The Trouble with Karlos - Contacting the Police

Posted Oct. 19, 2020, 5:46 p.m. by Civilian Morra (Head of Science and Terraforming) (Miriam W)

Posted by Civilian Joseph Karlson (Head of Police Force) in The Trouble with Karlos - Contacting the Police

Posted by Civilian Joseph Karlson (Head of Police Force) in The Trouble with Karlos - Contacting the Police

Posted by Civilian Joseph Karlson (Head of Police Force) in The Trouble with Karlos - Contacting the Police
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“Alexander, I wanted to talk to you about your son, Karlos,” the Deputy Head in charge of middle school attendance at the Rabbitus Memorial School said to him, “I’m surprised you are here, considering.”

“Considering what,” Alexander asked, confused.

“The family death, you are entitled to leave in such situations,” the Deputy explained, “especially given it was your parents.”

“My parents?” Alexander asked, “they were alive when I spoke to them yesterday via subspace.”

“But the note said they died 3 days ago and that Karlos wouldn’t be attending school as a result,” the Deputy said, “today was the first day of the absence, I wanted you to know that it was fine and ok, and that no, we don’t need Karlos to do any work during the absence. His assessment will be put off until after he’s returned and …” The Deputy paused, “wait, you spoke to them yesterday?”

“Yes,” Alexander said, “I don’t know what’s gotten into that boy. I’m a professional educator but I can’t relate to him, I’m a failure when it comes to my own family. Why would he do this?”

“It’s a new world for him, a whole new world, did you get his views on moving here, away from everything and everyone he knows? Did he want to come to such a strange place? It’s hard on us as adults out here, but for kids …” the Deputy trailed off.

“Well, I guess we’d better check the starport for the names of departures, you do that would you? I’ll contact Rassa and see if she knows anything. I don’t know what’s gotten into him,” Alexander said, moving into his room.

  • Alexander Knowles, Head of Education

His contact with Rassa proved pointless. She was very emotional at the news and said she couldn’t pick up Karlos’ mind, anyway. Not being a Betazoid, himself, Alexander didn’t pretend to know what was involved in empathy or telepathy, or whatever it was. His Imzadi, Rassa, had tried without success to get Alexander to communicate with her via his mind on numerous occasions, but it seemed he just wasn’t able to do it. So, it was left to him to contact the Police Chief, and see if someone matching Karlos’ description had attempted to leave the colony through the Spaceport on Oed V’s surface.

A subspace message could have done it, but he hadn’t been to see any of his colleagues from the council yet, and hitting the streets seemed like a better option, all things considered. He found a recent photo of the boy, and walked towards the Police Station.

Reaching the Police Station, he entered and waited to be seen.

  • Alexander Knowles, Head of Education

The receptionist behind the desk was a heavyset man in his thirties, his Police uniform marked him as a Sergeant. He looked up from his console and noticed the man enter “Can I help you with something sir?” He asked, his local Oed Accent thick.

Police Sergeant

Bumping for one last time

Basa, one of the officers who worked in the station, stepped out of the back and slunk over to stand next to the Sergeant. He was a tall individual, the same reptilian species as the Head of Science and Technology. In fact, he was her ‘brood brother,’ the closest thing to family his species had. His scales were a muted grey, with two white running from his nose up to the top of his head, then down his spine to the end of his bluish tail. He put a cup of coffee next to the Sergeant while also holding one in his hand. “Hey there,” he said in a soft, relaxed voice, looking at the Head of Education. He felt like he recognized the guy. Must be one of his Brood Sister’s coworkers.

Basa, Police Officer

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