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Katherine laughed. “I don’t need an hour. And I’ll be back.” She winked as they reached the exit. “Something tells me what you choose would make me look like an Orion slave girl in Kanok’s eyes.”

One of Conrad’s eyebrows shot up as he fought the wide grin trying to stretch across his features. Many a memory surfaced of more than one occasion when Vashki had dressed just for him on such a fashion. He enjoyed it at the time, but now it only brought back the distaste of it on her.

However, Katherine Prescott was a very different woman, and perhaps…he kept his brain from wandering to far.

She shook her head teasing. “I’ll be back. Can’t get rid of me that easy.... Captain…” She touched his hand unconsciously and headed out.

And immediately her touch following her comment gave him goosebumps.

She went to her quarters and keyed up the Station to let them know she was fine and would report on time for duty but was heading off station for a few days. Michael had sent her the way they could reach her in an emergency. She queried it and came up with The Sparrow. That helped. At least she wouldn’t have to lie. She packed her bag and slung the gobag over her shoulder and headed back to the hanger swiping her leather jacket off the back of her door. She keyed it to inform her PaDD if anyone opened it and headed for the hanger.


He had watched her depart, a tiny part of him fighting the thought of what she would like when an Orion two piece outfit. His cheeks grew warm along with the rest of him as he turned back into the Black Sparrow, trying to keep his focus on the coming cruise.

Crew were bustling all about, but his mind just couldn’t help but stray a bit as he made his way to the bridge.

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparrow CO

Just over thirty minutes later she was strolling back across the hanger bay. She didn’t want to keep him waiting and thought it would surprise him to see her early. Heading inside, she started looking on the main deck for him. She would work her way up to the cockpit.


A woman in a white jumpsuit stood near the turbolift, appearing to be watching for anything out of the ordinary with a PADD held up to her chest. Her hair was blonde and curly, leading down past her shoulders. She was fit with curves in every perfect spot. Her hazel eyes went well with her light complexion.

Upon spotting Katherine Prescott, the woman moved forward with purpose towards her with a practiced grin. “Katherine Prescott, I presume?” she inquired cordially.


Katherine resettled the bag on her shoulder and smiled. “I am.. and you are?” She tossed her coat to her left arm in case she needed to shake hands. “I believe Michael is expecting me?” She was suddenly struck with a moment of fear that some of the crew had decided ‘now’ wasn’t the time for new crewmen they didn’t know, much less trust.

Lt Katherine Prescott

The blonde woman smiled. “Michael Conrad is currently in his quarters. You are welcome to see him or I can show you to your temporary quarters?”


She waved her hand absently. “My quarters are fine. Thank you. I’ll find him soon enough.” She smiled and followed the woman thru the ship. “Have you been with him long? Serving on the ship?” She was making small talk to be polite. Trouble was, she was horrible at small talk.


Katrina led the way. “I’ve been aboard the ship for many years. Based on ship’s records I arrived here within a year or so after this ship was rechristened the Black Sparrow.” Katrina was programmed to understand the intricacies of small talk, so she offered a question of her own.

“What made you decide to join the Black Sparrow on this particular mission?” she inquired.


Katherine smiled. “Actually, I was invited. And I have a few days before I have to officially begin my duties on the Station. So I thought I would tag along.” She slipped into the lift beside the woman. “Do you like being here? They a good crew?”


The blonde woman gave a thoughtful expression and pause before replying. “The crew is…interesting…if I may say so myself. I cannot say whether I enjoy being here, but I am highly useful here.”

The lift door opened and the woman stepped forward. “If you’ll follow me, it’s just down this corridor.”

A few doors down, the doors automatically swished open to reveal a room adequate for a guest aboard. A bed was set in the center of the room with a couch and two chairs near a coffee table spanning the width of the couch. A desk with a small computer sat near the entryway to a personal restroom.

The blonde turned on her heel. “If you need anything else during your stay,” she said as she touched a com-link on her door. “Just ask for Katrina and I will be around to assist.” She gave her a warm smile. “Is there anything else I can do for you right now?”


Katherine smiled. “Thank you, Katrina. I appreciate your assistance. I will be fine. Thank you. I’m sure I’ll see you again soon. Small ship and all.” She nodded and set her bag on the bed.


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