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Posted March 7, 2021, 9 p.m. by Civilian Amelia Barnes (Head of Medical and Social Services) (Tyra Schroll)

Posted by Captain Parker Xavier (Lt. Governor) in Medical Center

Posted by Civilian Amelia Barnes (Head of Medical and Social Services) in Medical Center
Amelia walked through the front doors of the medical center, bag slung over her shoulder and an arm full of padds in her hands. She greeted the staff that were in the halls as she headed for her office. As she got to her door, she juggled the PADDs as she opened the door and dropped everything on her desk before heading to the replicator for a much needed cup of coffee. She returned to her desk....and looked at her schedule. She saw that she had a few free minutes and decided that it might be a good time to go introduce herself to the Governor. She had already met the Lt. Governor and found him to be likeable.


But as all good plans this was not to be. Just then she was paged. A man had just arrived to the ER. He was holding his chest but could not articulate what was wrong with him. In fact he could not articulate anything. His face was a blank expression. When asked to write down what was wrong with him he used the stylus pen in thin air. When given the PaDD again he put the stylus down and wrote without the pen in his hand. Initial indications was that he was having a cardio event but the other symptoms did not match. The ER doctor needed a quick consult and help.

Sidney being a bee in your drink

Amelia arrived within a minute or two of being paged. Grabbing a tricorder she began her inital scans and looked at the nurse that was assisting, “Get me 10 cc’s of cardrizine and get the oxygen going.” She said as she looked at the tricorder. She also looked for a neurological issue that could mimic a cardiac event. The various symptoms that were not similar to each other. This was a puzzle.


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