LACUNA: James Prepares For the Worst

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nicholas James (Chief Intelligence Officer) in LACUNA: James Prepares For the Worst

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nicholas James (Chief Intelligence Officer) in LACUNA: James Prepares For the Worst

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nicholas James (Chief Intelligence Officer) in LACUNA: James Prepares For the Worst
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-1200 hours-
Nicholas returned to his quarters. He removed his rank first from his uniform. From his desk, he withdrew a small drill. This was a moment even a cold operative like Nicholas did not enjoy. Behind his uniforms and civilian clothes, he unscrewed a wall panel and withdrew a silver briefcase. He changed into Section 31 black and then carried the briefcase into the main living area of his quarters. Gently setting it on a table, he opened it. First he withdrew a holstered pistol. It resembled old phase pistols more than modern phasers. After checking that the charge was still full, he attached the phaser in its holster to his belt. He stared at the remaining contents. A broken down sniper rifle, a black face mask, and what looked like a transponder. Nicholas had hoped this would never be necessary again. He lifted the transponder, and if his mechanical eyes betrayed any emotion it was fear. He pressed a button on top.

-1600 hours-
Nicholas awoke on the floor of his quarters, feeling the remnants of pain. He had activated all the implants in his body. 3 people were walking down the hall. He could see the exact dimensions of the room around him. His mini PaDD had fallen out of his pocket.

}What do you want?]
{It’s time. We need to meet.]
}Usual spot?]

-Nicholas James, Section 31

-1630 hours-
“How did you… I’m behind…”
“Sit down. I’ll explain.” Nicholas had invited his asset to a restaurant. One where the staff new better than to interrupt business meetings. “Eleven years ago, modifications were made to my physiology using modified versions of Borg technology. You know about my hand and my eyes. But it goes further. My ears. My eyes have functions beyond their basic enhancements. Increased strength. But all of this is not active all the time. The ‘advanced measures’ are for emergency use.” Through a leather glove, the fingers on his left hand drummed on his briefcase. “My assignment for you is simple.” He removed a credit chip from his pocket. Find Ekaterina. Give this to her. Remind her; half up front, half if her services are required.”
“That’s it?”
“That’s it. After that, lay low.”
“Got it.” Lawrence left. Nicholas sat alone, probably the least trusted man on OED, but always trying to save it. From itself, from others. Section 31 had turned him into something he knew he wouldn’t have signed up to become. What if they don’t have the Borg tech yet? OED is on several major trading routes. So much shipping traffic in and out. Getting people and equipment here… it’s easy. Stealing from the Borg, nigh on impossible. Whether they have them or not, tracking the nanoprobes is probably a dead end.the dispersal device. Track the components needed to make that.

-Nicholas James, Section 31

-1830 hours-
Nicholas sat waiting in his false government office. It was quiet. He turned on the computer console and entered his code. [Query: Dispersal Devices]
Everything Section 31 had on people buying and selling implements needed to make a dispersal device.

Now he had time to examine the Black Sparrow cargo and passenger manifest he and Collier had gone to so much effort to obtain.

-Nicholas James, Section 31

OOC: Sorry for the delay and thank you for being patient with me. -Tony


It was time. Kasmira was due. Nicholas kept his eyes fixed on the door.

-Nicholas James, Section 31

Three people on Oed were flagged by Section 31 for either parts or information on how to create dispersal devices. One was a Vulcan male civilian by the name of Stror. He was a newly arrived engineer, specifically arriving on Oed to assist in the building of the second dome. The second was a human woman by the name of Mia Sanchez. She was a newly arrived scientist, specifically arriving to assist in new technology involving better crop irrigation. The third was a human Starfleet officer by the name of Lt. Jacob Hines in the engineering department who fixed and upgraded the Centurion’s ventilation systems. He had been stationed to Oed for 3 years to date.

Passenger manifest included, but was not limited to:

-Michael Conrad, CO Black Sparrow, human
-Kanok, First Mate Black Sparrow, klingon
-Lekarz Rex, civilian engineer, trill
-Tetul Udan, civilian engineer, el-aurian
-Stror, civilian engineer, vulcan
-Mia Sanchez, civilian scientist, human
-Tolumius, civilian scientist, Romulan

The Cargo manifest included, but was not limited to:

-Katrina, AI, registered to the Black Sparrow
-Parts for upgrading advanced engines
-Medical Supplies (Basic variety)
-Parts for New Irrigation systems (includes parts to disperse water)
-Prototype nanoprobes (Ongoing experiment)
-Miscellaneous parts for building structures within the second dome
-Registered weapons (for private security use)


OOC: If you have any questions about these feel free to let me know. You can also conduct whatever investigations you wish. ;)


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