IKS Kavaar'ton - Tour and Libations... What Could Go Wrong? (Tag Xavier, Karlson, Anyone from Government)

Posted Feb. 23, 2021, 12:29 p.m. by Civilian Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc (Klingon Warrior) (James Sinclair)

The IKS Kavaar’ton was massive, even for the Negh’Var platform it was built on. Almost seven hundred meters long… almost five hundred wide at it widest point… over a hundred and thirty meters tall divided into a full forty decks. Painted black and red, it was menacing as it drifted high above Oed V.

“I am expecting guests. They are honored by our House and will be shown such courtesy. Am I understood?” Urg shouted across the large bridge. No one spoke back, but a simultaneous slamming of fists to chest indicated he had been heard. Sitting in the Command chair, he nodded in satisfaction.

Below, Urg’s personal transport settled down on the deck plating of the Oed docks. The hatch opened, and two large Klingons stepped out and flanked the door. From the inside, a female Klingon stepped out and looked around, then waited.

Urg, Lord Duroc

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