Harvest Festival at the Hatriku House - All welcome to join

Posted Nov. 2, 2020, 7:54 p.m. by Civilian Morra (Head of Science and Terraforming) (Miriam W)

The Hatriku House was full of activity, with each of the five adults in the “family” rushing around taking care of various tasks to prepare for the celebration. A sign had been placed on the front lawn of Morra’s home, advertising that guests were welcome to drop in, and each of the members of the family had invited the people they knew to the celebration.

Asu was in charge of making sure the Children stayed out of trouble, and had invited a few of the teachers at the school where she worked. Basa and Morra were in charge of the hearty meal. Basa had invited his coworkers from the precinct, and Morra had extended the invitation to the Cabinet and the Spaceport command team. Hari and Giwa were in charge of the decorations. Hari had invited a few of their Medical colleagues, and Giwa had invited a few of her coworkers in the Science and Terraforming office.

The backyard was filled with various picnic tables, along with festive wreaths, pumpkins, and other decorations. The smell of cooking food wafted out of the kitchen, the family having decided to use home-grown food for this meal. And they had a LOT of it. It could be frozen if not eaten, but Morra hoped that their invitations had been received and accepted…

Morra, HoST

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