Just Glad to be Alive...

Posted April 8, 2021, 9:21 p.m. by Civilian Lucas Elliot Holloway (Business Owner) (Jerome Davis)

Three Weeks Ago - New York City, Earth

Chairman and CEO of Holloway Heavy Industries, Lucas Holloway, glided down 5th Avenue enroute to a lunch date at Tavern on the Green. It was a beautiful day and Lucas had been looking forward to this lunch for the better part of a month. Captain Sara Willis was an old flame that had long since moved beyond the Holloway sphere but they had remained friends and when she had found out that she was being transferred as an Instructor to the Naval War College in Maryland, Lucas insisted they grabbed lunch to celebrate the new post. Though their painfully brief time together nearly 15 years ago left a hole in both their hearts (and beds), Lucas was still a bit smitten the tall, leggy brunette that had nearly turned his world on its ear… with him seriously considering resigning from his Chair and following his love into the stars. But alas, Sara had put her foot down and knocked his senses back into him. After one last (incredible) night, the two went their separate ways. Neither had ever married and there was a little hope deep in Holloway’s heart that they might pick up where they left off. That hope was why the car made an unscheduled stop as Lucas hopped out to grab some flowers from a street vendor. That hope… is what saved his life.

The tall, sharply dressed head of the Federation’s leading private shipbuilders strode quickly over to the flower vendor in front of a tall building deep in the heart of the island of Manhattan. “Excuse me…” Lucas said with a smile to the young man guarding the three buckets of fresh cut flowers by his feet. The young man glanced up and smiled. “Yes sir?” Reaching for his wallet, Lucas asked as he pointed to the bucket with daffodils. “How much for a dozen?” The young man opened his mouth to reply but the words never reached his lips as his eyes flashed in terror for a split second before the world around them erupted into chaos.

Lucas never even had a chance to turn around but he did, for the briefest of moments, see the light from the thruster of a Hydra Class Atmospheric Intercept Missile… an air-launched, anti-vehicle weapon developed by Holloway Heavy for the explicit use of Starfleet Intelligence when operating in defense against Pre-Warp civilizations if a surveillance mission when sideways. The weapon was a modern variant of the old Earth AMRAAM and just as lethal. Designed to look like an advanced but distinctly non-modern weapon if debris was ever discovered by the Pre-Warp Civs.

The unarmored Executive Hovercar was, along with its driver Phillip, wiped from the face of the Earth with blinding efficiency by the 75 pound ball of High Explosive in the missile’s nosecone. Pieces flew in all directions while the concussion blew Lucas and the young man… standing only 40 feet away… hard into the wall. More than a dozen people died almost instantly has the cascade of explosions from nearby cars rattled the heart of the city. As sirens wailed in the city below, a small craft with incredible ECM zipped away and the moment it reached altitude, disappeared into Warp in a flash of light. Lucas never did make his lunch.

Hours later -

Lucas slowly opened his right eye and the soft smile on his face slowly formed. Sara was asleep in a chair near the window of the hospital room, the evening glow of the city that never sleeps beyond it as the soft beeps of the monitors sounded… muffled… around him. The door hissed open and a redheaded MD in a lab coat walked in. “Mr. Holloway…” The woman spoke, her voice clearly muffled to Lucas. “… my name is Dr. Rebecca Loveland. I’m the Head of Emergency Medicine here at Cedars.” She began softly. “I know you might have a bit of trouble hearing me right now… your eardrums took quick a beating in the explosion… but I want you know…” She paused and looked toward the window as Sara woke up. She raised a gentle hand for the Captain to wait and then continued. “… your hearing should be right as rain in a day or two.” The Doctor said with a smile. “It’s a good thing your fiancée showed up when she did… we didn’t have the foggiest clue exactly who you were…” Lucas turned a suspicious raised eyebrow that Sara who only smirked and shrugged. “… and it was because of her we were able to positively ID you. I mean…” This time the Doctor blushed. “… we all know who you are Mr. Holloway, but you were pretty banged up when you got here. Captain Willis arrived shortly after you did and we were able to contact the people we needed to. Anyway…” Loveland was already turning toward the door. “… I’ll leave you two be and I’ll have someone bring you up something to eat in a bit. Take it easy and you should be on your way in a couple days. Goodnight Mr. & Mrs. Holloway.” With that, she was gone. Stepping past the Holloway Security staffer by the door.

Shifting to Sara, Lucas chuckled softly. “Mrs. Holloway…?” The brunette climbed from the chair, crossing to Lucas and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. “Don’t judge.” She smiled. “I knew damn well you’d never purposely miss out on all this…” Sara made a playful gesture to her tall, athletic form… and Lucas chuckled. “… so I knew something was up. By the time I got to the car…” There was a pause and a shiver, slight but visible. “… my God Luc’, why in god’s name did you get out at that moment?! There was barely anything left of your car bigger than a half a meter. It was…” Her breath caught. “… terrible. When the NYPD told me that the driver was killed… I’m so sorry Luc’…” Sara’s eyes grew even sadder for a moment. “… but that the passenger had been out of the car at the time of the explosion… I may have flashed ID and maybe lied saying I was your fiancée.” Her blush grew incredibly bright. “I’m sorry… but I had to know you were ok… that you weren’t alone. That bomb… how the hell did they…” Lucas’ eyes flashed bright hot anger at the word so brilliant that Sara stopped mid sentence and stepped back. “It wasn’t a bomb Sara… it was a goddamn missile… one of mine in fact.” The woman’s eyes now flashed in the same anger as his. “Wait you mean to tell me…” She began before Lucas sat up straighter and cut her off. “Yes…” He said flatly. “… that was no random act. That was a missile… old school solid-fuel rocket… and it was meant for me.” His tone was cold as he shifted to sitting up straight. “And I have a pretty good goddamn idea who did it.”

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