Posted March 3, 2021, 8:07 p.m. by Captain Parker Xavier (Lt. Governor) (Sidney Parker)

Starting tomorrow I will start removing people who are 20 days or more as AWOL. This will be automatic with no email sent as over 20 days and your basically gone anyway. If you have a double character and just forget to use that one’s correct name on the drop down then please check them, post with them to avoid having that character removed.

If your under 20 days of AWOL you will get an email and then 3 days to post. Then removal. I am not doing this to be mean spirited or anything else. Its about the survival of Oed. If that means a clean sweep and restart then that is what will happen. So if you love Oed and want to remain help me make it healthy again. If you want to reach me go to Discord and fine me under Armadillo or email me at



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