On Board the I.K.S Khazad'hea - New Arrivals

Posted March 24, 2021, 8:58 p.m. by Civilian Atticus Wolf (Property Investor / Developer) (David Shotton)

Posted by Captain Khain of House Kholl (Captain of I.K.S. Khazad’hea) in On Board the I.K.S Khazad’hea - New Arrivals
“We drop out of Warp in 15 minutes.” Khain, the Captain of the newly commissioned Kvaar’ton Class warship said in an offhand manner as he stood on the Command Platform of his Battlecruiser overlooking his Bridge Crew slightly below him and in front of him. The new design of Bridge was designed specifically so that the Captain had full view of what happened on his Bridge and a greater presence of Command, not that Khain needed any of that. House Kholl was a Warrior House that made its fortune and name in dealing with technology and assassination. Gone were the rough leathers and smell of a Klingon warship, the Command Centre of the Khazad’hea was bathed in a dull light that allowed his Officers no strain on their eyes against their equipment.

His crew, every one of them Klingon, were highly trained warriors of his House and dressed the part. Form fitting dark leathers with layered shoulder and breastplates, covered in dark leather to reduce noise would be recognizable to most people as Klingon, but every uniform on his ship was clean and exact in a very un-Klingon fashion, and every one bore his Houses symbol, a Kut’luch dagger pinned to their shoulder. The crew moved like elite soldiers, assassins, and gone were the harsh stares and glares between competitive crew mates. They each knew their place. Khain would kill anyone who stepped out of it.

“I will go and tell him, he should be here when we decloak.” The voice was not Klingon, but Human. The man stood beside Khain, his dark hair and eyes at odds with the Klingons shaven bald dome and light amber grey orbs. He was shorter than the Klingon but Khain knew that meant nothing, he had worked with this man a number of times, both privately and for the Empire, and knew enough about him to admire him.

“Watch yourself Wolf,” Khain growled lightly. “He’s mourning the loss of his wife. He’s been in that ritual chamber the entire journey, Kvaar’ton alone knows what in sto’vo’kor he is doing in there.”

“I know,” Atticus said as he turned for the doors. “I was there when she died.”

Captain Khain of the I.K.S Khazad’hea and Atticus Wolf, Property Investor

Stepping through the doors of the Khazad’hea’s Ritual room, Atticus paused and watched the man kneeling in the centre of the room inside a large circle for a few moments. Only the smells of blood, sweat, soot and sulphur were noticeable.

The kneeling man was shirtless, and like the Captain bald except he had a tattoo of the Symbol of Kvaarton inked on his skull. One eyes was covered by a metal eyepatch secured to his face with staples, no chord, and the symbol of Kvaar’ton again showed on the eye patch. Muscles rippled over his frame as he held his arms wide, a Mevak blade held in each hand. Holographic images of slain warriors faded from the floor around him, the blood smell in the air was his own. Wounds sealed by flame and sulphur.

“K’vorth. We are about to arrive over the colony. You should clean up and get something to drink.” Atticus crossed his arms, but his voice was low and respectful. The battle had taken a toll on both of them but he couldn’t claim to have lost more than the Klingon Cleric of Kvaar’ton.

“I’ll drink when we get there,” K’vorth said rising and sliding the Mevak blades into their sheathes at his waist. Turning to Atticus he rolled his shoulders, causing a trickle of blood to appear from an almost sealed wound almost on his neck. “Tell Khain I will be up in a moment, Wolf. I want to see his ugly face when we go poof in front of him.”

K’vorth of House Duroc and Atticus Wolf

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