CE's office- Message to the Lt Govenor

Posted Nov. 12, 2019, 7:15 p.m. by Captain Parker Xavier (Lt. Governor) (Sidney Parker)

Posted by Lieutenant Tyra Schroll (Chief of Engineering and Operations) in CE’s office- Message to the Lt Govenor
Tyra walked into her office and sat down at her desk. There was a flashing priority message, she sighed and opened the message, and hung her head ~seriously~ She began reading through the long list of information, Star Fleet Corps of Engineers had finally released the computer update and it was OEDs turn to be upgraded. This time, they were not sending a team to the OED, they were sending Tyra all of the information and the updates. She sighed and sent a message to Xavier to schedule a meeting with him to go over the updates and develop the time line.

=^=Xavier, I need to schedule a meeting with you to work out a timeline for updates that will shut down the systems for about three hours.=^=


Instead of an answer she received a calendar request with a date to accept or not. A typed note also was attached.

“Sorry in a meeting. Make a date.”


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