(PRSIM) A Tale Of Two Nicholas Ramsays

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Preston Longstreet (Chief of Security) in (PRSIM) A Tale Of Two Nicholas Ramsays

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Preston Longstreet (Chief of Security) in (PRSIM) A Tale Of Two Nicholas Ramsays
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OOC: This is a player-run simulation that is designed to be a continuation of the reception at Shinzak’s mansion following the events of Nicholas James’ intrusion. This is a private PRSIM. Whoever plays Nicholas James is welcome to join in. Characters on OED V will be mentioned as time goes along and asked to join.


“Previous, On Star-Fleet OED V”

The background for this simulation lies in the intrusion of Nicholas James into Shinzak’s mansion. Now, Shinzak does not know who Nicholas James is but knows that he impersonated a terraforming CEO. He expelled him from his mansion, but realized quite quickly that this incident was worth investigating before the real Nicholas James was made to hate Shinzak.

And now, the conclusion…

Shinzak had to move quickly if he was to out-maneuver the intruder. It was unlikely that this intruder would rest on their laurels, as nobody tries to invade another person’s home without reason. How would he maneuver around this? He couldn’t go to the cabinet offices, as that would take too much time. He couldn’t chase the intruder down the street because that would be harassment. What would he do? Simple! He had a secret operations room in his basement accessible to nobody but him.

Waltzing away from the reception with blinding ease and utter subtlety, he moved into his war room of sorts. Flipping on the communications table, he would immediately call in all his associated.

“OED V Mining Corporation, this is Chief Executive Shinzak of Remus. All team leaders report in.”

Within seconds, the processing chief, the security chief and the exploration chief had reported in.

“Alright people, we’ve had a security breach at OED V MC 1…”

That was that say his mansion.

”…we need to catch this intruder because he’s impersonating a VIP. Any suggestions?”

A brainstorming session then ensued. By the end of the session, the security chief had made an elegant proposition. There needed to be a way to prove there was a stolen identities scenario. They already had evidence of the intrusion. They already had evidence of the man’s name. They already had evidence of him being a terraforming CEO. This was not enough however to arrest him. They had to prove that he had deliberately stolen a man’s identity to enter somewhere.

Now, contrary to popular belief, there is no chance whatsoever of this being a case of mistaken identities. A terraforming CEO on a shuttle headed for OED V with the same name and same appearance as another self-professed terraforming CEO is more than likely criminal impersonation.

How would Shinzak proceed? It was not criminal to do what the intruder did, mind you. He could not simply charge the intruder with anything. However, because the intruder had trespassed into his home and impersonated another, the other could sue him for damaged and force him to reveal who he was. This was a good strategy, but they needed to gain evidence that the other existed.

Shinzak knew the other was on a shuttle headed to OED V as the mining executives spoke. A lesser sentient would’ve attempted to contact that shuttle and establish communication and get a confirmation. Not Shinzak. See, Shinzak had deduced quite quickly that this would be futile, because the intruder had a mole inside the terraforming executive’s shuttle, most probably his communications officer. How did he deduce this? Well, it was quite simple. You’re impersonating a VIP. You need to keep constant awareness of where this terraforming executive was to prevent the two from being seen at the same time or being outed as a faker. You had to do so before he landed, to he wouldn’t be seen entering the colony and have you outed. This meant he needed someone who could watch him closely and prevent any kind of communication if his identity were deduced. The mole could likely not be reasoned with and won’t give any news.

How would Shinzak proceed? First, he dismissed his exploration chief and processing chief because they would no longer be of use. He kept only the security chief on line. Now, it was very likely that the terraforming CEO would meet with whoever was doing this intrusion at the gates. It was the only way to hold Shinzak responsible. He needed to move quickly to intercept whatever the intruder was planning.

Now, he came up with an elegant idea. He would be completely able to circumnavigate the communications mole and get directly to Ramsay.

How would he go about doing this? Simple. The only way to get to Ramsay directly was by sending him For-Your-Eyes-Only terraforming information that would circumnavigate the secretary and inform him of what was going on. Doing this was simple: get with the terraforming chief to send him a classified memo with a warning about what was about to happen. This would imply calling the terraforming chief directly.

Using his communication device, he would find a way to call the Head of Terraforming on whatever device she could reach. He’d then call her.

OOC: Nicholas James and the Head of Terraforming welcome to respond.


Nicholas had taken care to bring the real Nicholas Ramsay into his hideout in the government sector. “I’m very confused Mr…”
“You don’t need to know. We share a first name, use that. Last night I covered up your arrival. Which was not easy. Now you’re going to return the favour.”
“If you want money-“
“I want you to shut up and listen. You weren’t on a shuttle last night. You were at a soirée thrown by the Head of Mining Operations. A Reman man named Shinzak.”
“Ok… Why?”
“You don’t need to know, all you need to know is that you’ve been here approximately 15 hours longer than you actually have.” A call came in. “Shinzak, what do I say?”
“Act natural. You didn’t interact with many people, you were just schmoozing to try and get your biosphere deal rolling.” The real Nicholas Ramsay answered. “Go for Ramsay.”

-Nicholas James, Section 31/Nicholas Ramsay, CEO

OOC: I am waiting for the Terraforming Chief to post before responding.

Luke P

As the terraforming chief did not respond, Shinzak decided to seek out the CEO by himself. He knew that it was entirely possible both fake Ramsay and real Ramsay were working together (given the mole inside Ramsay’s delegation might be Ramsay himself, for all he knew).

Shinzak left downstairs to find Preston Longstreet, the head of security. He’d be able to know if Ramsay had already landed and would know where to find him.

OOC: Whoever plays Longstreet please respond to this.


OOC: That would be me,

Longstreet was in his office in the Security Building going over the latest intel reports from field officers, customs etc..He had his mind on this newest threat that the Captain had briefed him on. Another invisible Oed conspiracy. He had his fill of those by now on this planet.

Longstreet COS

Shinzak rushed over to the security building, arriving within a surprising time at the CoS’ office. A chime would ring.


A security ensign greeted him as the door swooshed open. He had already been scanned prior to the door opening and cleared of possessing weapons. This was a first step into the secure zone and the small area that was behind the officer was like the old security checkpoints in airports and courthouses of old. Another translucent sliding glass was beyond this area.

¨Starfleet Security how can we assist you.¨ The ensign said looking friendly but capable as well.

Longstreet COS

Security feeds were constantly changing on the screen on one wall of the Security Center. As Longstreet was moving from one station to the next he saw a flash of the Security Center front. He saw someone who looked familiar approaching the building. However the screen flashed to another zone and he continued his work.


“This is the Chief of Mining Operations. I require to see the Chief of Security. Urgent. Your clearance is not high enough to know why, Ensign.”


The Ensign looked at the man strangely. My clearance is not high enough? Who does this guy think he is? An old earth spy?

“Uh yea. So you do not have an appointment?”

The scanners were already telling the ensign who this man was. Shinzak and he was the Chief of Mining.

“I will need to speak to the Chief. Please wait here for one minute.” He said and turned sharply around and went into the inner door which closed behind him.

“Chief a Mr. Shinzak is here to see you. Seems pretty worked up. Saying things like an ensigns clearance is not high enough to speak too. Honestly Sir I have no idea.” The Ensign said once he located Longstreet.

“I got it Ensign. Carry on.” He said and left the ensign to go about his business.

A few seconds later the door swooshed open and Longstreet greeted Shinzak.

“Mr. Shinzak. Good to see you. Come on in.” He welcomed the man in and led him towards his office.


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