Harvest Festival at the Hatriku House - All welcome to join

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The Hatriku House was full of activity, with each of the five adults in the “family” rushing around taking care of various tasks to prepare for the celebration. A sign had been placed on the front lawn of Morra’s home, advertising that guests were welcome to drop in, and each of the members of the family had invited the people they knew to the celebration.

Asu was in charge of making sure the Children stayed out of trouble, and had invited a few of the teachers at the school where she worked. Basa and Morra were in charge of the hearty meal. Basa had invited his coworkers from the precinct, and Morra had extended the invitation to the Cabinet and the Spaceport command team. Hari and Giwa were in charge of the decorations. Hari had invited a few of their Medical colleagues, and Giwa had invited a few of her coworkers in the Science and Terraforming office.

The backyard was filled with various picnic tables, along with festive wreaths, pumpkins, and other decorations. The smell of cooking food wafted out of the kitchen, the family having decided to use home-grown food for this meal. And they had a LOT of it. It could be frozen if not eaten, but Morra hoped that their invitations had been received and accepted…

Morra, HoST

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OOC: Thank you Miriam. I’m still playing out the other storyline with Gavroche … the ‘Beginning of the End’ thread, but why not let him have some fun first.

IC: Gavroche turned up slightly earlier than the invite said. Unlike other occasions when he wanted privacy, he knew that this was one which would require his attendance, and one he was only to happy to attend in an official capacity. Fleet Captain Watt said he wouldn’t attend, and that was something Gavroche was happy about. He had a fresh suit tailored for the occasion, Cardassian tailors were really the best, and he decided to go for the look of a 21st century business man, professional and and slick with a black dinner suit and bow tie and white business shirt. A top hat and cane completed the look for which he was striving. The driver of his vehicle pulled up and Gavroche got out and went to the boot of the vehicle. A number of boxes some wrapped in papers and others in gift bags were brought to the front door by Gavroche and his driver.

“Thank you,” Gavroche said to the man, “I’ll let you know when I’m ready.”

The driver nodded and returned to the vehicle before heading off somewhere for his own entertainment.

Gavroche tugged at the collar of his shirt before ringing the chime, then he called out, “hello, Governor Gavroche Dawkins here, sorry I’m early but I didn’t want to be the last to arrive. And boy, does something smell good at your house.”

  • Gov Gavroche Dawkins, Guest with Gifts

Alexander turned up alone and shortly after Gavroche. His wife didn’t want to come, claiming a migraine, and their son, well Kharlos was somewhere else. Alexander had been invited to come by Morra, and he figured he could also assist with the childcare if needed. Due to the legendary love of chocolate for which his wife’s species, the Betazeds were famous for, he came with 120 handmade cupcakes with chocolate icing on each and little designs of Harvest Festival scenes on each one. She would have made for, but apparently she used the last of the alotment of butter to the colony for the week and she expressed extreme displeasure both verbally and mentally at Alexander’s suggestion they use replicated butter. He was the one with the migraine following that suggestion.

“Governor,” Alexander said to Gavroche, nodding, “I see you come bearing gifts.”

“And I see you’ve been busy in the kitchen, or the replicator, Mr Knowles,” Gavroche replied, “and please, we’re off duty here, Gavroche is fine.”

“Okay, Gavroche. And Alex for me, please, I get Mr Knowles all day at the school, and only mother calls me Alexander, and usually only when I’m in trouble,” Alexander said with a chuckle, “and it was the Mrs who made them, all fresh in the kitchen, she said that replicated ingredients didn’t have the same flavour.”

Alex hadn’t gone quite as formal as Gavroche, instead dressing in polo top and slacks and sensible shoes. The polo top was made of fabric with tropical/floral patterns on it.

  • Alex Knowles, Head of Education

There was a silent tap that came from behind two men and a voice appeared as if out of thin air “Gentlemen” Behind the two men the kindly, if unusually large, Police Chief stood. He was wearing a light blue suit, tailor-made, out of an unusual material that seemed to absorb and dampen the light around him giving the outfit a slightly flowy feeling. In his left hand, he sported his usual mahogany cane with the simple silver handle. He gave each man a curt nod and a grandfatherly smile. How he had managed to sneak up on both of them without a sound was so far a mystery “Lovely afternoon” In his right hand he held a medium-sized basket.

Commissioner Karlson

The door was opened very enthusiastically, and at first glance their appeared to be no-one there, until a piercing young voice shouted, “NANNY, PEOPLE ARE HERE!!” and a glance downwards would reveal to the guests a seven year old child Hatriku, with light grey scales with a diamondback pattern and wearing a light blue sundress. Following, or rather toddling after their sibling was the three year old of the family, who had a dark brown coloration and nothing on but a diaper.

An adult Hatriku with green scales rushed after and lifted the toddler and gave the seven-year-old a brief scolding look. “Sorry about the chil–” They registered who they were seeing. “Oh, hello Governor. Mr. Knowles. Commissioner. Um, you brought food and gifts… Ah, you can bring those through to the kitchen, Mr. Knowles,” Asu looked to the Head of Education, who was very much their Boss. “Morra is certain to know what to do with them. And Governor, I am sure my brood-sister can get those,” she gestured with some amount of confusion to the pile of gift bags, “to the back lawn. I am Asu, by the way, the children’s Nanny.”

“That’s like a Mum for you humans,” the older child piped up, and Asu gave her a sharp look.

“That is, Tama. Do mind your grammar. Now, would you show our guests to the kitchen and back lawn while I get Milo into some clothing?”

“Sorry, Nanny. Yes, Nanny. Come on, you three!” Tama had an apologetic expression on her face, but the moment Asu and the toddler were gone, she was immediately very interested in Alex’s package, eyes growing wide as she looked at it. “Is that chocolate?? Nanny and Rath’ta Morra never let us have chocolate!”

Hatriku House, where children play and chaos reigns!

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