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Katherine wasn’t started by the woman’s approach. But the comment caught her attention. “If all guys were good guys, would we honestly want them?” She nodded respectfully and winked. “Ms Apollona, correct?” She was learning everyone’s name but it was slow going. And she wasn’t aware she had mispronounced it.

“So true dear. Yes its Apollonia. Where have they been hiding a beauty such as yourself?” Apollonia said pouring it on in every direction.

Katherine smiled back. “I’m recently arrived on OED. I’m still…” she paused a moment and cocked her head slightly as she sensed the flirtation from the woman. While both men and women were equally loved by the pilot, this woman intrigued her more because of how hard she was trying. “Finding my footing, so to speak.”

Conrad was caught slightly off guard. His heart rate quickened as he could almost smell the pheromones in the air. Memories of a different Orion surfaced within mind. But he wasn’t in the past. He quickly pushed the memories away as he kept his focus. “Good, bad, doesn’t matter. On the Black Sparrow, anyone can learn to be friends. And what brings you to this ship, madam?”

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparrow CO

“Dear Mr. Captain it always matters in the end which side you end up on. Being friendly is one thing but friends is another. I prefer gray zones don’t you.” She said.

Katherine sensed the rise in Michael, but couldn’t figure out what it was for. Figuring the woman had just startled him, she smiled as he inquired about her as well. Her arm gently moving to rest on the small of his back. Whether the reassurance was for him, or a warning for the woman that he was taken, she couldn’t have said.

Wing Ldr

By which side Apollonia only recognized two sides to anything. The winning side and the losing side. Ethical and moralistic values not being on the table.

She noticed the act of possession the other woman had taken. That was fine. A man liked nothing better than being desired from more than one woman. She could use that.

Valkris’ tension remained due to Dawson invading her personal space. She ignored it for now. Her eyes flickered over to the man occasionally as she examined the scenery. She picked a few individuals that caught her attention. Gradually her hand shifted from her belt then back down to her side. She doubted Dawson would hurt her after their last conversation. It didn’t stop her from remaining on alert.

“I recall him from the zoo incident. While I’m not a fan of his skirting the law, he doesn’t strike me as a threat. At least not in this case. There’s plenty of others I’m not too familiar with.”

She looked into the direction of the busier interactions. “Mind enlightening me on the guest list?”

–Ensign Valkris MacLaren, Sec


Longstreet continued to watch everyone while looking cheerful. He let Apollonia do her thing for now.



Apollonia waited to see the reply of the Captain. She was interested in this man’s true motivations. everyone it seemed on OED had a separate set of priorities and it seemed they were usually well into the gray zone. Just the way she preferred it.


As Katherine glanced around the room, she heard the exchange between her companion and the woman. So the woman liked grey areas and the Captain was aware that they existed. This was going to be an interesting voyage. The woman, well she wanted something, no doubt. Whether it was simply the Captain, because of Katherine’s possessiveness of him, or something more, she wasn’t sure. But no one went thru this much trouble for nothing. She was going to keep an eye on this, Appolonia. She didn’t need hormones or wily ways to find out things. And in time, she had no doubt she would find out more about the elegant woman who set her hackles on edge. So pretty, so sure, so confident. And with an ability to command those around her to look… it was a deadly combination and one she kept to herself as something she wished she possessed.


(suddenly feeling like an ugly duckling and very out of her element)

Longstreet watched the watchers as well. This was playing out to be a game amongst the female persuasion as many times it does. Woman being much better at the subtle game of behind the scenes politics and intrigue. Maybe Apollonia would meet her match in this group. He almost hoped so.


” Darling.” Apollonia called out to Longstreet. “What an interesting cruise you have taken me on.”

Longstreet smiled and tipped his glass toward her. He knew she was just adding him in to strengthen her role she was playing and for now he was happy to play along. He waited for the Captain to make his way over to him. He had a role to play as well and this one was SF related.

Longstreet and Apollonia

Realizing the conversation between Appolonia and the Captain was likely one better suited for two, she nodded and smiled to then both and excused herself on the grounds of checking the other guests.

In truth, the woman made her hair’s stand up in warning. She never considered herself the jealous type, and certainly not over someone she hardly knew. But despite that, she’d found herself far more possessive feeling about the Captain than she probably had a right to. She had stepped away before crossing a line Michael might not have wanted her to cross. After all, he hadn’t acted like a man laying claim to her. So she should know better, herself.

Stopping here and there to get folks, she eventually found her way to Valkris. Making sure she wasn’t interrupting, she smiled. “Welcome aboard the Sparrow I trust you’re finding everything to your satisfaction? Can I offer you a drink? Dinner will be served very soon.” She wanted everyone to feel special this trip. Michael had his reasons for the soiree and she didn’t want to mess it up.


Valkris had drifted off from Dawson as she mingled with the other guests. While not a professional at it, she managed to make some conversation and hint at her awkward nature. It likely explained why a few avoided her completely. Most still held the assumption a half Klingon was violent and lacked certain delicate qualities. Not an assumption without some evidence, she thought to herself.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard a female voice address her. She lowered her glass from her lips and turned to her conversation partner. The woman could be summarized in a few words. Dark-haired with blue highlights, blue eyes, and athletic shape. Valkris stored the information away for later.

No use in lying about her enjoyment of the occasion. “It is a lovely party, but I will admit I’m feeling like a Targ in water.”

–Ensign Valkris MacLaren, Sec

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