IKS Kavaar'ton - Tour and Libations... What Could Go Wrong? (Tag Xavier, Karlson, Anyone from Government)

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Urg began leading the ‘tour’ through the ship. It was truly massive and built with the aggressiveness and intimidation Klingon ships were known for, but there was something else. An elegance… or maybe an efficiency was a better term… for the way things were laid out. There was something about this vessel that was unlike other Klingon ships. While wholly imposing and menacing… it had a grace to it. And the difference didn’t stop at the architecture.

As the group went through the passageways, the crew was wholly and completely different from the typical Klingon battleship. Klingons were the majority… but only slightly. Humans, Andorians, Orions, Naussicans, Vulcans, Gorn, Bajorans, Ferengi, Cardassians, Romulans… even a Breen was seen… and more were walking the hallways or guarding certain areas. Species who were enemies everywhere else in the galaxy were here, on this ship, walking together and working side by side. All of them wearing the symbol of House Duroc in some form or fashion.

As they walked, most of the crew pounded a fist against their chest at Urg’s approach, but some simply nodded; and gesture returned by the large Klingon Lord.

Urg took them through the entire ship. Even areas that would normally be off limits to ‘outsiders’ or foreign governments were opened for the group to see and comment on.

Finally, the boarded a large turbolift and found themselves on the bridge. The room was massive and, most unexpectedly, laid out more like a Star Fleet vessel than the normally cramped and dark Klingon bridge design. The central dais of the command chair remained, but it was set back and above the rest of the stations. Tactical, Engineering, and Operations stations were to be expected of course; but there were also prominent communications and sensor operations stations. Perhaps most surprisingly, though, was the person who stepped down from the Command chair when the group arrived.

It was a human female, probably no more than sixteen or seventeen years old. She placed her fist on her heart and said “My Lord. All systems operational. Shuttles are secured and being prepped for when your guests wish to leave. Dinner is being prepared and will ready at your request.” Urg smiled down at her and said “My thanks, Commander. Please join us for the feast.” The girl simply nodded once, looked at the assembled guests, and walked away. Urg looked at everyone and said “GO! Look! Ask questions.”

Urg’tohn, Son of the Builder, Lord Duroc

Joseph and Neema shared a knowing look “Well until now I was going to ask about the clearly un-Klingon crew, it feels more like a federation vessel than it does a Klingon one. But right now my main quest is regarding your young Commander” Joseph looked at the young girl “I have grandchildren older than you my dear.” He said to her directly, he didn’t want to dishonour her by speaking about her right in front of her, he understood Klingon customs well enough “How old is she, and how come she is in your service” He asked Urg. He knew that his position within the Duroc family allowed him the leeway to ask such questions without being too confrontational.

Joseph & Neema

Xavier was interested in Urg’s reply as to the mix of his crew but since Karlson had asked first he waited for the answer.

Xavier Lt. Gov

Urg grinned and took a seat in the Command chair. “Commander Shiv. I don’t know her real name… neither does she. She is an abandoned soul, left to starve in the streets of the Orion’s capital city. I… ‘met’… her when she tried to kill one of my guards on the way to a meeting with some Syndicate filth.” and he chuckled. “‘Death by Klingon’, she called it. Well, that amount of courage couldn’t go unrewarded, now could it? So… I took her in. She has been with me ever since. Fine fighter, shrewd. And takes to ship operations like it’s breathing.” and he looked directly at Xavier. “I plan on sending her to Academy. She would make a fine officer. Once we get her past her tendency to answer insults with a knife’ point. Hence the name.” and he winked.

“I must admit I am more than surprised Captain Urg.” Longstreet said. “Not what I was expecting.”

Longstreet COS

Urg’s attention shifted to Longstreet. “Surprised at what? That I choose my warriors based on ability rather than bloodlines? Bah… that belief is as outdated as the concept of outdoor plumbing.” and he leaned back and picked something from his teeth with a finger nail. “No. I would prefer my warriors be capable and loyal first. Species is a side note.” and he laughed. “Oh, the look on the Council’s faces when they saw my crew the first time.” and he laughed, which was also joined by a few on the bridge. “But now? Now it is an even larger honor for a Klingon to make my ship. They know they have truly earned the position. And that makes them fight even harder.” and he grinned at Longstreet.

Urg, Lord Duroc

Joseph nodded as he examined the young girl with interest. His wife however wasn’t as passive. She moved to the girl and grabbed her wrist gently, it was as if she was barely touching it “I would like to see your Medical Chief’s file on miss Shiv here” She said, it wasn’t exactly the safest option to grab the hand and examine someone named after a type of bladed instrument but she seemed more interested in her fitness “I’m assuming you’re fed a varied diet” She shot Urg a look “Not just uncooked meat and writhing serpents in a bowl” Joseph only smiled at her reactions.

Joseph & Neema

The wrist was snatched back and her other hand went to her waist when Urg barked “Hold!” and the girl froze, but her eyes never left the woman. “I can speak for myself, Trill.” she almost growled. Urg’s hand slammed on the arm of the chair and he leaned over to lock Shiv with a glare. “Lady Neema is an honored guest and wife to my brother-by-choice. Show some respect, Commander.” Shiv looked back at the massive Klingon and said “Her first.” There was a pause as the two locked glares and finally Urg smiled. “Commander. I am quite certain Lady Neema meant no offence. She is a medical professional with a well-founded concern that young ones are cared for.” and his gaze shifted to Neema.

“Doctor, while I do not doubt you meant no offense, Commander Shiv is… particular… about her personal space. If you two would care to speak in private as to any health concerns you may have, Doctor, that can be arraigned.” and he looked back at Shiv. “And the Commander will be completely cooperative and honestly and fully answer any questions you may have.” Urg said in the manner a parent quietly scolds a child in public.

Urg, Lord Duroc, Proud Parent

Neema gave Urg a deep bow “No the fault lies with me” She turned back to Shiv “I apologise with great sincerity Commander. I’ve lived a long time and you are not the first orphan of Orion I have encountered” She inclined her head in a way that was almost regal. Joseph stepped forward and put a hand on the massive Klingons side “It’s a deeply paternal instinct, you understand. Lar has been both mother and father to a great many children. You see a child in an environment you don’t expect it can be a shock” He gave his large friend a smile. Neema looked at Shiv “If you’ll allow me I’d like to speak with your doctor, with you present of course” She offered with a smile.

Shiv’s jaw muscles clenched and she looked at Urg and then at Neema. Takinga deep breath, she said “Follow me.” with a derision only a teenager being forced to do something they don’t want to do could muster, and she spun around and walked into the lift.

Joseph cocked his head “You know this is one of the most impressive warships I’ve been on, if the rest of the Empire looked like this I don’t think there would be a foe left standing” He said with admiration.

Commissioner Karlson

Urg watched the women leave and then glanced at Karlson. “Your bride is walking the halls of this vessel with an armed torpedo, my friend.” and his eyes flicked to a Naussican standing near another door. A flick of Urg’s head ilicited a nod from the beastial humanoid and they too disappeared into the lift.

Urg then looked back at Karlson. “If the rest of the Empire had the spine to do what is right other than what is expedient, then we would not be standing here at all; for the cowards would have fallen on their own blades generations ago.” and he spit in the deck. “Be glad they didn’t, brother. Otherwise your kind would have been exterminated before you discovered other races besides yourself.”

Urg, Lord Duroc

Joseph laughed at that comment “If Klingon history means anything we would have impressed the empire enough with our ancient savagery.” He said with a smile.

Xavier watched it all in interest. It seems Urg had taken on a room full of orphans. Loyal to only him and ready to throw down their lives. Probably better than having a murderous XO standing behind you like many Klingon ships did.


“Does she date?” Longstreet asked to take the edge off the whole drama.


Urg laughed and said “Would you tell her she can’t?” Urg said to the Security Chief and then laughed.

Urg, Lord Duroc

Joseph shook his head “I’ve been at the receiving end of a Klingon courtship, it is not for the faint of heart or weak of spirit” He said coyly “I just taught my children how to defend themselves if need be and gave them good enough sense to pick their partners well.” He added to the conversation.

Commissioner Karlson

Xavier smiled. His COS had done well. Longstreet might have been called several century ago a “good ole boy” Not in the sense that he was racist or anything negative. Rather he had an easy affable way about him in a rural sense. Probably due to his time on far out colonies.

Xavier Lt Gov

“Smart man.”Urg said to Karlson. “Now then, specifics.” he then said loudly and blatantly changed the subject. “The Kaavar’ton is built on the frame of the Negh’Var class. But I incorporated a few changes internally. As you can see, we have taken some efficiency lessons from other species and utilized their internal architecture where it most benefits us. Captain Xavier, I’m sure you feel slightly more at home on this bridge than other Klingon vessels. Your Starfleet has some good ideas that allow for faster communication between stations. We took those and made them our own. We utilize a Tellerite torpedo loading system which gives us faster reload times for our six torpedo tubes, and we have incorporated Vulcan manufacturing for powering our disruptors. That gives us an additional four percent power increase per shot while decreasing the drain by six percent. According to the simulations we have run, we can knock down the shields of a Cardassian dreadnought in eight shots if they hit full on, eleven if they are angled so we don’t score a direct hit.” and he leaned forward and looked at Xavier and stage whispered “But we utilize Klingon targeting systems, so that shouldn’t be a problem.” and he laughed.

“Shields are equivalent to your Federation Type - XII, and we do have cloaking capabilities. Having learned from lessons of the past, when cloaked we do not have to vent plasma. It can, instead, be stored and is capable of being released in a 360 degree burst when we decloak. That cuts down on the time we can run silent, but allows us a nasty little surprise when we pop up. We can still vent normally to increase time spent cloaked. We carry a store of fifteen hundred torpedos and two hundred probes at all times. Any questions?”

Urg, Lord Duroc

Before any reply could be made, alarms sounded on the Bridge of the Kvaar’ton as another Kvaarton Class warship simply appeared in front of them, a few hundred yards from the bow. The venting surge of Plasma would reveal to every member of the Kvaart’ons crew that the the cloaking system had been disengaged, and the amount of Plasma indicated a long time at Warp, certainly longer than was considered safe by the standards of the new specification.

The ship before them would be instantly identified by the IFF system as the I.K.S Khazad’hea, of House Kholl. A known House of Assassins and Warriors who specialized in the deeds that the powerful of the Empire did not speak of. This would show up at the same point of time as one of the crew would indicate an incoming hail.

=/\= Urg! Your colour choice for your ship looks like a targ vomited it’s dinner, Brother. I need a drink, and it’s your shout this time. =/\=

The voice of K’vorth, Urgs Brother would come through loud and clear.

K’vorth, Cleric of House Duroc

If Urg was surprised, it didn’t show. A feral grin spread across his lips and his eyes fell on Karlson. “Good news, brother. K’vorth is here!” and he chuckled.

With a flick of his hand, the Andorian at one of the comm station tapped a command and then nodded back at Urg. =/\= Better than that Imperial color scheme you are parading about in. Ask Khain if he got it because it was cheap. We know how he likes a deal. =/\= and he signaled and the comms were muted. Urg looked at the assembled guests and said “That, ladies and gentlemen, is the other Kavaar’ton-class battleship. The IKS Khazad’hea, under the command of Captain Khain of House Kholl. Assassins and spies… but very good assassins and spies, so tread carefully all of you.” he warned. He unmuted the comms and then spoke.

=/\= Brother, it has been long since I saw you. I am hosting our old friend Karlson and his bride, as well as some dignitaries from the colony. House Duroc will be well represented with both of us here. Come… I have that drink you want. =/\=

Urg, Lord Duroc

Joseph put his hand towards his face and rubbed the bridge of his nose “Great, another one” He said to Longstreet in a mostly humorous tone “K’Vorth is the middleborn of the Three” He explained to the two Starfleet officers “He’s not as overgrown as this one” He said pointing a thumb at Urg’tohn “But still a big Klingon. If I remember correctly he wears an eyepatch but my brother has suspicions on whether or not he actually has only one eye or not. I think he’s some kind of priest.” He chuckled “I’ve had a few conversations with the man but I’m not as close with him as with Urg” He finished his explanation.

Commissioner Karlson

“Q’ragh is the elderst, and he is the runt.” Urg said with a slight grin. “Be glad he isnt here. He is a herald of sorts. His poetry is… trying… at times. And Karlson is correct. My brother K’Vorth is the Speaker for the Builder. Kavaar’ton has blessed him with unique gifts, same as Q’ragh and myself.”

=/\= Come now Urg’tohn. Anything Imperial is cheap, we both know that. =/\= Came a different voice through the comms, this one was still Klingon, but it was almost dapper in it’s clipped delivery. It was followed shortly afterwards by a low laugh from that same individual. =/\= Greetings from your allies in House Kholl, Oh great and voluptuous Lord Duroc. =/\=

=/\= Voluptuous? That isn’t how your mother described me the night you were conceived. =/\= and Urg laughed heartily. His voice then shifted immediately to a wholly serious and respectful tone. =/\= And may the blessings and strength of the Builder be with House Kholl and it’s fine warriors. House Duroc is both humbled and grateful for the support of such honorable and loyal brothers and sisters, Captain. Please extend my sincerest greetings to your Lord and his family. And know that your warriors always have us to stand and die beside them. =/\=

Almost immediately, K’vorths voice returned to the Comm. =/\= I will launch The Blackjack and dock with you presently, Brother. Congratulations to the Commissioner by the way, I will bring a bottle of your finest Bloodwine as a wedding gift! Blessed be the Builder, for he provides. It is time for the Ritual of Reunion. =/\=

K’vorth, Cleric of House Duroc

=/\= He has been married for some time. He chose to keep his wife from us. Probably a good idea. I look forward to seeing you, my brother. It has been far too long. =/\= and he cut the comms.

Urg looked down at the assembled guests. “My brother and his damn ‘rituals’. I will bet a thousand bars of gold-pressed latinum that he has a ritual for taking a dump.” and he shook his head and chuckled. He then shot to his feet and said “Harrison, you have the bridge. The rest of you… back to the shuttle bay, if you would be so kind. Let us welcome my brother home appropriately.” A human man stood up from the Engineering console and put his hand on his chest as Urg stepped down and he took his place in the Command chair. Urg walked to the lift and boarded. Once everyone was in, the doors slid closed and the lift dropped.

Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc

Xavier was along for the ride at this point. He did not need to be the main player involved even though technically he was the highest ranking non Klingon dignitary present. However he did not have all day to do Klingon Family Reunion either.

Xavier Lt Gov

Longstreet had always got a kick out the Klingons and their ways but knew his boss was busy and would have to leave soon. He was ready to be the guy who whispered in his ear and gave him the excuse to leave when needed.


OOC: Don’t worry Sidney, I will have them meeting up more later planetside, this is just a quick part of their intro.

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