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Hello crew!

I have been away for quite awhile. Many of you are aware that the last month or two of my wife’s pregnancy was particularly rough.

Well, on Dec. 8th, our daughter (Eowyn Valancy Findora) was born! Three weeks early. She had to spend some time in NICU, but she and my wife are home. Now that I am off until Jan 4, we are working on getting scheduling under control, and getting the rest of what I’ve been doing under control.

I’m able now to get back into posting, which I will be doing shortly. I just wanted to at least post here to let you all know what has been happening, and that I’m not planning on going anywhere.

Thank you all for your patience!


Saw the pictures… what an angel to get so close to Christmas! Congrats.

And no stress on the Sparrow. I am sure Katherine can hold her own a bit longer against Apo hehehe

Meli the Mobstress

Congrats and yay!
-Janice B.

Congrats Tony. Happy to hear the good news.



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