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Michael Halloway briskly walked past his secretary, through the threshold of his office, and to his seat behind his desk. As if he hadn’t had enough going on, now somebody else needed his attention.

He sighed and rubbed his temple as his computer display blinked with a voice message. Lovely,he thought. Not quick enough I guess.

Halloway opened the message. Suddenly the door maneuvered itself shut on its own. The lights dimmed and the windows blackened. “Are you kidding me?!” he said aloud incredulously. Did the CIO seriously send him here on a wild goose chase so as to be locked up? Halloway stood up, his adrenaline pumping. He quickly stepped out from behind the desk and moved to the door.

Before he reached it however, a voice emanated from his computer. “Governor Michael Halloway,” stated the deep, encrypted voice through his speaker. “It appears I missed you. You’ll notice I have locked down your office for the moment. Do not be alarmed. You will be allowed to leave shortly.”

There was a pause as Halloway moved back to his computer, wondering if there had been video feed. Unfortunately, he was let down.

“I suspect you have already been alerted to my presence. I find that to be good. Proper introductions are always important. You’ll find little information about me Governor. There’s no use tracing this either. All of that is encrypted. Good luck.

“Now, on to my request. I’ll cut right to the chase. Within your bloodstream are dormant borg nanoprobes. I need a sampling of them.” He paused to laugh at his own boldness. “If you supply me with my needs, Oed will remain perfectly safe. You see, I need those nanoprobes for a project. Life is so precious. Those nanoprobes keep you alive Governor. A former borg drone, dependent on borg nanoprobes. Imagine, others…sickly, dying, no known cure for their ailment. With the proper procedure, those nanoprobes could save millions of lives! I want to save lives, Governor. Surely you see that.

“But I can’t do it alone. Starfleet won’t grant me access to their nanoprobes, and you are currently the best source for them anyway. Help me, help Oed, by just having a sample available at the Sacred Heart Hospital. I truly hate to force my hand, Governor but there’s really no other choice. I’m prepared to take lives if you choose otherwise. You will not know how; you will not know where; you will not know when.

“I plead to you Governor, don’t let the hand that feeds fall short. For the hand that does not feed will come back up to correct. I don’t want to correct you Governor. This may be a difficult choice, but know this: There is only one choice that will benefit all. Do as I say and have the samples ready in 24 hours, or else.”

With that, the communique stopped, the lights turned back on, the door opened, and the message deleted itself in a hurry. He tried to stop it, but there was no way for him to trace it right now.

This was it. They were after him, not Commander James. He was the easier target for sure. But it also made him an open target. Front and center stage for all of Oed to see. He checked his pocketwatch. One earth day to get find the culprit and stop whatever madness he or she was up to.

Halloway’s mind started to race, but he stopped it. He shook his head. He breathed in, then out. His hands then zipped to his computer and he sent the following message: “You’re requested for an urgent briefing in the Emergency Operations Center of the Government building.”

He then sent the message on an encrypted channel to the Head of Police and the Head of the Judicial System. He needed Karlson and Rousseau to be fully aware. Medical would also likely need to be apprised of the situation, but that would wait for the full briefing that would include the Lt. Governor and the Intelligence Officers of what had just occurred.

Halloway immediately stood up, grabbed his coat, and walked to his secretary. “I’ll be out for most of the day. Cancel the rest of my appointments until otherwise stated.”

“Yes sir,” came the obedient reply.

He then went to the lift, and made his way to the EOC.

-Governor Michael Halloway


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When the Governor arrived Joseph was just exiting his elevator. The large man walked hurriedly across the room, his wooden cane making a recognizable click sound each time. He noticed the Governor and gave him a brief nod “Sir” The older man said gravely “I assume this is serious.” He said matter-of-factly.

Commissioner Karlson

Halloway nodded. “It unfortunately is. I’ve asked Judge Rousseau to join us. I have some news to share which will also lead to starfleet’s involvement. I want to make sure my staff are prepared for the worst though. Once the judge gets here I’ll tell you more.”

The man was clearly concerned. Never in his time as Governor did he seek a meeting in the EOC. The place had the best tech though to keep a conversation under wraps. Their new CIO had proven his office was no guarantee of that.

-Governor Michael Halloway

Joseph nodded at the Governor’s explanation. Halloway’s predecessors, Joseph included, had always deigned to only use the EOC during emergency situations or sensitive moments that required privacy. He moved inside and went directly to his favored chair. Sitting down he activated his own anti-surveillance gadget on his wrist, a useless precaution given the room they were in but it was a habit.

Commissioner Karlson

Though Astrid had never been to the Emergency Operations Center of the Government building, she knew where it was. It had been a part of her extensive briefing upon arrival on her new home. She strode in, clad in a skirted suit, heels and a hat as usual. She stepped in as the guard opened the door for her and then stopped, waiting for it to be closed behind her. Upon hearing the click, she seemed satisfied and moved to meet with Karlson and Halloway.

“Sir?” Astrid looked concerned.

Rousseau, HotJ

Halloway had been sitting down near Karlson at the conference table. He nodded to Astrid and indicated a vacant seat. “We have a bit of a dire situation on our hands. I was intending to tell you both about it, however things have escalated now.”

His tone did nothing to alleviate her concerns and she sat down in the seat he indicated with his hand wondering what dire situation she and Karlson were going to be privy to. If the Governor was this serious, it had to be quite a problem. She sat back and waited for him to explain.

The Governor activated the map of Oed space where a marker for Oed V and custom marker were set outside of the system. “Starfleet Intelligence has sent an operative to Oed with a mission and vital information. There was suspicion that Oed V would be the target of a terrorist interested in borg nanoprobes. We don’t know how many are involved or what exactly they wish to have them for. To be quite honest, we have very little information.” He paused allowing it to sink in before continuing.

“However, as of just under one hour ago, I received a message from an unknown source. Whoever it was masked their voice and left no visual. Their demands are simple yet dangerous. They want a sampling of my borg nanoprobes. With it, they want to aid people, however they also mention that if I don’t surrender a vial to them, harm will come to the people of Oed. No time or place mentioned. They want the vial of nanoprobes at Sacred Heart Hospital within the next 23 hours.

“I want to notify the Lt. Governor and Starfleet intel. Obviously, I trust you both. Commissioner, you are going to be vital in maintaining security on Oed for all civilians, so I wanted you to be one of the first to know. Ms. Rousseau, I wanted you here to be aware of all that was going on and to be clear on the various laws that we need to ensure that we maintain at a time like this. Are there any questions?”

Halloway finally left the floor open to the pair.

-Governor Michael Halloway

There was no word to properly explain the facial expression that came over the Commissioner’s face, a blend of calm anger and focus. “How exactly did they contact you?” He asked calmly. The word terrorist alarmed and annoyed him, he’d spent much of his life hunting their ilk throughout the stars. Hunting them down on a Colony the size of Oed was a much simpler task than before, and with considerably more resources.

Commissioner Karlson

“It was a priority one message that I was summoned to my office to respond to. But that’s just it, it was only a message. No way for me to respond really. I’m sure someone in intel will want to try and trace it, but I have a feeling it won’t be so easy to figure out.” If the new CIO’s arrival was any indicator as to the actual security his office provided, Halloway had lost total trust in it.

Astrid listened to the Governor’s explanation of the situation with a keen ear but as he finished, she was no longer looking directly at him. IT was obvious that she was processing the information given. Her gaze had turned inward and she sat with a mild frown on her face. She waited patiently for the answer to Karlson’s question before she finally looked up. “For someone spouting their intentions to be honorable, they threaten to harm people in order to get what they want. If someone is truly altruistic in their desire to help others, they would not threaten the people of OED V in order to get what they want. Their intentions must be disingenuous at best, malicious at worst.”

“I agree,” he added.

She took a slow and deep breath, letting it out as she regarded the Governor with a serious and almost sad expression. “You cannot give into their demands even if they have the best of intentions. Besides the fact that regulations and laws both prohibit you from acquiescing to their demands in any way. There is a long history of such actions causing even greater harm and most certainly will not be the last demand they make of you Michael.”

Rousseau, HotJ


“So, what do we do then? No nanoprobes means, they do as they see fit. Are we prepared for what little we know about them? Is 23 hours enough time to get fully prepared?” There was a hint of emotion behind what he said. Michael Halloway was good at maintaining his composure in difficult situations. He obviously had more at stake than his own life though. He had his wife and children to consider as well. It was personal. They knew him and his past. What was to stop them from targeting his own home?

Despite whatever worries he had, he held on to the fact that he along with many others would handle the situation. He was a tactician. And he would use that to the best of his abilities.

When they both gave their responses, Halloway then suggested, “Perhaps now is a good time to get the others involved? I’ll get a hold of the Lt. Governor, and intel if you’re both ready for that briefing then?”

-Governor Michael Halloway

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