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Posted by Civilian Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc (Klingon Warrior) in tangqa’ Tavern - Grand Opening
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It started with a dragon. Or rather, a horde. Small enough to fit into the palm of a hand and the colour of well-aged bloodwine, they appeared out of nowhere to perch on desks and tables from one side of the domes to the other. Carved from a soft and fragrant wood, each one bore the same message, inlaid in a delicate script into its base:

Friday. 20:00 hours. Centurion Square.

To follow the message at the appropriate time and to the appropriate place, would be rewarded with a dazzling sight. Fire. To the approaching crowds it would appear as if Centurion Square was ablaze, orange-red flames leaping from a tall, central bonfire to lick at the domed ceiling overhead. On closer inspection they would be revealed as innocently holographic, but their majestic beauty was not diminished for that fact. So too for the torch-lit path, which led away to a two storey building, until yesterday standing vacant but now alive again beneath a glowing, amber sign:

tangqa’ Tavern

A set of huge, iron-studded doors offered refuge from the bustle of the square. Beyond them, the main room ceiling was masked by a holographic night sky, an artificial breeze stirring imitation palms that grew in clusters from ancient stone walls. More firelight provided illumination, larger torches on the walls complimented by more intimate lanterns on each of the long, oaken tables.

In the center of the room, rising up from an artificial sea, was a bar in the shape of a longship. For those well-versed in Federation rumour, it might recall stories from the USS Viking. But with that ship now disappeared, who could say whether this bar and that were one and the same? Still, it was sturdy and it was well-stocked, with a vast array of beers, wines and liquors from the four corners of the quadrant. Perhaps even beyond.

And holding court over all of this grandeur was a half-Klingon female, currently drinking bloodwine from a large, hollowed horn, and bellowing for one and all to enter and help themselves to a drink…

  • Mirai Nakuto (Owner - tangqa’ Tavern)

A tall Orion woman wearing, of all things, a full set of Klingon armor with a house crest displayed prominently on the left shoulder walked through the doors and surveyed the scene. She smiled in approval and made her way to the woman who seemed to be in charge and said “Well met.” and bowed her head slightly. “My lord wishes to enjoy the festivities of your opening. We would like a table for twelve, but for security reasons we wanted to ask if you had a less… communal… seating area. We don’t wish to overshadow your decor.”

Liara, Assistant to Lord Duroc

Her delight at the arrival of a customer became tempered by curiosity at the sight of an Orion wearing Klingon armour and crest.
“nuqneH,” Mirai offered traditional greeting as a mark of presumed respect, before adding with a more relaxed smile, “We have a private banqueting hall on the upper floor. It is not yet fully prepared for the night’s festivities but I would be happy to offer it for…your lord.”

Indicating, with a wave of the hand, for the Orion to follow, Mirai ascended an iron staircase to the upper level, enclosed on three sides by the same stone-effect walls and with the fourth ending at a railing, from where the lower floor could be overlooked.

In this room sat only one table. Make from a solid, genuine oak, its length was almost equal to the room. It was accessorised by low benches spanning the entire length of each side and a single chair at the head, in the style of an ancient, Viking throne. It’s source, some had been heard to claim, was the same as the Longship bar below. Additional whispers would suggest that the tragic history of that vessel remained etched in the table’s very surface. But tonight, all that could be made out beneath the clusters of firelight, was a long row of pewter goblets and, being hurriedly placed by some of Nakuto’s assistants, plates, snack bowls of pipius claw and of gagh and, in the centre, the large, roasted head of a targ.

Pausing at the head of the staircase, she allowed time for her guest to inspect the seating before asking, “I take it this will be suitable?”

The Orion woman smiled and said “This is… more than adequate. Lord Duroc will arrive within the hour.” and she touched her fist to her chest and gave the other woman a small bow; and then turned and left quickly.

Entering right after the Orion came an elderly thin man. He was wearing a dark three-piece suit. He examined the bar with great interest but allowed the two women to converse before introducing himself. Meeting a new business owner and chance with another conversation with the extremely amusing Klingon High lord was a chance he didn’t want to miss. He took a seat at a nearby table.

Johann Karlson

Descending the staircase with the grace of a rampaging mugato, Mirai roared with delight at the sight of a second customer to her bar.
“Welcome,” she offered this time a human greeting, “to tangqa’ Tavern! Do you come here to drink? To feast? To dance? Or to fight? For most certainly we can accommodate them all. And at the same time, if that is your desire.”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Owner - tangqa’ Tavern)

House Duroc

The thin man smiled at the woman “I’m here to observe, but I wouldn’t say no to a drink” He said with a smile and turned to the half Klingon “Johann Karlson at your service. I have a few businesses in town so I like to visit the competition” He introduced himself “But this place is quite the beauty, I’m assuming with the decor you have some Brennivín in one of those shelves?” He asked.

Johann Karlson

Nakuto offered the man a wide grin. “From the land where Sto’vo’kor shines down on all,” she replied, locating the Brennivín on an upper shelf and holding it out, like a prized possession, for his inspection.
“And how will you take it? On the rocks? With beer? Or I have some ice glasses that would make a perfect accompaniment.”

It was at that moment the doors at the front flew open and a truly massive and imposing Klingon stood in the doorway, flanked by another Klingon with a menacing looking eyepatch. “The Builder blesses us this night, my brother!!” roared the bigger of the two as he surveyed the decor and the patronage. His eyes fell on the man at the bar and a feral grin played across his lips. “Karlson! Brother of my brother! So good to see you, my friend! Come! You drink with us this night!” and he walked into the space and rubbed his hands together gleefully.

“Where is the owner of this place?!” he shouted loudly. “Arrangements have been made and I bring a gift for the one who has created such a place as this!!”

Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc, Son of the Builder

From behind the bar came Nakuto, her arms wrapped around a large and ornate barrel, which she was quick to throw at the feet of her newest customer.
“I, Mirai Nakuto, am the owner of this tavern. And this,” she pointed to the barrel, “is bloodwine of vintage 2309. If your gift pleases me then this barrel shall be yours in return. If it does not,” she threw a wry grin towards Karlson, “then I shall have my bar staff make pina coladas for you all. With cherries, whipped cream and umbrellas on top!”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Owner - tangqa’ Tavern)

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