A Surprise Arrival

Posted April 9, 2021, 3:12 p.m. by Civilian Lucas Elliot Holloway (Business Owner) (Jerome Davis)

New York City, Earth -
The previous three weeks had been spent in meetings and planning sessions while more than a few nights were spent enjoying the type of workout he hadn’t been used to in years zapped more of his strength than he cared to admit. Sara was nine years his junior and their last three trysts before she headed off to Annapolis two days ago reminded him that he had let his workout regimen spill more than he thought. But he knew he wouldn’t need to worry about that for some time. Where he was going, Sara Willis would be far behind and… to an extent… Lucas Holloway would be starting a new life. Lightyears away from his beloved penthouse atop the centuries old Woolworth Building, overlooking Flanders Square at the corner of Broadway & Barclay in the very heart of Manhattan, Lucas would be establishing a new home… of sorts. Holloway was, after all, very familiar with the Dome… having spent a year there over six years before as the OED’s Chamber Head. This trip, however, was different. Then, he was going to help a friend drum up some business.

Now, Lucas was preparing… thanks to more than a gentle push from his father… to move the vast majority of Holloway Heavy Industries (and close to 15,000 employees) from half a dozen facilities scattered across the planet to a single facility under the Dome on OED. Not everyone was thrilled when the announcement came down, more than 2,000 opted for early retirement and another 3,000 took the buyout offered to all employees unwilling to make the move. There was going to be a noticeable brain drain on the company… which looked to lose some 15% of its senior researchers and techs. But Lucas expected it and was already mounting heavy recruiting efforts at the top 50 Federation universities and Starfleet Engineering’s Retirement Portal Office of Placement. He’d get the people, he had the tech… this morning, he was heading out to negotiate just where the hell to put it all. As he stood taking in one more breathtaking view from his Library on the 55th floor of the beautiful old building, the business magnate reached into his pocket… grabbing a small grey box and depressed the box’s only button before speaking clearly. “Holloway to Cavalier, one to beam up.”

34 minutes and 51 seconds later -
The Quantum Slipstream of the Holloway Heavy Industries’ sole Quantum capable craft flashed the QSS Cavalier into existence just over three clicks from the Orbital Platform of OED. The moment the ship dropped back into normal space, the vessel’s Skipper… Captain Katie Jo “Kit” Rainer, Senior Captain of Holloway Starlines… in the red on black uniform all Ship personnel wore in service to the Holloway family of companies, sat up straight and smiled softly as the screen connecting her to Platform control blinked to life.

=A= This is Captain Katie Jo Rainer of the QSS Cavalier, requesting docking clearance and Transport Buffer Patterns for four personnel to the Government Complex. The Governor is expecting us.=A= The woman said in a distinct Georgian accent.

A startled looking young man appeared on the screen, looking back and forth between Rainer and his own screens. =A= Um… Cap-tain…=A= The young man spoke slowly, suspiciously, in an Italian accent. =A= Just where in the hell did you come from?=A= He began as a soft chime on the Cavalier’s Bridge signaled the ship was being actively targeted.

Rainer only leaned back slightly and tapped a small stud on the side of her arm rest. =A= Now now Dear…=A= The woman’s unmistakable charm sang in her tone… as an incredibly powerful ECM suite turned the area of space between the ship and the platform into sensor snow. =A=… I don’t even know yer name and here you go tryin’ ta’ peek at my goods.=A= She smiled as the young man blushed at the comment before sighing. =A= Young man… we have no offensive capabilities… but as you can see, our Counter Measures are quite solid. How’s about you point those big, bad guns elsewhere…=A= Her voice was sweet before icing =A=… before the Governor finds out you tried to blast Lucas Holloway out of space the moment he arrived. OK doll?=A= The screen went blank as the young man glowed in embarrassment and a moment later, the targeting alarms silenced… just before a series of text based instructions. A hand settled on her shoulder and the young woman smiled up at Lucas Holloway who chuckled. “Ya think ya laid it on a little thick, Kit” The Captain shrugged. “Not really… he needs ta’ learn to point his playthings at other people.” Rising from the chair she looked to her Helmsman. “Jack… Docking Port 12. Andy and I are going down with Mike and Mr. Holloway. No one on or off till I get back. Understood.” The dark haired older gentleman at the ship’s controls turned and nodded. “Not a problem Skip… you all be careful.” With that, Holloway… the Captain of the Cavalier… and the Detail Commander of Holloway’s personal security detachment headed to meet the other in their party in the Transporter Room.


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