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Posted May 28, 2020, 11:42 a.m. by Civilian Dawson (Owner of Secret Securities) (Tony Findora)

Posted by Ensign Valkris MacLaren (Security Officer) in Sidesim: The Conclave Broker - The T & C - Tag Valkris

Posted by Civilian Dawson (Owner of Secret Securities) in Sidesim: The Conclave Broker - The T & C - Tag Valkris

Posted by Civilian Dawson (Owner of Secret Securities) in Sidesim: The Conclave Broker - The T & C - Tag Valkris
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Dawson sat down in an inconspicuous part of the T & C café. It was another early morning with bustling people getting a morning cup of brew before heading into their respective work zones. It always gave Dawson the opportunity to observe the people of Oed in a natural setting. People often were different before and after work. He was El Aurian, a member of the race of listeners. Observing was key to him, and keep information tucked away was important as a loremaster.

This morning however, Dawson had sent a certain Starfleet officer a request to join him at the T & C as he had a matter he wished to discuss with her specifically. He had spent some time with her already taking care of the black market dealings in the zoo. They were friends in his mind, even if she perhaps had not seen it that way. Time would tell if she would arrive and how.

-Dawson, Owner of Secret Securities

Valkris didn’t count on an adventurous day when she woke up. When her eyes caught Dawson’s invitation to the T & C café, this dashed her expectations immediately. Unsure about the nature of the meeting, she opted for casual wear over her uniform. As she tossed on a condor hoodie over her shirt, a pair of pants, and boots, she thought back to the last encounter with him. A mess that involved black market smugglers stealing and selling the local zoo’s animals. With a few trackers and more proof, a small group and herself had managed to clear their names. She wondered what the man had in mind for her now.

Ducking out of the door, the walk had been a short path from her apartment. She pulled her hood over her head to protect both her skin and hair from the early morning showers. As they died down, her eyes spotted the establishment causing her to walk into it. The small bell chimed drawing a brief glance from the patrons in their seats. Valkris ignored them, instead moving toward the man known as Dawson.

She slid into her seat and pulled down her hood, revealing her mixed heritage on her facial features. To those ignorant of Klingon appearance, they mistake her for a full-blooded one. However, the softer ridges and lighter skin color hinted at traces of human.

“Didn’t think I was going to arrive, did you?” Her tone was casual, but relaxed.

–Ensign Valkris MacLaren, Sec

“I had certainly hoped you would,” replied Dawson with a grin. “Order whatever you like. It’s all on me.”

At that very moment, the owner of the place, Kat Buchanan, approached with a large buttered croissant, a coffee, and a small menu for Valkris. “Just let me know what I can get you,” said Kat as she placed the menu down and handed the food and drink to Dawson. She gave a brief smile as she made her way back to tend to more customers.

Dawson allowed her time to look over the menu before speaking up. “So, any idea why I asked you here?”

-Dawson, Owner of Secret Securities

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