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Posted April 2, 2021, 1:25 p.m. by Civilian Mirembe M'Ahar (Director of Terraforming) (Trinity Fister)

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So with all the new players (and more incoming), I wanted to reach out and see what the interest would be in setting up a Oed Discord group? There is currently one established, but it hasn’t seen any activity in over a year, so I think it would be better (if the interest is there) to start fresh. This would be a group to set up sims with other people, ask questions, get clarification, news on upcoming Oed story lines, and the like.



As I am new to OED, I would appreciate a place where I could ask questions and set up future meetings between players. So far, Kenzo is the only one I’ve RPd with but I’m about to take Nyx to the bar to get information from the Ferengi. :)


yes! I need to be more active in the discord channel, anyway.

Yes! Echoing D here, but I’d appreciate having somewhere to chat about PRSIMs and get to know people on OED. :)
– Trin

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