Meeting with the Governor

Posted April 11, 2021, 12:26 p.m. by Civilian Lucas Elliot Holloway (Business Owner) (Jerome Davis)

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The impeccably dressed Chief Operating Officer of Holloway Heavy Industries, Dominique Alexis Bruner, stood outside the Transporter Arrivals Pad looking slightly impatient as looked at her chrono for the fifth time since arriving at OED’s Government Tower and sighed as her eyes cut sharply to the smartly groomed (and painfully obvious) Corporate Security Agent. As she did, the Agent spoke into his wrist comm and a moment later returned his eyes to the COO. “Platform confirms the Cavalier’s arrival Ms. Bruner… something about popping in basically on top of them. They fuzzed the sensors when the Platform went Active. Platform Control said they should be down any minute.” There was a huff from the woman as she looked back to Arrivals Lobby entrance, running her fingers through her shoulder-length dark chestnut hair before turning back to the Agent. “My God Malcolm, its like he has absolutely no clue about how to maintain a personal schedule! 14 damn years I’ve known him and still… I don’t think he’s been on time more than half a dozen times!”

“Now now Alex, I wouldn’t go that far.” Came the voice to her left and Bruner closed her eyes, took a slow breath, then turned to face the approaching party. “Yes… but it’s not that much of a stretch, is it Lucas?” The party of four came to a stop and Holloway’s broad smile met hers. “Come on Alex…” He began as he extended his hand, giving a playful wink. “… you know you missed me” Bruner laughed as she shook the offered hand. “Not even a little…” She winked in response before shifting to the rest of the party. “… but these two…” Alex dropped the hand shake and wrapped her arms around Rainer in a warm embrace. The women shared a tight hug before Alex leaned back and smiled. “It’s good to see you Kit…” Bruner said as she greeted the uniformed Captain of the Cavalier. “You too Alex” The Captain beamed. “And you!” Alexis turned to the head of Holloway’s now permanent Security Detail, nearly jumping into the arms of the embarrassed Security Chief. Kissing him on the cheek, Alex squeezed him tight. “How’s the world’s most adorable little brother?!” Glowing in embarrassment, the Security Chief pried himself free and after tugging his jacket straight, glared at his eldest sister in annoyance. “I’m perfectly fine Dom’…” He growled in frustration as his charge snickered softly beside him. “… it’s not like we didn’t see each other six weeks ago at mom’s birthday party.” “Oh…” Alexis began as she attempted to pinch the man’s cheek before he pulled away. “… a girl just isn’t allowed to miss her baby brother anymore?” “Not…” He growled. “… in the middle of an Arrivals Lounge. You do know they tried to blow him up… right?!” He snapped under his breath and Alexis finally caved, knowing Andrew was in no mood to play. “Hell… you’re never any fun!” Reaching past him, Alexis shook the other man’s hand. “It’s nice to see you Michael.” “You as well Ms. Bruner” Came the welcome from Holloway’s Chief of Staff. With that, Alexis turned back to Lucas. “Shall we? Your meeting is in less than ten minutes…” She began before motioning up. “And its at the top of one big frackin’ building!”

(9 minutes later)

The majority of the party both with Lucas and Alexis had disbursed by the time he and Alexis, along with Andrew, entered the lift to the Governor’s Office. The trio stepped out into the lobby and walked toward the receptionist’s desk. Stopping just before the desk, Lucas flashed a charming smile. “Pardon me… Lucas Holloway to see the Governor. We’re expected.”

Holloway & Bruner

Before the receptionist could reply, the doors to the inner office swung open and a distinguished looking human stepped into the waiting area. He was dressed in a subdued navy suit with a dark red shirt and a tie the same color of the suit. He had long black hair that was impeccably styled in a traditional Asian style form Earth - long and straight, with the front pulled back along the sides of his head and tied on the back of his head so that it hung in a sort-of pony tail on top of the long hair hanging straight down to just below his shoulder blades. His almond-shaped eyes held jet black eyes with no whites.

And he did not look pleased.

“Mr. Holloway. I am Governor B’tren-Hyrushi.” he said flatly with no hint of warmth. “Please. Come in. Your entourage is welcome to wait here.” His tone said the matter was not up for discussion.

Hyrushi, Governor

Lucas’ body language frosted for just a moment. Oh for the love of God! The magnate thought as he turned to Alexis and sighed softly. “You two wait over there… I’ll be out in a few. No argument Andy. No one’s gonna get me way the hell up here.” Without another word, Holloway marched after the Governor while Alexis looked to Andrew as they walked to the waiting area. “This could be the longest… or shortest meeting in the history of the company Andy.”

Holloway walked through the doors and didn’t even allow them to close before he started in, as Alexis visibly winced in the lobby. “Is there a particular reason my number #2 is being....” The door closed, sealing off the lobby to the rest of Lucas’ increasingly annoyed tone.

”… shut out of this meeting Governor Hyrushi?! Ms. Bruner is a fine, capable woman that ran my entire company while I took a year off to come all the way out here to serve as Head of the Chamber under the Dome! I came here today because of that connection… because I want to move my company… 20,000 employees and their families… and around 20 billion in infrastructure improvement and support here. Now if you wanna disrespect me and my COO… I can beam us right the hell back up to the Cavalier and be in Central Park in time for lunch!” Lucas’ hand came down hard on the edge of the Governor’s desk as the man glared defiantly at the Governor.

Rather Pissed Holloway

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