Resignation as Governor

Posted Feb. 21, 2021, 7:29 p.m. by Captain Parker Xavier (Lt. Governor) (Sidney Parker)

Posted by Civilian Gavroche ‘Twist’ Dawkins (Governor) in Resignation as Governor
I am doing something now I should have done two or three or more months ago.

I am resigning as Governor of Oed V.

I had hoped I could ‘come good’ with my posting, and I appreciate the opportunity provided by Steve/Sarah and then Sarah/Rob to see if I could do it once again.

Life threw a curve ball though, one that I had failed to successfully navigate into a stable enough way to give Oed V the focus that it needs in its Governor.

Apologies to Sidney and all on Oed V for doing this, but someone new (either an experienced CO without a current ship or a new CO) deserves a chance to show what they can do with Oed V.

I also intend to resign as the Head of the Education Services.

I am available behind the scenes if the new CO wants any advice or similar.

My apologies for letting this draw out for so long.

Don’t see this as me slamming the door on Oed V, never to return, see it as a ‘smell ya later’ as Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Belair would put it.

Thank you all for the fun times.
Ex Governor Gavroche Dawkins/Head of Educational Services Alexander Knowles

Thanks Russ for the time you dedicated to Oed. As I told you on a personal level and I will repeat here. Your time here was not wasted. The work you did on the MOTD was badly needed and much appreciated. You like many others have left a little something of yourself here on Oed. Many thanks.


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