Side Sim: Relentless Memories of the Voltaire

Posted Feb. 21, 2021, 6:12 p.m. by Ensign Valkris MacLaren (Security Officer) (Janice B.)

Posted by Ensign Valkris MacLaren (Security Officer) in Side Sim: Relentless Memories of the Voltaire

Posted by Ensign Valkris MacLaren (Security Officer) in Side Sim: Relentless Memories of the Voltaire

Posted by Ensign Valkris MacLaren (Security Officer) in Side Sim: Relentless Memories of the Voltaire
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The temperature in the room plummeted to ice cold. The ice cracked along the tubes and thousands of handprints appeared. Like every past passenger touched it with cries for help. The sensation of being watched roamed down her spine causing it to shiver. Valkris swallowed through the dry lump in her throat. She heard her heart pump in her head, a dizzy sensation filled it and threatened to topple her. With a deep breath, her air misted over in the air. Valkris reached for her scanner then saw the reading had dropped to 5 celsius.

“What the…” Before the Security Officer could curse, her eyes drifted upward.

Countless glowing white eyes stood above her. They looked down and pleaded for help, leaving her rooted to the ground. Her hand reached for her phaser only to watch them fade away. The room immediately picked up in warmth as the cold disappeared.

–Ensign Valkris MacLaren, Sec

“Now I’m starting to understand some of the reports,” Valkris mumbled as she lowered her light.

Nothing changed. Over the next few hours, the security officer drifted throughout the ship to finish her watch. She couldn’t believe what happened, and she tried to process the experience. Of course, logic tried to seek out answers only to fail. A sensation of watching grew, but nothing happened.

Valkris finally exited the ship back to the base. She had some research to do.

–Ensign Valkris MacLaren, Sec

Valkris Quarters, OED V

Anxiety and irritation lifted off Valkris’ shoulders the moment the dawn came. Wasting little time, she packed up her things and retired home. The shuttle trip ended as she stepped off onto the concrete. At a sharp, hasty pace she wove her way through OED V’s busy, morning streets to her residence. As she entered the door, she twisted to the back and snapped it shut. Her breath expelled her emotions into the silence of her quarters.

She lazily tossed her bag next to her single bed then moved toward the nearest console. A simple click turned it on while she settled back into her chair. Her eyes illuminated by the console’s screen coming to life. Her fingers urgently flickered across the panel to ignite a search over the ship’s grim history, the list ranged from rumors to facts.

The security officer groaned as she dug her fingers into her temple. She didn’t enjoy the idea of spending the next few hours sifting through the information. With a shallow sigh, she dumped it into a single file and uploaded it to her datapad. Her figure twisted in place then lifted onto her feet before she dragged herself into her bed.

–Ensign Valkris MacLaren, Sec

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