IKS Kavaar'ton - Tour and Libations... What Could Go Wrong? (Tag Xavier, Karlson, Anyone from Government)

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The IKS Kavaar’ton was massive, even for the Negh’Var platform it was built on. Almost seven hundred meters long… almost five hundred wide at it widest point… over a hundred and thirty meters tall divided into a full forty decks. Painted black and red, it was menacing as it drifted high above Oed V.

“I am expecting guests. They are honored by our House and will be shown such courtesy. Am I understood?” Urg shouted across the large bridge. No one spoke back, but a simultaneous slamming of fists to chest indicated he had been heard. Sitting in the Command chair, he nodded in satisfaction.

Below, Urg’s personal transport settled down on the deck plating of the Oed docks. The hatch opened, and two large Klingons stepped out and flanked the door. From the inside, a female Klingon stepped out and looked around, then waited.

Urg, Lord Duroc

Xavier had to admit he was slightly excited to be going on one of the most impressive and deadliest ships ever designed by the Klingons. He had Longstreet with him just to be safe and Longstreet as well wanted to see the operations of a Klingon ship like this. With the governors seat open again recently Xavier had already approved the mine and the stationing of the IKS Kavaar’ton at Oed. He had gotten the approval of SF and the Federation to allow a small and not overly extravagant embassy for Urg on Oed. He was going on board for the reason of informing Urg of those decisions and to see the ship. The orbital station called the IKS Kavaar’ton and asked if they preferred the Captain and Commander beamed on or could they dock. It was possibly impossible for docking to occur with the size of the vessel but the officer on deck made the request anyway.

Xavier and Longstreet

The response from the Kavaar’ton was brusque at first, but the sound of a loud smack ended the original Klingon voice and a much more pleasant, feminine, and decidedly non-Klingon voice informed the orbital station that Lord Duroc’s personal transport had been made available for the trip to the ship, and was currently at the Oed docks. =/\= If other arraignments have been made to accommodate the Lieutenant Governor’s schedule, Lord Duroc understands and the dignitaries are welcome to beam aboard if they prefer. Lord Duroc was simply wishing for them to view the exterior of our vessel as well. =/\=

IKS Kavaar’ton

Xavier informed the Kavaar’ton that he would take the personal transport that was being offered and that he would have Lt. Cmd Longstreet with him. He then went to the dockw here the transport was at and requested to board.

Xavier Lt. Gov

The female Klingon Smiled as the duo approached. “Lieutenant Governor. Lieutenant Commander Longstreet. I am K’letn, Lord Duroc’s mate. The Lord has directed me to bring you to the Kavaar’ton.” and she looked past them for a second. “Is Commissioner Karlson not joining you? Or should I make arrangements for him separately?”

K’letn, House Duroc

“Lady K’letn. A pleasure.” Xavier said. “As for the Chief I have no idea. We can wait a few minutes if you like to see if he arrives.”

Xavier had a guilty pleasure he had never admitted. He found Klingon women rather attractive.

Xavier Lt. Gov

Longstreet smiled but followed the lead of his boss. He hoped Karlson made it. He rather liked the Chief even if in the past they had butted heads here and there.

Longstreet COS

“Apologies for our tardiness” The familiar voice of the Chief of Police came from behind them. He was walking with his wife, the tall Trill woman they knew as Neema. She smiled at the two men “It’s my fault, I was delayed at the hospital, the surgery went on longer than I thought” She said as the pair stopped next to the two Starfleet officers “Captain” Joseph gave the lieutenant Governor a nod “Preston, it’s been a while” He said extending a hand to the Security Chief

After shaking Longstreet’s hand Joseph turned to the Klingon woman “Lady K’letn, a pleasure as always, you remember my Wife, Neema Lar” Neema inclined her head “I have to say it will be nice to board a Klingon warship without armour and a dozen marines” He gave Longstreet a wink “Are we ready?”

Commissioner Karlson & Neema Lar

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