Side Sim - Return of House Duroc (TAG K'vorth, Karlson and Pangolin)

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Posted by Civilian Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc (Klingon Warrior) in Side Sim - Return of House Duroc (TAG K’vorth, Karlson and Pangolin)

Posted by Civilian Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc (Klingon Warrior) in Side Sim - Return of House Duroc (TAG K’vorth, Karlson and Pangolin)

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The older man’s lips turned in a wry smile “I wrote the histories” He pointed at the weapon displays “There were few enemies I’ve hated in my time so remembering them as honored foes don’t bother me much. Although you’ll find more trophies of Jem’Hadar and Cardassians than you’ll find name plaques, not the most honored enemies I’ve had.”

Commissioner Karlson

Urg nodded once and then said “So… what comes next, my friend? We have dined, we have drank… is it time to discuss meeting the Governor?”

Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc

“Sure, you’ll be meeting with our new Governor, a Mister Dawkins, I’ll make sure he’s briefed on who you are if he isn’t already aware, I’ll get you a scheduled meeting within the next few days, hopefully, sooner rather than later.” The door opened one of the Strawberry bots floated in, a tray in front of it holding two objects, a large black box and a smaller wooden one. “Ah right, well these are gifts I promised. The larger box is something from my brother, he started working on it during your first arrival, I have two more for your brothers which you can take back home. The smaller wooden one is something I prepared when I heard about your successes that I was going to send via a courier, your visit makes things simpler.”


Urg clapped his hands together and said “What is that human word that assassin used when he thought he had us?” and K’letn laughed. “ ‘Awesome’. That was it.” and Urg nodded. “Yes… awesome.” and he reached for the boxes. Before he opened them, he looked at Karlson and Pangolin. “Without even seeing the contents, I know you do me… my brothers… and our House great honor. And I thank you.” He then slowly opened the box.

Urg’tohn, Son of House Duroc

Pangolin almost snorted out the scotch he was drinking out of amusement of the comically large Klingon saying ‘awesome’ Joseph simply smiled. In the larger box from the older Karlso brother was an outfit, it was similar in design to what Urg had been wearing when he first arrived but different, the leather was extremely high quality and seemed to be handstitched with intricate symbols weaved into it, on the chest the Hammer of Kvaar’ton was prominent and on each shoulder the sigil of the house of Duroc. The pants were equally decorated. The outfit was heavy so for most it would be difficult to wear but not for one of Urg’s size. The multitude of pockets and pouches allowed the wearer to equip a multitude of weapons and other tools. “He designed it after you left, woven into the leather is an extremely durable nanofiber weave, it’ll stop a blade and the leather is such that it will dissipate anything short of a direct disruptor blast. My suits are made from a similar weave although I have fewer pockets” Some dry humour in his voice “He said that you should have the same amount if not more possibilities for equipment and backups” At the bottom was a PaDD “He had about a dozen made each, you can have them picked up whenever”

In the smaller box, there were two objects, the first a weapon of unique design. A curved wooden handle with an actual trigger, on the side a simple light glowed faintly white. The barrel was long, comparable to a Klingon disruptor but thinner, the dark finish made it seem as if it swallowed the light around it “That is a weapon I designed myself, I generally dislike Federation weapon designs, they have a more practical tool design but this is a pure weapon. Instead of having a vaporizing setting it has a simple stun to kill setting you can set with your thumb” He pointed to the rear hammer “And the left screen you can use to adjust the frequency, it fires similarly to a disruptor but leaves a phaser energy reading, getting hit with one is like getting punched by a Nausican on Martian dust.”

The other object was a signet ring marked with a simple rune that seemed to glow like starlight, The rune had a small internal circle and eight lines coming out of it, each line had what looked like a simple spiked trident “That is Ægishjálmur, The Helm of Awe an old Magic rune from my ancestors. It became a popular icon of my country but isn’t that well known, I’ve used it as a symbol of friendship and should you ever require aid all you need to do is twist and lock” He said simply.

Joseph and Pangolin

Urg looked at the gifts and was silent. After Joseph finished, Urg stared for a few more moments at them and then nodded. “Your generosity is much appreciated.” was all the massive Klingon said before he stood and extended his arms out. “Come my friend. Brothers embrace when words are not sufficient.”

Urg’tohn, Lord of House Duroc

Joseph stood up and embraced the giant, it was a rare occurrence that he felt like a so small. In fact, it hadn’t occurred in almost ten years. After a moment he pulled himself from the embrace, placing hands on the Klingons arms “Understanding and nurturing friendship is important to me and mine” He said with a smile “Then aren’t introductions in order” A voice fro behind Urg said. The door was open and in the doorway stood a woman, much like Joseph she didn’t have any telltale signs of age but her eyes shared the same experience. She was well over six feet tall with shoulder-length brunette hair and dark spots running down the side of her neck. Her outfit was a light blue shirt under a brown leather jacket and dark blue slacks, her shoes the same dark blue. She smiled at the Klingons in a friendly manner and walked towards the two men. Pangolin immediately stood up lowering his gaze slightly, there was an air of command about her “Urg’tohn of House Duroc” Joseph said, taking a step to the side “Meet Doctor Neema Lar, my wife, and partner of over forty years.” He said whilst staring at her with admiration, the Trill put a hand out to shake “A pleasure” She said, her voice exuded calm and had the same air of command as her presence did.

Joseph, Pangolin, & Neema

Urg looked at the woman for a moment and then took her hand. Bowing his head slightly, he said “A true honor, Doctor.” and then he smiled and pulled, albeit gently, the Trill woman and clasped her in a warm embrace. “Joseph is family, by order and by action. That makes you family as well.” and he released her. Turning he motioned and K’letn stood and approached. The large Klingon woman bowed her head as well. “Doctor, my mate and Lady of House Duroc, K’letn.” he said in his rumble of a voice, but with obvious affection. K’letn offered her hand to the Doctor, her face a blank slate. “Doctor. I apologize for my husband. His manners are still lacking… even for the Lord of a Nobel House.” And she leaned forward and whispered conspiratorially “And he’s a hugger. Go figure.”

Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc

Neema laughed quietly as she shook the Klingons hand”As is Joe, although he’ll scarcely admit it” She moved to the chairs, inviting them to sit down once more. Joseph followed and sat next to his wife “I understand it was quite the struggle getting to where you are now, it was quite the scandal that a Klingon lord was killed at one of Jóhanns hotels, you were the talk of the town for some time” She said with a warm smile “Can’t say that moving to Oed has lacked excitement” Joseph added with a playful look, something of an inside joke it appeared.

Joseph & Neema

Urg looked at Neema and some of the fire that had been in the eyes of the three brothers when they first arrived at Oed returned, but his voice was even. “It was no struggle, dear Lady. We did as instructed by Kavaar’ton. He provided us, and we did the work of the Builder. The… ‘struggle’… was on the part of the thieves and betrayers of the Builder in trying to stop us. And as I sit here with Kavaar’ton in my heart, I know that our work continues. The… previous house… did much to try an slander the name of House Duroc and the Builder himself. But we will rebuild. It is what we are destined to do.”

K’letn didnt interrupt Urg, but she did watch reactions of those in the room. It was apparent that, while she may have shared her husband’s belief in the Builder, her… ‘fervor’… was tempered by the need to protect her Lord and husband from outside forces… and perhaps his own self at times.

Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc and Chosen of Kavaar’ton

Joseph and Pangolin didn’t react at all to the Klingons religious speech, they had both experienced it first hand and had gotten used to it. Neema, on the other hand, cocked her head slightly and slightly narrowed her eyes “I got a look at some of the slander put out about you and your brothers” she said with a slight smile “Can’t have been easy, not knowing who to trust, I’ll admit I was a bit surprised that you put your faith in Federation types.” She gestured to her husband and the Detective.

Neema Lar

Urg again looked at her flatly and spoke as if what he said was the most logical thing ever spoken. “I didn’t put my faith in anyone except the Builder. And I put my trust in men of honor… political affiliations played no part. These men trusted me and my brothers when everyone told them not to. That was enough. The light of the Builder shines on them…” and he smiled at the two men and Lady Neema, “… whether they know it or not.”

Urg, Lord Duroc

The Trill inclined her head respectfully “And so it is” She said simply looking at Joseph who smiled at her before turning to the Klingons “Now regarding the Governor, as has become an Oed tradition there is a change regarding our top leadership. There is a new incoming Governor but I fear he won’t be arriving just yet, in the meantime the Lieutenant Governor and Starfleet Captain Parker Xavier is in Command, he’s a good man who’s been here longer than most. I have both had the privilege to serve under him and have him as my lieutenant governor. He’s Starfleet through and through I’ll grant so you might want to wait for a Civilian governor, they tend to be more… flexible”

Joseph and Neema

K’Letn laid a hand on Urg’s before he could respond and said “We appreciate your advice. And as you have, apparently, much more experience in the political arena here - ” and she cast a glance at Urg that said quite plainly Wait. Now is not the time, “- we will wait for the new Governor to arrive. Do you have a time frame of when that may be?”

K’Letn, Lady Duroc


Joseph shook his head “No I’m afraid not, I know he’s been appointed but traveling her takes time and as I understand it he’s not yet on his way. As soon as he arrives I’ll arrange a meeting. In the meantime you and your men are welcome to stay, I’ll have Johann prepare a floor or two of the Hekla hotel for you and your men.” He nodded to Pangolin who stood up with haste gave the two Klingons a nod and left the room to arrange things.

Joseph Karlson

Urg nodded and said “That is much appreciated. But we do have another idea, as well.” and he looked at K’Letn and motioned. She nodded and reached in her belt pouch and pulled out an optical disk and handed it to Joseph.

Urg said “Here is our formal request to set up an official and recognized embassy to our House on Oed V. We wish to purchase a plot or estate to repurpose to that end, or we can build to suit. It will also be our residence. In addition, we seek to secure a section of the port for diplomatic purposes, with the accompanying legal privaledges and responsibilities. We have the blessings of the Emperor in this matter.” Urg looked at the two. “I know that this is not something you yourself can approve. But I was hoping you could begin the process until such a time as the new Givernor arrives. Also…” and he laughed, ” … I didnt want to surprise you too terribly much!” and he laughed again.

Urg, Son of the Builder

Joseph examined the disk for a moment before handing it over to his wife who did the same “Of course, in the meantime, I can put you in contact with the head of our Judicial system, The honorable Judge Astrid Rousseau. She’ll be dealing with all legal issues regarding an embassy and the like.” Neema passed the disk back to Joseph who placed it on the table “Funny how things go, now Oed will have a Klingon embassy and strong ties with a major house in the Empire.” he chuckled “When I first arrived we had to deal with overzealous gangsters trying to take over and bad relations with Starfleet.”

Joseph & Neema

Urg’s eyes lit up at the mention of gangsters, but he kept the thoughts to himself. “Not to mention the arrival of a trio of crazy Klingons who claimed to be sent on a quest from their god… but we know where that story went.” and he laughed. “Well, excellent. When can we meet with this… Judge Roussseau? And…” and Urg looked to Lady Neema, “… we would certainly appreciate your perspective on where we should locate our embassy.”

Urg, Son of The Builder

“I can arrange something for tomorrow afternoon probably, it’ll depend on her schedule,” Joseph said before turning his attention to his wife’s response.

Neema looked down for a moment to consider the Klingons question “I would recommend somewhere at the edge of the residential district, there are some housing available and some lots which could be repurposed. You want something closer to the central Government Tower. You might even consider something in the Commercial district to allow easier access to what Oed has to offer for your staff, it would place you closer to the public eye. I would avoid the outskirts, they are the most lawless places on the Colony and ill-suited for an embassy.”

Joseph and Neema

At the mention of the outskirts and the ‘lawless’ characterization, Urg and K’Letn looked at each other and simultaneously and with identical grins said “Satellite office!” and then they laughed.

Urg’s laughter faded and he looked at Lady Neema. “Is there some area that would give us the public exposure and still be near the Tower? I think that would be best for our goals.”

Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc

“If you find a vacant lot somewhere near Sloane square, that’s the central area around the Main Tower, it connects the major districts with one another if all the colony’s eyes lie on the tower then anything between them and it is where you want to be” Neema added after another moment of thought “You may also consider opening business ties here if your house has any exports either in product or talent. There’s always been a demand for Klingon products within the Federation; Restaurants, arts, literature. You’ll even find some spiritually open people, Oed has several places where people of various religions gather, Human and otherwise”

Neema turned to her husband “I came to tell you, I heard from Timor, He says that he intends to visit with Thani and Maria, He says that Jack and his cousin finally got together on a time, they’ll be here by his Birthday” She said with a smile, Joseph answered in-kind “Excellent” He turned to the two Klingons “Timor is our youngest child, he’s in Starfleet so we don’t get to meet him often enough” His face softened, a paternal smile on his face “Have you given any thoughts to an heir to your house?” He asked

Joseph and Neema

Urg locked Joseph with a gaze, and humor danced in his eyes. “Thought? No. But there are three of us, my brothers and I. Whomever has the first child the Builder sees fit as to hold the House will be the heir. That being said, House Duroc will ensure that the line of authority is made very clear to all.” and he looked to Nema and then back to Joseph. “How many offspring do you have?”

Urg, Lord Duroc

The pair both laughed at his question, it was more the word offspring than anything else “We have three children, two boys, and one girl” Joseph answered “Five grandchildren” Neema added “Two boys and three girls.” they seemed content with their family “Our oldest, Leifur, took after his mother and is a Doctor, he was on Epsilon Scutti but they moved to New Berlin last year. Nilani works for an advocacy group that deals in helping victims of violent crimes” Joseph explained. Neema quickly added “She’s been engaged for half an eternity but both her and her fiance are too busy to pick a damn date” She said with a smile “Right” Joseph added “And Timor is a Starfleet Security Officer” He finished. He then turned to his wife “How many children does that make for you again” He asked his wife “Twenty three over eight hosts. I always count Leifur but I had him before the joining” She added

Joseph and Neema

Urg nodded and smiled at Lady Neema. “I have never met one of your kind before. But I have read great things.” and he then looked at Joseph. “Give me the name of the advocacy group of your daughter’s. House Duroc stands with those who cannot stand for themselves. We will contribute to their noble cause.”

Neema gave the Klingon a graceful nod “I believe they’re called ‘The Interstellar Organization For Victims of Violent Crimes’ on Earth they are known as ‘St Goretti Victims of Violence Group’ After a sanctified human under the old Catholic Christian religion.” She explained, the concept seemed alien to her.

He paused a moment and then said “I would ask that one or both of you accompany us when we look for a suitable site. Your insight would be… invaluable. And if our recent history is a measure to judge by, I am sure the local law will be visiting us more than average.”

Urg’tohn, Son of the Builder

“Of course” Joseph said, “You can give any dates to my office, they can find the best place to fit me, I still have a police force to run.” He said with a smile. Neema then spoke “My schedule is more flexible than my husband, I mostly work in my clinic or at the surgery suite at the hospital, barring any unforeseen accidents I should be available.

Joseph and Neema

Urg nodded and then looked at K’Letn who nodded back. “And now, my dear friends, we must make our way to our ship. But we will be back in the morning. Lady Neema, would you do me the honor of having breakfast with us? And after, we go shopping for an Embassy.” and he looked at Karlson. “If you trust me with your wife’s safety, of course.”

Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc

Neema nodded “I would love to” Her demeanor seemed honest.

Joseph chuckled “Of course, although I would be so bold to say that I’d trust my wife with your safety” He said with a wry grin. The pair stood up “Have a good night you two” He said.

Joseph and Neema

The Klingons rose and Urg extended his hand to Joseph. “My friend… always food to see you. Thank you. For all you do for my House.”

Urg, Friend of Joseph’s



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