Stephen’s Home- Dinner is Served

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“I can see.”

Astrid smiled, watching the interaction between husband and wife. She herself had never considered what family she could have outside of her two siblings. Having such a poor example of what domestic life could be like from her father and step mother, Astrid wasn’t sure she would ever let that be her life. Yet, looking at these two happy people with love in their hearts for their children, she could almost see the whisper of the possibility of the idea. There was joy in her heart for them though. The Head of the Judiciary let her own uncertainty and clouded past fall away. Now was not the time for it. Instead, there was a celebration and new colleagues to get to know. “Anything I should know about getting the Governor to accede to what I want?” She asked Ylana conspiratorially.

Astrid Rousseau, HotJ

Before any reply could be made, the room seemed to cool off by a few degrees. As this happened, Ylana could feel the flair of mental energy from a shot distance away. A brief look of panic crossed over Stephens face before he composed himself, “Excuse me for a moment, I think the environment controls have gone a little haywire.”

Steven Binns (HOC)

The telepath reacted rather abruptly to the sensation and she turned her head in the direction that Steven walked off in. She even took a step in that direction and narrowed her ebony eyes as if trying to figure out something. Indeed, she was using her abilities to source out what the issue was, because it was much more than just a simple malfunction. Malfunctions don’t give off psionic energy.

~Ylana Eviros, CSO

Meanwhile, Halai had wandered off with her drink in hand and was gazing out a window clearly lost in thought. She was okay with being social, but there was still so much for her to sort out and she had to admit she wasn’t quite her usual social self.

~Halai Cosgrove, Head of S&T

Leamas was still, and almost afraid…almost. Why would the same Guardian be here on the planet in which he had been exiled? What Guardian would volunteer to do such a thing? None that he could think of. But there was only one way to be sure.

He opened his mind to the new presence in way of greeting. However in doing so, he opened up his presence to any psionic-abled person. Ylana would sense the same presence that had been there with her and Archanon in her makeshift dream. Halai would sense the presence of something powerful. The emotions that came forth from Leamas were a bit of fear with a lot of anger.

And which Guardian do you think you are? he practically mentally spat, keeping the name of said Guardian closed in his mind. If this was a trick, he would know it.


Meanwhile, Michael Halloway noticed the subtle change in his wife. Moreover, he could sense it. He was not telepath, but he and his wife shared a bond like no other…and a bond he never imagined to experience in any lifetime. He knew her well. He moved towards her, a small smile for all to see. But inside, she would know that he knew something seemed amiss. What is wrong, Imzadi? he asked her through their special connection.

-Governor Michael Halloway

He’s here, she replied with certainty, feeling the energy building in her body and mind as a result.

Halai felt her korsiolo shimmer and spark inside her, making her take a forced deep breath. She turned to see what was going but nohting seemed immediately amiss. Still, she was now tuned to whatever was happening and kept her mind open. She did notice that Eviros was looking rather spooked and made her way over. “Ylana…” she said gently, gazing at her deputy head with concern, but there was also recognition there.

~Halai Cosgrove, Head of S&T

The voice made Eviros turn abruptly to find Cosgrove there. She felt on edge and yet it was so tangible. For a moment she felt something strange from Halai that she’d never picked up before. She knew the woman was preceptive, but this was… more.

It was also a distraction. “Stay here,” she said softly to the group. “I just need to check on something.” Ylana backed away a couple steps, giving her husband a deep look. Trust me. I need to understand this better.

~Ylana Eviros, CSO

Ylana’s husband obviously had concerns now, but he kept them to himself for the moment. He was used to her curiosity. And he was there if it ever got the best of her. Hopefully, it wouldn’t.

He looked about taking in the looks of everyone else present. Assessing the situation with everyone was first and foremost before taking action.

-Governor Michael Halloway

With a nod to her husband, Ylana slipped away from the crowd to investigate.

~Ylana Eviros, CSO

Halai moved to stand with Michael, he focus intently fixed on the retreating form of her deputy head. “She’s powerful. More than I fully realized. More than she realizes, even.” Her tone was distanced, as if she were elsewhere. Then Halai blinked and seemed to come back to the present space. “She seems to have whatever it is well in hand though.”

~Halai Cosgrove


Michael looked to Ylana and then back to Halai. Had she sensed something Ylana couldn’t about herself? He took it in stride and gave a small grin.

“She certainly seems to,” he replied, ready for whatever might happen next.

-Governor Michael Halloway

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