Black Sparrow - Dinner is served...

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By this time Longstreet had pulled Apollonia away from the rest.

“Breathe at least. You woudl think they all had latinum in their pants pockets.” He told her.

“Oh don’t be jealous. I am just getting the law of the ship. Who is who. Anyway anything I get on them I am sure you can use.” She answered.

“Well maybe but this is a sly group. They are not easy pickings and honestly I prefer you did no picking at all.” He said back.

“I’m all yours dear. Mind and body but a girl has to play.” She cooed at him.


That last comment worried him. Up and until this point she had managed to avoid trouble but she still had dangerous people looking for her and all she had to do was peek her head up to high and they would come.


Katherine laughed at Valkris. “I’m here because of a choice I made in life. That was to poke around the exhaust of this ship in curiosity. My penance I guess you could say, for being curious was to be asked to help the Captain with this voyage. The dog and pony show is to show off the ship and its capabilities while at the same time making alliances, I think.” She shrugged at the last part and glanced back towards Longstreet and his companion. She was pretty sure alliances wasn’t on the woman’s agenda. At least, not ones that would benefit anyone but her.

Turning back to her guest, she smiled once more. “So what brought you here? What Fates tipped your head this direction and decided a romp in space for a night was a good idea?” She took a drink from a passing waiter and set her sights on scanning the rest of the room to see where everyone was heading. Last thing she wanted was folks wandering unguided around the ship.


“By the looks of it, I think the captain might’ve attracted a Saber bear from the looks of it.” Valkris’ eyes narrowed on Apollonia, a subtle hint toward the woman.

With each interaction, the security officer’s caution grew. The woman flitted from one guest to another like a predator on the hunt among the flock. Only a matter of time before she selected the best and struck. Valkris inhaled softly then took a sip of a drink once more. It wetted down her throat and gave her pause to consider how much to share.

At the statement of having a romp in space, her lips curled into a smirk. “Actually no, I’m here strictly because of an associate’s request. I prefer more casual settings than this. With a Klingon father and strong-willed human mother, you can imagine how interesting those affairs can be.” At the mention of casual family affairs, a fond memory surfaced in her thoughts. A small chuckle escaped into the air.

–Ensign Valkris MacLaren, Sec

Apollonia sized up her competition. She had thought the other Orion would be the one to look out for but these other two were wary as an Antillean cat. She would need to watch that security officer. Maybe get Longstreet to do something about her.


Katherine laughed as Valkris commented about Apollonia. “I wouldn’t say bear, but certainly hunting something she hasn’t found yet. That’s for sure. As for your lineage,” she smiled. “I can imagine meetings weren’t boring, at least.” She finished her drink and set it on a nearby table. “And I would think it might be preferable to be here at the behest of your associate than back at the station doing the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. I know I would rather be here than back at OED working with cadets in some sim trying to keep them from crashing into one another or the ships they are supposed to be protecting.” She laughed lightly thinking of her own funny moments in the comment.


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