Side Sim- Family Reunion - Docks to The Pale Horse

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Posted by Civilian Joseph Karlson (Head of Police Force) in Side Sim- Family Reunion - Docks to The Pale Horse

Posted by Ensign Valkris MacLaren (Security Officer) in Side Sim- Family Reunion - Docks to The Pale Horse
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OOC: Anyone that is on Oed V and want to meet Valkris’ parents, feel free to hop in.

Valkris nodded. Her hand reached out and took the Kanar, siping it to savor the taste. It had been a long time since she had some. From the corner of her vision, she caught her father’s face furrow at her display. Her mother rolled her eyes at him as she placed her hand on top of Valkris’ still resting one. It was a loving gesture.

“Ka’Pek, why don’t you attack your ale rather than glare at your daughter. It would be so much more productive.” Jani pulled her hand from Valkris’ and began to sip her tea, enjoying the rich, smooth taste.

Ka’Pek grunted and turned his attention to the ale. He lifted the cup to inhale the scent then hesitated. Valkris’ mother chuckled and baited him into taking the dive.

“I hope the Ka’Pek, son of K’lawuk, isn’t afraid of a meek human beverage.”

Her father just huffed quietly. His hand tilted up and downed the mug in a few gulps, finishing off with an inhale for breath at the end. Jani wasn’t done on the matter of Valkris’ tastes as she turned on her daughter. Her words held curiosity rather than disapproval.

“I do recall that when I was pregnant with you, I craved the oddest things. Mostly Regova eggs, red leaf tea, and Zabu stew. I was lucky enough that a friend of mine had cooked it many times.”

“Well, I can’t help it. I like what I like. Maybe you have some Cardassian blood in your side of the family.”

The words caused her father to choke on his second ale. Both women turned their heads toward him as he sputtered, clearing his lungs of liquid.

–Ensign Valkris MacLaren, Sec

Valkris’ amusement was short-lived when she spotted her father’s disapproving glare. Her laughter stopped in its tracks as she straightened up.

“I-” Valkris began but was interrupted by her mother.

“She was only joking, Ka’Pek. No reason to get so uptight over it. Even if it was true, which it isn’t, you would still love her.”

“I would rather not have you both tainted by their blood. Or have you forgotten the Dominion war?” He growled causing Valkris to flinched inwardly.

She looked to her mother, expecting the woman to fight back. Jani didn’t seem to notice his anger and sipped her tea. Thankfully the conversation trailed off into silence. Valkris regretted ordering the Kanar. Most of all, she wished that Danteel had been assigned to OED V. She missed him more than she could express in words. When she broke the news to her mother, Jani’s acceptance of him was almost immediate causing Valkris to ask why. The answer was simple: she trusted Valkris judgment.

“Valkris, when am I going to meet this Danteel?”

Valkris wondered if her expression betrayed her thoughts as she looked at her mother. The woman appeared unfazed by the earlier conversation. It was a milder topic than the earlier one. Valkris bit her lip in thought for a moment and revealed the truth.

“I don’t know. I haven’t heard from him for a while, but I suspect he’s busy with his assignment. I am still waiting for him to tell me when he has some leave time.”

“I can respect you both putting your career first, but you really find a balance. A relationship is never satisfying if you can’t find time to spend time together. This is what happened to your father and me as well as the difference of opinions.” Jani spotted that about seven minutes had passed during their interaction, so their food should be arriving soon.

–Ensign Valkris MacLaren, Sec

Hoping to avoid the awkwardness of the conversation, Valkris’ eyes panned the scene for the waiter. She didn’t spot him. She guessed the food must’ve taken longer than originally believed causing her to sigh. Her mom didn’t seem to intend to let the topic simply drop causing Valkris to continue the conversation.

“Mother, we have talked about it. We’re considering planning a vacation together, but we haven’t decided on a location. There are some good options out there, too many to make it easy.”

–Ensign Valkris MacLaren, Sec

OOC: Going to bump this for the waiter and wait a bit, food should be arriving around this time. If no reply, I’ll make a mention of food arriving and continue with the scene. I just didn’t want to exclude someone else from reply, especially when I’m enjoying the waiter. :P

-Janice B.

OOC: Sorry I completely forgot about this.

As if he’d sensed the slight tension in at the table the Catian returned holding two plates. Behind him were two floating drones each carrying their own plate. He gave the family a toothy grin “Apologies for the wait” He said in his Scouse accent. He placed the first dish in front of Valkris, the plate was infact two dishes attached to one another, on the larger side was the Chicken Kiev with assorted vegetables on the side and on the secondary smaller plate was the Gagh swarming around “Chiken Kiev with a side of Gagh” The scond plate he placed infront of the mother “Roasted lamb with Zilm’Kach. The lamb is a free-roaming Earth Lamb brought up in the small island nation of Iceland roasted in the traditional Icelandic manner” He explained then turned around and grabbed one of the plates from the drones and placed it in front of the Father.
It was the same kind of double dish as before “Targ Steak and Octopus. Although the Targ is from Klingon Space the Octopus is genuine Oed born and raised, the first generation of their kind.”

Mrerr then took the fourth and last place “Now incase you don’t like the specific Gagh ‘ere I’ve brought a selection of different types” He placed the plate at the edge of the table between Valkris and her father. It was a large plate with four smaller dishes which each contained different kinds of gagh. The smaller plates could be removed and placed instead of the smaller plates they had their own Gagh in “We have Torgud, Filden, Bithool and my personal favorite Wistan Gagh” He explained pointing to each dish in order “If there’s anything else don’t hesitate to call”


Valkris relax when the waiter returned. Her vision caught him in the corner, approaching with two hover droids in his wake. All three of them carried plates. The tension in her chest faded when she realized food had arrived, allowing her to breathe again. It would provide a good distraction from Danteel and her relationship. Her eyes floated over each plate when Marr delivered it, pleased with her parents’ reactions.

Her mother’s smile appeared to widen on her face. She took a moment to inhale and savor the aroma, appearing to like what she smelt. When she heard about the Earth Lamb, her eyes widened in pleasant shock.

“Uh, that’s interesting. Not often does a place serve meat that isn’t synthetic. I haven’t had actual lamb since I was pregnant with Jeremy, mostly because of rumors about synthetic meat not being good for a baby’s growth.”

Ka’Pek scuffed at the mention but said nothing when he glanced at his plate. While he tried to retain a warrior’s demeanor, Valkris saw a break in it. A glint of pleasure flicker in his expression then it disappeared. He inspected his meal and gave the waiter a nod, his way of saying thank you.

Valkris was surprised the waiter went out of his way to provide a few varieties of Gagh. Most restaurants had one kind and when ordered, didn’t go the extra mile. Or even knew there was a wide variety. She looked to the waiter then spoke.

“Thank you. So far the service has been wonderful and everything looks delicious.” Valkris commented as she began to dig in.

–Ensign Valkris MacLaren, Sec

Mrerr bowed slightly and widened his grin. Although they usually did offer everything natural and for the past few years had been constructing support buildings so they could manage. Seeing as they only needed to support one restaurant on the colony this was not too much of a challenge. With stable shipping routes throughout the Federation and safe passage through Klingon space allowed them much more variety than most non-Klingon restaurants. “Your praise is what we work for” He said gleefully as he left their sight without as much as a creek in the floor.


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