A Needed Day Off - Open to any and all

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OOC: Astrid has a day off coming up and wants to see some of OED V. So, to interact with some new people, I thought we could do a vacation day for her to make new friends. Join by suggesting a place Astrid should go to and she shall pick one for the day and one for the evening. Ill do a thread for each and you can join!

IC: A day off was rare for the Head of the Judiciary, mostly because she was a bit of a workaholic and because she didn’t have many friends here anymore after a few were transferred off world. Better to keep busy, she often thought but was it really healthy? Probably not. Astrid sighed as she sat down on her couch with her glass of dark wine and pulled up her PaDD. Surely there was something pretty to see or fun to do on OED V. A putt putt golf place, a pretty garden, or a fun themed restaurant perhaps would be the ticket. She had a few days to plan and refused to think about work for that day. What could she find as she scrolled through offer emails and popular advertisements for OED V’s finest establishments and activities? Astrid couldn’t wait to find out and began her search in earnest.

Astrid Rousseau, HotJ

OOC: Astrid seems the type to like fancy restaurants on her one day off a year. Maxwell could be at one


Rest and relaxation? Perhaps she could start her day with the spa treatment followed by brunch? In her search, she found what she was looking for, a reportedly excellent day spa with many services and an attached bistro with what looked to be a beautiful outdoor space. It seemed to boast a 5 star chef. She booked her time, spending quite a bit of effort to plan the first part of her day with meticulous care. The treatments offered were a bit overwhelming to begin with but soon she was choosing her massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and hair appointments. By 11 am, she would be completely relaxed, pampered, and looking very nice before enjoying her brunch in the outdoor dining space. She chose a shaded table with a lovely fountain near it.

Come the morning of, Astrid was on her way with quite the anticipation and as per plan, by 11 am, she was being escorted to the seat she had reserved at the lovely outdoor table and she was entirely relaxed for the first time since getting started here. Having just been done, her dark chocolate hair was down. This was unusual as Astrid almost always wore it up in some way. But today her curls flowed freely down her back. She wore a loose dark yellow dress and matching sandals. As usual, her guards were nearby, unobtrusive as they could be while also keeping an eye on their charge.

Astrid Rousseau, HotJ

Not long after she sat, there was a subdued commotion near the front of the bistro. One of her guards moved to investigate and returned a few moments later, the commotion subsided. As he resumed his position, three heavily armed and armored figures came into view and glared across the seating area. Two Kligons and an Orion woman… all in Klingon armor with a crest front and center on the chest. Finally one nodded and from behind them came a truly massive Klingon. At almost seven feet tall and close to four hundred pounds, he almost dwarfed the three in front of him. A large gauntleted hand fell on one shoulder each of the two smaller Klingons and the big one shoved them aside. His growl could be heard plainly, even through his gritted teeth. “Idiots! This is supposed to be a relaxing meal… not an assault on a rival House! Now move and let me eat in peace for once!”

Astrid looked up from her menu as the commotion started and one of her visible guards left to investigate. She was mildly curious but she didn’t had to wait long to see what the commotion was about. While the Chief Justice had seen many Klingons in her life, this one was especially big and her eyebrow rose in surprise. She had to smile with her own special brand of chagrin, thinking that she too rarely got peace.

The maître d’ stepped from behind him and said simply “This way, my lord.” and he escorted him to a table one removed from the Chief Justice. The figure sat heavily in a chair and took the offered menu with surprising grace. “Thanks. Sorry about that. Multiple assassination attempts and they get all jittery.” He looked around the bistro and then motioned for the host to come close. He whispered something and the man nodded and said “Of course, sir. And our thanks.” and he walked swiftly away. The big Klingon then opened and began to read the menu.

As soon as he was on his way to his table, she very politely returned her attention to her menu to give the man a bit of the peace he was seeking. The bistro was not overly populated so it was not hard to miss the movements around her without much effort in engaging her senses.

A minute or so later, a server approached each of the occupied tables with a silver tray bearing glasses and assorted juices. Setting one in front of the HotJ, he said “Compliments and apologies from Lord Duroc.”

Urg, Lord Duroc, Son of the Builder

OOC: she needs a souviener from my character’s store “The Keep”

She did look up from her menu as the server approached her own table. Pleased by the gesture, she selected a glass filled with a pale green liquid and ice. Around the top was a ring of some kind of white sugary substance and a berry skewered by a decorative toothpick which hung perfectly balanced. Astrid turned to Lord Duroc and raised her glass to him in a toast of sorts. “My thanks Lord Duroc.” Then she grinned, her flowing accent unusual on OEDV, “I don’t suppose eating with someone else could be considered peaceful, but you are more than welcome to join me at my table. It has been a long time since I have had the pleasure of eating with a Klingon, much less one of your esteemed rank.”

Rousseau, HotJ

The Klingon Lord looked directly at her as she spoke, and when she gave the invitation, he shrugged and said “Why not?” and stood up to move towards her table. As he did, his security contingent started to walk forwards. Urg’s head whipped around and he locked them with a hard glare. In a low, rumbling growl he said through gritted teeth “I swear to the Builder if even one of you targ droppings takes one step towards this table I will have the chef turn you into today’s special.” and they froze and then moved back.

Taking a seat across from Rousseau, he extended a large gloved hand towards her. “Urg’tohn, Lord of House Duroc, Son of the Builder. It’s not often I get to enjoy a meal with someone new. So thanks for that.”

Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc


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