. Stepping from the pad, she took a moment to breathe in Oed’s air. It felt cleaner in her lungs than the circulated atmosphere of space-going machinery. It felt authentic.

“Commander, is everything all right?” Xorten asked, approaching from the side. There was a glimmer of concern behind the train stoicism of her dark eyes.

“Quite, Lieutenant.” Kasmira assured, turning to her comrade. “I suggest you report our arrival to Admiral Emaastren them proceed to the government tower. It would be best to have the Lt. Governor debriefed on the situation so we may begin our work.”

“You speak so though you have no intentions of joining us, Commander.” Xorten pointed out, raising what would be an eyebrow if not for her species.

“I have other matters to attend to. However, I will join you as soon as they are taken care of.” Kasmira paused. “May we reconvene at 1900hrs this evening?”

“Very well.” Kassidine could see Xorten resisting the urge to deny her, but she trusted the lieutenant knew better than that. “Keep your comms open, I will contact you once we have finished the debriefing.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant. I will keep you apprised,” Kasmira bowed her head, backing away from Xorten.

Their eyes, she could feel them burning into her back as she retreating from the presence of the detachment. It didn’t bother her. She had far greater things to deal with than to worry of their skepticism.

Despire her need to meet with the Governor, she did not wish to make herself obvious to the detachment. There were other proceeding she could handle in the meantime. Contentious of her surroundings, Kasmira slipped from the transporter sector and made her way out into the sea of faces that was Oed’s diverse population.

Kasmira Kassidine, “Intelligence Officer”

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Dressed all in black, a uniform Kassidine would recognise, Nicholas tracked her for a few minutes before stepping out. “Kasmira. Very messy letting your lieutenant handle your cover. Starfleet Intelligence… just can’t keep up. You had to know the name Kasmira Kassidine wouldn’t slip past everyone unnoticed.”

-Lt Cmdr Nicholas James, CIO

“Intentionally so; the best cover is often the lack thereof.” Kasmira assured, his face worthy of the same nostalgia as his uniform. “I had read you were residing on Oed, now. Finally sucumbing to the finer life?” She remarked, making a vague gesture to Oed in metaphorical comparison to the noxious environments they had encountered as Intelligence. Her voice, though somewhat razzing, was skeptical for his true intentions about the colony. “I must say, I never quite expected a desk job out of the Nicholas James.”

Kasmira Kassidine

“I came here on a hunt. Officially I’m the Chief Intelligence Officer. But now it seems OED V always has something going on.” Nicholas glanced around before his electric blue eyes found Kasmira again. “The Governor is the source of the nanoprobes in my blood, the Starfleet CoS keeps company with a convicted felon, sheltering her from an evil syndicate, and there’s a Reman spy disguised as a human gun runner somewhere around here. Your turn FSA Agent Kassidine. Why is Intelligence shipping in so suddenly? And without telling me, the CIO? They brought you back into the game. Something big happened or is about to happen.”

-Lt Cmdr Nicholas James, CIO

“It seems Oed lives up to its reputation,” Kasmira remarked. She could not say it surprised her, this information. Oed was a pleasant colony by appearance, but darkness often sheltered itself in the shadows of prosperity. “I suppose I should be congratulating you, least for your official title.” She hummed, subconsciously surveying the world around her. “You know better than anyone, Intelligence is seldom as inclusive as they should be of members outside of the mission.” She paused, considering Nicholas a moment. He, like any former Section 31 operative, could prove as dangerous an adversary as he could a worthy ally. “Not here, James. There are too many unwelcome spectators.”

Kasmira Kassidine

Nicholas nodded. “With me.” He walked away and led them on a long path to a seemingly empty office. “This office should belong to the Head of Construction and Operations. No such bureaucrat exists.” =31 Override: James Alpha Victor 9782. Shadow the room.= The windows blacked out and curtains drew shut. “So I keep this place for my use when I’m not in the Starfleet areas. Ok.” He pulled off his black leather gloves and flexed his fingers. “What happened?”

-Lt Cmdr Nicholas James, CIO

“Convienent. Although, I suspect you have a backup location should said bureaucrat come to be?” A rhetorical question. Once they were secure behind ominous curtains and closed doors, a tiny part of Kasmira relaxed.

“Nothing, as of yet. Merely speculations of an impending attack on Oed. You’re already aware: Governor Halloway has a past affiliation with the Nautilus marking his desimilation from the Borg. Due to a recent threat, Intelligence is led to believe a terrorist may be targeting Oed as a part of his or her morbid attempt at, what we assume, is the recreation of Borg technology or the pursuit of motives similar to those of the Borg. Unfortunately, our informant died before he could offer us any greater information regarding the terrorist.” Kasmira did not look convinced that was the full story, but she was relaying data offered to her and that skepticism, which she wore with enough potentcy to make it obivious to someone of Nicholas pristege, was partially to blame for her presence on Oed.

“Regardless of the assailant’s plan, a threat such as this should not be taken lightly, although Intelligence and I seem to disagree on said matter.”

Kasmira Kassidine, FSA

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