Intel and the Gov

Posted April 19, 2021, 2:34 p.m. by Civilian Kenzo B'tren-Hyrushi (Governor) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nicholas James (Chief Star Fleet Intelligence Officer) in Intel and the Gov
Nicholas had been called away some months ago and upon returning learned there was a new Governor in town. He supposed it was time to meet this… person.

He came to the Governor’s office and was greeted by an assistant. “Can I help you?”
“Commander Nicholas James to see the Governor.”
“Do you have an appointment?”
“Just tell him I’m here.”
“Just- tell him.”
“Fine.” A message was sent to the governor. “I suppose you can wait here until the Governor agrees to see you.”

-Nicholas James, CIO

A few minutes passed, and then there was a soft chime and the doors to the Governor’s office swung in. The room was very large, with a white tile floor, and consisted of two walls of floor to ceiling windows lining the left side and the wall facing the doors. The right wall was a white masonry of some kind for half of the length of the room; and the masonry section was set in from the windows of the far right corner, with a large fireplace in front of a seating area. The room was barren and obviously in a state of extreme transition. The only part of the room not in flux was the desk in the corner of the room made of the two walls of windows. The desk sat on a raised section of the room, and there were three chairs in front of it. Seated at the desk was the Governor, a striking Asian man with full jet black eyes dressed in a tastefully tailored gray suit.

As James entered, the Governor stood up. “Commander. Please, do have a seat. I must say I was not expecting a visit from Star Fleet Intelligence. To what do I owe the pleasure, Commander?” and the Governor sat as his ‘guest’ did.

Hyrushi, Governor

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