Government Tower Plaza - Inauguration Day (Open to All)

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The day had arrived. Kenzo enjoyed pomp and circumstance as much as the next man; but hated when it was directed at him. But such were the demands of office, he had learned.

Looking out from the Governor’s office, he could see the Plaza below. It had been decorated subtly, but with enough flair to be enjoyable without overly extravagant. The stage had been set up and vid cameras were hovering over the square recording the event for posterity. Soon he would make his first official appearance as Governor. He should have been nervous, and he was, but not as much as he thought he should be. Hmmm, I’ll have to give that some thought later he said to himself and then turned and took the suit coat from the back of the chair and pulled it on.

He dressed as he had been for the Federation Council… dark grey suit, jade green tie, red stone tie pin. His long black hair was tied back in the traditional Japanese style, and he checked himself in the mirror. Nodding slightly in approval, he turned and left his office, heading to the lobby where the rest of the government officials and chosen civilians and dignitaries waited for their pre-inauguration meet-and-greet.

Stepping off the lift, he looked around, trying to match faces with records he had read on the way to Oed.

Kenzo Hyrushi, Gov

The first person to introduce himself was the older Police Commissioner. He wore the dress blues of the Oed Police force, a dark blue ensemble outfit with rank insignia on his shoulders. He supported himself with a dark blue cane although he didn’t seem to need one. He was a large well-built man and despite being un the cusp of seventy he didn’t look any older than fifty. He put out his right hand to shake “Welcome to Oed Governor Hyrushi” He smiled a kind grandfatherly smile “I have to admit I’m an admirer of your work in the old DMZ” His accent was only slightly accented to hint at his Nordic heritage.

Commissioner Karlson

Kenzo took the older man’s hand in a firm but not overly-so grip and he smiled. “Thank you. You are Commissioner Karlson, yes? Your record speaks for itself, Commissioner. We are very fortunate to have someone of your abilities heading the police force. I very much look forward to working with you… hopefully not in the same manner as my past work you mentioned.” and he nodded once before releasing Karlson’s hand. He looked around the room and said, quite manner-of-factly, “Your security precautions are to be applauded. And on short notice, for which I apologize.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Joseph looked around “We have had contingencies in place, I must admit the fact that you got here without my hearing about it was surprising but we make due” He said with a wide smile “Oed is a good place and I think your experience with the old border colonies will work well over here.” He said taking a step to the side allowing the new governor to move on and meet the rest of the people gathered.

Commissioner Karlson

A striking woman dressed in soft, black, leather pants and jacket, boots and an intricately woven black, lace shirt, had been watching the Governor from the sidelines. She stepped up next to him. “Kon’nichiwa, Kenzo.” The familiarity of using the Governor’s first name meant they knew each other very well. It had been a few weeks since the two had seen each other, both taking their own time to scope out OED V and Hyrushi’s new offices. “I’m still not sure you will be happy about taking this post, but I’m here for the duration.”


Kenzo eyed the woman warily for a moment and then a slight smile flickered across his face before vanishing. “Sin.” he said flatly. “Watashi wa anata no ryokō ga bujidatta to shinjite imasu… Sukunakutomo anata ni totte wa.” (I trust your trip was uneventful… at least for you.) replied Kenzo before bowing towards her and then smiling. He looked at Karlson and then back to the woman and said “Sinayda Nyx. Police Commissioner Joseph Karlson. Commissioner, my aid and closest advisor Sinayda Nyx.” as he introduced the two.

“Anata ga chūi o haratte irunara, sorehodo mondai wa arimasen.” (Not much is truly uneventful if you are paying attention.) With the slightest of sighs and a raised brow, she returned the bow. Kenzo knew it was a mannerism Nyx found intriguing in Japanese culture.

She extended her hand to the police commissioner. “Nice to meet you, Sir.”

“So how do you feel that this posting will be an unwise choice, Ms. Nyx?” he asked, using the formal name he almost always kept to in public arenas.

Hyrushi, Governor

Clasping her hands behind her back, she surveyed the crowd, looking for trouble. “I don’t feel any particular way about it, Governor. I am simply not convinced yet that you will find it…fulfilling.”


“We find fulfillment where we least expect it, Ms. Nyx. And I am sure that the colony will provide us both with ample opportunity to expand our horizons and present us with unique chances and challenges to help others and find that fulfillment you speak of.” Kenzo said with a slight smile as he looked out over the crowd, his hands clasped behind his back.

Hyrushi, Governor

“I can help with that, Governor.” An automated voice, tainted with the characteristic drawl of its designer, penetrated the air. If they were to turn, they’d discover a grapefruit-sized drone hovering in the company of a sinewy, bright-eyed woman. She smiled and lifted a hand in greeting. “Mirembe M’Ahar,” she gestured to herself, the drone transmuting her ensuing signs, “Professional ‘horizon expander’.”

Mirembe reared her gaze to her companion, a series of fluid motions imploring the cheeky drone to introduce itself.

At the same time the newcomer looked up at the orb, Nyx raised her wrist where a wide, black, band surrounded her wrist. Aiming at the device, she pushed a button and scanned the apparatus. It didn’t appear to be a threat as the icon on the wristband turned green.

The orb seemed almost offended by Nyx’s device and pulled back when the scanner was thrust its way. When the wristband sparked green, it seemed secure enough to abide by its companion’s request:

“IAN! I–“ Mirembe cut IAN off before it had the chance to entertain an hour-long spiel about its ‘special properties’ and favourite words. Instead, it offered a disgruntled, deeply exaggerated “It’s GREAT to meet you all.”

– M’Ahar and IAN

Kenzo smiled and said “Doctor M’Ahar. I am delighted that you chose to take me up on my offer. Ms. Nyx, Police Commissioner Karlson… may I introduce Doctor Mirembe M’Ahar, the new Director of our Colonial Terraforming initiative. Doctor… Ms. Nyx, my aid; and Police Commissioner Karlson, head of the local constabulary.”

Hyrushi, Governor

“I cannot say long-term projects are quite my style, Governor,” Mirembe delayed long enough to offer an amused grin, “but Oed was impossible to pass up.” She snaked her fingers into her tan trousers and regarded Hyushi for a moment, her gaze sporadically tending toward Nyx and Karlson as if trying to marry names to faces.

Mirembe took a step toward Nyx and extended both hands, much like a handshake.

Following protocol, Sin accepted the woman’s hands even though it went against her nature.

Seconds later, she made a similar gesture to Karlson, each time inclining her head in a warm greeting.

“Pleasure!” Genuine enthusiasm trickled from her eyes into her movement. “I look forward to working with you both.” Mirembe paused for a moment, then stepped back into the comfort of mild distance.

– M’Ahar, Director of Terraforming


Kenzo smiled slightly and said “Odd, coming from a terraformer.” and he chuckled slightly. “Hopefully there will be enough to keep you interested, Doctor. We can discuss the particulars tomorrow. Why don’t you come to my office at ten in the morning. I will line out the project parameters I have in mind.”

Hyrushi, Gov

Mirembe shrugged and smiled slightly. She’d favoured supportive and reparitive projects for the majority of her career. Oed was a nice change of pace.. or so she hoped. “I don’t doubt that much,” she assured. “Oed seems to be a ‘land of opportunity.’“ Although there was a hint of humour to her words, a part of her beliefed in some capacity. Stealing a glance to IAN, she nodded, “I look forward to it, Governor. Do you mind if I lug along a few ideas, too?”

– M’Ahar

“I would expect nothing less, Doctor. I look forward to our meeting. If you will excuse me.” and graciously made his way to another small group and began to speak.

Hyrushi, Governor

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The Lt. Governor arrived in his dress SF uniform.


Kenzo excused himself and made his way to the Star Fleet Captain. “Captain. Thank you so much for being a part of this. While I am not one for so much attention; I do believe that Star Fleet representation is key to showing our residents that we are a team united in progress.”

Hyrushi, Governor

“Of course Governor.” The Captain answered.

He had done this song and dance many, many times. It was also as much a show of cooperation an respect as it was that SF still controlled the colony to some degree. His bosses, the ones who stayed out of the spotlight, reminded him in a call previous to his arrival. Of course he had long learned that SF’s fascination at maintaining a near martial control of the colony had been decreasing over the years and he for one had not too much desire to see them resume the old days of where the Governor was just a symbol. On the flip side he saw it as a 50/50 deal and until a civilian Government could stay in place for more than a few days, months or even short years he had decided the civilians had not earned much trust from SF. They needed to earn it. He was starting to think his time was coming due and he wanted to know the colony was going to be safe and governed democratically one day.


As the Governor made his way through the people gathered, Nyx stayed at his side. She would always be introduced as his ‘assistant and personal aide’ but she was mainly there to protect him. He was in no way incapable of defending himself, but they made an extremely effective team together and had dispatched many ‘unwanteds’ together.

She acknowledged everyone he did with a nod or a handshake. Sin preferred to stay in the background, but the first impression of the new Governor was important.


Standing a few feet away from the Governor and his aid was a slender Xahean woman dressed in an elegant but simple navy blue dress and matching heels. Her long black hair was pulled back into an elegant bun at the nape of her neck. At some point she was going to introduce herself to him, but for now she was more than happy in the role of the quite observer. After all, there was always a lot learn about others by watching them.

~Dr. Luana Iolani Kaili

Kenzo was engaged with talking to one of the more notable residents of Oed V, the patriarch of the Denevec family who operated a shipping company headquartered on Oed V, when he noticed the woman. Excusing himself, Kenzo moved to greet her. “Hello. I am Kenzo B’tren-Hyrushi, the new Governor. My aid, Ms. Nyx.” and he gestured to Sin. “And you are…?” and he held out his hand in greeting.

Hyrushi, Governor

With a warm smile and a slight bow of her head Kaili reached for Kenzo’s hand. Her grip was firm, but not overly so. “My name is Luana Iolani Kaili. I’m the new head of mental health at the Sacred Heart Hospital. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Governor, and you Ms. Nyx,” she replied, turning her head towards Nyx as she greeted the other woman.

~Dr. Luana Iolani Kaili

Xavier followed a few paces back. He had his own security protection team of two officers and then perimeter security. It was nothing he wanted but after several high paid assassins had arrived in the past and targeted government members it was now required. However he would not let them so close as to upstage the incoming Governor. This was his pony show and he intended to let him have the pomp and circumstance.

Xavier Lt Gov

“Nice to meet you, Doctor. And this strapping specimen is Star Fleet Captain Parker Xavier, the colony’s Lieutenant Governor. He has been single-handedly running the colony in the interim between administrations. Hopefully I can ease some of that in the coming days. Captain, Doctor Luana Iolani Kaili.” Hyrushi said her name exactly as she had said it.

Hyrushi, Governor

Zerbo pushed his way forward. “I cannot believe that I have to be behind a female, let alone one that is taller than me.” Zerbo was dressed in very fine gold and purple robes befitting his station in the Ferengi Alliance. He bowed slightly. Ever so slightly and did not put out his hand to shake. “Greeting New Governor. I am Daimon-Ress Zerbo and the Head of the Ferengi Congress of Economics and second only to the Grand Nagus himself. I am here to establish a Tower of Commerce on behalf of my government and this sector of space. I look forward to meeting with you once you get settled in as the Hew-Mons say.” He smiled widely showing his rows of razor sharp teeth. “I will see myself to a place to sit down while my subordinate gets me some free food. Take care Governor.”

Daimon-Ress Zerbo

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