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Posted April 19, 2021, 8:39 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Nicholas James (Chief Star Fleet Intelligence Officer) (Sam Pennington)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nicholas James (Chief Star Fleet Intelligence Officer) in Intel and the Gov

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Nicholas had been called away some months ago and upon returning learned there was a new Governor in town. He supposed it was time to meet this… person.

He came to the Governor’s office and was greeted by an assistant. “Can I help you?”
“Commander Nicholas James to see the Governor.”
“Do you have an appointment?”
“Just tell him I’m here.”
“Just- tell him.”
“Fine.” A message was sent to the governor. “I suppose you can wait here until the Governor agrees to see you.”

-Nicholas James, CIO

A few minutes passed, and then there was a soft chime and the doors to the Governor’s office swung in. The room was very large, with a white tile floor, and consisted of two walls of floor to ceiling windows lining the left side and the wall facing the doors. The right wall was a white masonry of some kind for half of the length of the room; and the masonry section was set in from the windows of the far right corner, with a large fireplace in front of a seating area. The room was barren and obviously in a state of extreme transition. The only part of the room not in flux was the desk in the corner of the room made of the two walls of windows. The desk sat on a raised section of the room, and there were three chairs in front of it. Seated at the desk was the Governor, a striking Asian man with full jet black eyes dressed in a tastefully tailored gray suit.

As James entered, the Governor stood up. “Commander. Please, do have a seat. I must say I was not expecting a visit from Star Fleet Intelligence. To what do I owe the pleasure, Commander?” and the Governor sat as his ‘guest’ did.

Hyrushi, Governor

Nicholas sat. He was quiet for a moment as he analyzed. “Call it curiosity.” He smiled faintly. “It’s my business to know those in power around here.” His face turned serious I left and one Governor vanished, replaced by you. Interesting seeing as most politician’s records are at least outwardly spotless.”

-Lt Cmdr Nicholas James, CIO

Hyrushi shrugged nonchalantly. “My predecessor left of his own volition. The ‘why’ I do not know. So I don’t see myself as replacing anyone. I was simply the next on the list, I suppose. And as far as records go? I am afraid I am not quite understanding. Is there a problem with my security clearance?” Hyrushia asked, legitimate concern in his voice as the obsidian eyes locked onto the man in front of him. He let himself be open to the Commander, and he could feel the man’s confidence and a bit of arrogance… but then the rage hit him and his eyebrows raised in surprise. Leaning back, he said “Commander… have I done something to personally offend you? Or are you mad at the fact that I was not expected by you?” and he pressed a button on his desk.

Hyrushi, Governor

“Don’t try to anticipate me Governor. Better men than you have tried and failed.” Nicholas paused. “There’s no problem with your clearance. That itself is the issue. It strikes me as odd that someone with such a troubled past has a top government position now.” His eyes narrowed. “Of course… if you or perhaps your mother can pull enough strings, you can get anything you want, right?”

-Lt Cmdr Nicholas James, CIO

Hyrushi looked at the man. Surely he knows that what he is saying is not only outside of gemus purview,but wholly inappropriate? Kenzo thought to himself. He leaned forward and his eyes stayed on the Intel officer.

“Commander… I am not sure what is going on right now, but may I suggest you take a breath and perhaps think a bit before you say something that may get you in some kind of trouble?” At that moment, the doors opened and a man came in carrying a tray with hot tea on it. He set the pot and two cups on the desk and left. Kenzo poured tea in each and slid a cup to the Star Fleet officer. “Please. Have a drink. Then we can try this again.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Nicholas took the cup but did not drink. Instead he sat, staring. “Something wrong, Governor?” Nicholas enjoyed having someone off balance. “I’m merely alluding to history. An awareness of the people around me and their histories is, of course, my job.” The Intel officer sat, entirely too still, staring down this new Governor.

-Lt Cmdr Nicholas James, CIO

Hyrushi smiled slightly over his cup. “No. You are alluding to a seminal and wholly subjective file in the annals of a non-civilian clandestine organization with a vested and entirely predictable agenda.” and he took a sip. “And if you believe that you are the first person to make reference to that and what you think you know that comes from it… well, perhaps ‘intelligence’ isn’t quite the right career path for you.” and he gave the man a half-smile. He had seen entities like this one for years. And this one had made the same mistake the others had.

“Tell me, Mr. James… exactly what is it you think you garnered from my file? And yes, I know its my file. This is far from the first time that problematic document has led good people to jump to erroneous conclusions about my time in the DMZ.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Nicholas sighed. “I know I’m not the first. Nor am I likely to be the last. Nothing about any relationship to any attacks was ever proven. But your relationship to the Maquis isn’t exactly a secret. The same goes for your… associate, Nyx. Your mother helped you evade trial, and you brought Nyx along. Though you’ve never been proven guilty, one operative went missing whilst investigating you. You’re someone to be monitored Mr Hyrushi and the more antagonistic you are, the less friendly I will be in the future.” Nicholas smiled a sickly smile. “You see Mr Hyrushi, I don’t want to cause problems for your administration. I don’t want to harm you. If that second point changes, you’ll be the first and last to know. All I want, very simply, is to know how you came to be the Governor of OED V, who offered you the position, and did they know about your time in the DMZ? That’s it. Should be painless.”

-Lt Cmdr Nicholas James, CIO

Hyrushi sipped his tea and sat in silence for a long moment. Finally, he said “Before I decide whether or not I will give you an answer, I have a question for you first. Tell me, Commander… did you research who wrote that report? Did you, as they say… ‘verify your source’?”

Hurushi, Governor

“I know the operative who compiled the report had a history of fabricating and falsifying evidence. Which is why I’m not terribly concerned with any accusations of sabotage.” Nicholas added some emphasis to the final word. “Those charges may be entirely false but a conviction was expected and it’s had intelligence… irritated for some time. And the nature of the charges does make me wonder how you came to be here. Most people would only read the report. Maybe see that it was written by a veteran. Curious, isn’t it?”

-Lt Cmdr Nicholas James, CIO

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