Hekla Hotel - Klingons. Yeah, About That... (Attn: Xavier, O'Harra, Karlson)

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“But of course I am not suggesting that House Duroc become the sole protection of Oed. Nothing of the sort. But I am suggesting that you always have the option to call on us. And, since you agree, …” he said and looked directly at Xavier, “… when do I meet with your Governor?”

Lord Duroc of House Duroc

“It will be arranged and Brianna can help with the introduction. I will meet with him separately to go over it all before hand.” Xavier answered.


Joesph smiled, Urg was correct. The Klingons did design their vessels to look intimidating whereas Starfleet did not. But that was the point, Starfleet and the Federation were more about Science, exploration and engineering. Human ingenuity was no longer focused on making weapons of war unless they absolutely had to, they prepared for peace, not war. He was an anomaly in that regard, a trained soldier among peacekeepers and scientists. “I’d also like to point out that you and yours should avoid committing acts of violence against civilians, Humans on Oed may be rowdier than deeper in the Federation but they are still just people. I’d like to keep my days of fighting Klingons in the past” He said with a smile.

Commissioner Karlson

Urg’s gaze feel immediately on Kalrson and his eyes narrowed. “You wound me, brother. You of all people should know that I, and those sworn to me, will only do so in defense of ourselves and the House. ‘Rowdy’ or not… the people of Oed have nothing to fear from us. Unless, of course, they start something with us. But if they are that foolish, they deserve whatever happens.” and he smiled and chuckled.

Urg, Lord Duroc

“Well then Urg I wish you and your crew safe days and profitable ones as well. I take my leave.” Xavier said as he rose from his seat.

“I will advise on the meeting with the Governor.” He added.


Urg rose and looked down at the Lieutenant Governor as he stuck out his hand. “Captain… thank you for your time. I look forward to speaking with you again. If you would like, you and the Governor are welcome to come to my ship for a tour. Your presence would do us great honor.” and he looked at Karlson. “Even if some still have as yet to do so.” and he smiled and winked.

Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc, Son of the Builder

Joseph raised his hands and smiled “I was just waiting for an invitation” He said in a comedic tone. He was admittedly curious about the new giant vessel, it had been some time since he’d been on a Klingon vessel. He stood up and gave the Captain a farewell nod.

Commissioner KArlson

“I certainly would like that. It would be an honor. ” Xavier said as he shook the Klingons hand.

Xavier then departed.


Urg smiled and said “Excellent. I’ll send a shuttle for you day after tomorrow.” and he looked at Karlson. “You too. Tour and then dinner. And Joseph… I expect to see your lovely bride.” and he dropped the Captain’s hand.

“Now, I have to go. I thank you both for your time and the refreshments. I look forward to what is to come.” and he simply walked out of the room.

Lord Duroc

Joseph looked at the Klingon leave “Klingons are the only people I know who refer to my wife as my bride” he said with a slight smile looking at O’Harra the only person left in the room with him “Over Forty years of marriage. I wonder if it’s a translation issue” He said thoughtfully then looked at Brianna. “I realize we’ve not had many conversations since you arrived. I understand you are former Starfleet” He swirled the liquid in his glass.

Commissioner Karlson

Brianna just watched as the others departed. Somehow she had managed to remain dumbstruck as she had been volunteered to be the introduction between Urg and the Governor. And she hadn’t protested.

When it was just her and the Commissioner, she leaned back and shook her head as he spoke of the ‘bride’ comment. “I think it’s meant as a compliment, either way. As to myself, yes. I was Star Fleet. I was a miner for the Federation for almost twenty years. I was part of the latest expansion and settling of Alpha Centauri’s last mining location and colony. After several tours, I got tired of being told where to go and where to dig. So I took off on the next transport and here I am.” She opened her arms to encompass all of OED. “I asked the Governor for a job and you all were in need of a Head of Mining. So that’s how I ended up here. As for the rest,” she glanced towards the door where Urg had disappeared. “Well you heard that story. Seems there is more for me here than rocks.” She wasn’t exactly sure what the more was. She just knew this was the beginning of something in particular and she had to pay attention to make sure she didn’t miss it when it happened.

Fire Born

Joseph smiled “Perhaps there is. Oed is an interesting place. Some days it’s just like Earth, peaceful and calm. And other times we’re reminded that it is a border colony very far from the centre of the Federation. Riots, kidnappings, murders, shootouts at police stations. Sometimes I feel like a small-town sheriff of ancient times more than the Chief of a large Police force.”

Commissioner Karlson

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