OOC: Big Time Welcomes, Big Time Fun

Posted March 24, 2021, 11:30 p.m. by Civilian Joseph Karlson (Head of Police Force) (Hjortur Ingi)

Posted by Civilian Kenzo B’tren-Hyrushi (Governor) in OOC: Big Time Welcomes, Big Time Fun
Okay, everybody. So I have been slammed for a bit but it is time I got it together and did a post to welcome all the new folks to Oed!

D Grisham is joining us as the mysterious and most definitely adept Sinayda Nyx. She is the Governor’s right hand… and there is a history to her that bodes respect. Play nice with the Governor, and she will… well… probably will play nice with you. D is a great writer and brings a level of character development that is one of the best in the club.

Trinity Fister joins us as the new Director of Terraforming, Mirembe M’Ahar… and boy does she have her work cut out for her. Between her own goals and that of the new Governor, expect big changes to the city-under-the-dome. Trinity is a great writer, and you can be sure that her characters will both amaze and intrigue you.

Silke Fahl is the new Head of Mental Health at our very own Sacred Heart Hospital, Dr. Luana Iolani Kaili. Not only is Silke bringing a species we haven’t seen before in the club (that I know of), but she also brings with her a great writing style and the ability to create plots and sub-plots where you least expect them.

Sharon Miller is the new owner of Oed’s newest and wildest entertainment venue - tangqa’ Tavern. Steeped in mystique and ambiance, the bar is overshadowed only by the owner: former fighter pilot Mirai ‘Raptor’ Nakuto. Sharon is an incredible talent both on the boards and behind the scenes, and we are really lucky to have her with us.

David Shotton has arrived with us as well. He brings the ever-challenging Atticus Wolf to the confines of the dome; ostensibly to invest in new development. We shall see how long that lasts. Dave is an gifted writer and has a knack for making characters that invite exploration and relationship-building. I am really happy that he has decided to set up shop on Oed.

Welcome to all of our new (even though some are technically ‘returning’) residents. Let’s make Oed the place to be! Welcome one and all!


Well, this is quite the list of big names, welcome all and I look forward to writing with you.


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