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Joseph’s first place to visit was the Governor’s office, he’d called ahead just before dropping out of warp so they were expecting him. He pulled his Maroon Tie up and walked to the Governor’s secretary, he didn’t walk with limp but seemed to use his cane for support. The gargantuan man smiled at the Secretary “I believe Governor Halloway is expecting me” After a short look at him the Secretary smiled, made some pleasantries and pointed the man to the door. Again he gave the young Secretary a pleasant smile before letting himself in. “Governor Halloway” Although the former Marine was in his mid-Sixties he looked barely over forty and had retained his muscle mass from his youth. He looked around the office, seeing what changes had been made “Joseph Karlson, reporting for duty.”

Joseph Karlson

The room was situated in a simplistic style. Photos of his wife Ylana, and their daughter Nikala. Models of the ships he served on– the Challenger, Cairo, Nautilus, Archimedes, and Dresden–were placed in one area of the room as well. He had clearly spent a lot of time in the Pioneer Fleet. Now, times had changed, and Black Fleet was where he was needed most.

Halloway had heard the man speaking with his secretary. His abnormal hearing gave him some very unique advantages. He wasn’t surprised to hear the man enter his office. His chair was facing out the window taking in a scene of new people milling about at the feet of the government tower. “Government Tower”…Michael shook his head. Perhaps his first order of business would be to rename the tower?

For now, other business needed attending to. He turned his chair to face the newcomer as he stood up to greet him. Halloway bore two remnants of his time in the borg collective. The most obvious being his eye piece that ran the circumference of his right eye. The other not so obvious implant that looked like a small spider web was hidden behind his opposite ear.

To state one was reporting for duty was typically a military tradition. Either Starfleet or marines he suspected based on the man’s appearance. Interesting.

“Mr. Karlson, its a pleasure to meet you,” he said gesturing to a seat in front of him. “Would you like anything to drink while you’re here?” He moved to the replicator to get an iced tea for himself.

-Governor Michael Halloway

There wasn’t even the slightest hint of surprise on the older man’s face, he was clearly prepared for the cybernetic implants on the man’s face. “Ice Water, Please” He smiled towards the Governor as he sat down, using his cane to support him. He was showing some frailty despite his enormous size, act or not it was convincing. He looked at the photo of the family “You have a beautiful Family Governor” His tone was kind, grandfatherly in warmth. “Three Years old?” he carfully placed his cane across his wide thigs as he nodded towards the photo.

HotPoFo - Karlson

Halloway answered him as the ice water materialized in the replicator. “Just about three. And thank you! I quite think so as well.”

He offered the older man the water with a smile and sat down. “So, how was your journey here?” he asked, feeling almost a bit at ease with the older man. It was strange, but welcoming. Very different than his meeting with his Head of Mining Operations.

-Governor Michael Halloway

Joseph accepted the glass and took a long sip before answering “Quite pleasant, my brother’s Ship is extremely luxurious. The trip from Trill was fast and comfortable” He placed the glass on the desk and leaned back “Things don’t seem to have changed a lot around here” He indicated towards the view of the Colony “So, is there anything you wish to know about me?” He asked with the same pleasant smile. He seemed very at ease with the Governor.

Commisioner Karlson

A trip from trill? Given their current predicament with Zar, he found that tidbit interesting, but kept it to himself.

“Yes, your file notes that you were a previous Head of the Police Force? What sort of things did you accomplish during that time?” Halloway had seen only a portion of his record. However, a portion was all he needed. Typically he got what he needed to know in the first meeting. The first meeting was always so very important. It set the tone for the rest of the relationship, typically.

-Governor Michael Halloway

“Well when I arrived someone had just attempted to assassinate former Governor Sylvestre, This started a cascade of events leading to us stopping a Colony-wide riot instigated by a Criminal faction with Delusions of Grandeur. At the same time we identified most high-level members of the then four Major Criminal organizations, completely dismantled two of them, crippled the third and made the fourth redundant.” He took a moment to drink from his water “This was after the then Governor, Anu Zar rest her soul, was kidnapped by a pair of Intergalactic Criminals, She was saved by our Starfleet friends. After pacifying the Rioters and humiliating the leader of the instigators in single combat I had some lovely tea over at Madam Arco’s” He smiled fondly at the thought of that tea “I think I’ll visit her again after my shift.”

Commissioner Karlson


Halloway leaned back in his chair as he listened intently.

He gave a small smile. “I see. That’s quite the record! I am curious however. What sort of mistakes have you made that changed how you do things?”

Michael Halloway knew perfectly well that nobody was perfect. While he was comfortable with the new head of police, he also knew to test such things.

-Governor Michael Halloway

There was a slight curling of the Commissioners smile, the question clearly amused him “In my thirty-two years in the Marine Corps I fought throughout the Cardassian war, parts of the Galen border Conflict. We know from captured communiqués between then Councillor Gowron and his head of Klingon Intelligence that I was placed on their Kill list during our short conflict with them and that during the Dominion War there were four separate attempts made on my life outside direct Conflict.” He didn’t seem bothered talking about his Military past so openly with the Governor “I’ve made enough mistakes for ten lifetimes, mistakes pile up if you let them. They build experience and there are few who share mine. Is there anything specific you had in mind?”

Commissioner Karlson

Michael nodded, understanding what he said. “Nothing specific. What sort of failure changed you? Made you who you are?” he inquired with curiosity.

-Governor Michael Halloway

Joseph nodded as he thought on it “During the Second year of the Dominion war I was assigned to assess the defensive capabilities of an Outpost on Alcion IV in the Hadari Sector, it was considered a potential future target. Whilst there the Jem’Hadar made a surprise attack, Our Starfleet Escort had to take their destroyer on a run throughout the sector. I lost seven Marines in the initial assault and most of The Starfleet Security in the initial assault. I was forced to hold the fort for twenty hours on my own because I was lax, allowed my men to wander, didn’t secure positions. Since then I’ve never taken any matters of security lightly. I was commended for my actions but it was a stark reminder that one can never be to secure.”

Commissioner Karlson

Halloway took in what the man before him said. He knew what it meant to lose people. It was never something anyone should take lightly. And he was glad this man took every life to heart. When it came to security you had to, in Michael’s opinion.

He nodded and then asked the man. “What is it you hope to accomplish here on Oed?”

-Governor Michael Halloway

Joseph took a moment as he looked the Governor over with a thoughtful look “Improve the lives of the colonists. Oed is probably one of the more continuously crime infested Federation worlds, now we’ve managed to temper it in the past few years but this is still an outskirts colony inside a dome neighbouring a more often than not hostile species. The locals aren’t fond of having Starfleet looking over their shoulders but don’t fancy the idea of being left alone so begrudgingly they accept them” Joseph was gently turning his cane in his lap, a habit of sorts “My plans are simple, improve and increase the security of our heads of Government, improve the image Starfleet had, I was moderately successful last time because I made them more publicly available and made sure that my police force was seen cooperating with them, not working for them in matters of Starfleet Security. We had a severe setback not too long ago when we were attacked because Starfleet Intelligence had a black site here that illegally held a prisoner that was being hunted by our assailants. Finally, I intend to get our crime rate to the Federation Standard over the next few years, removing organized crime and such.”

Commissioner Karlson

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