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The thin man smiled at the woman “I’m here to observe, but I wouldn’t say no to a drink” He said with a smile and turned to the half Klingon “Johann Karlson at your service. I have a few businesses in town so I like to visit the competition” He introduced himself “But this place is quite the beauty, I’m assuming with the decor you have some Brennivín in one of those shelves?” He asked.

Johann Karlson

Nakuto offered the man a wide grin. “From the land where Sto’vo’kor shines down on all,” she replied, locating the Brennivín on an upper shelf and holding it out, like a prized possession, for his inspection.
“And how will you take it? On the rocks? With beer? Or I have some ice glasses that would make a perfect accompaniment.”

“Just cold in a shot glass” Johann said with a smile. Something told him to look towards the door and so he did.

Mirai simply nodded and began to prepare the drink.

It was at that moment the doors at the front flew open and a truly massive and imposing Klingon stood in the doorway, flanked by another Klingon with a menacing looking eyepatch. “The Builder blesses us this night, my brother!!” roared the bigger of the two as he surveyed the decor and the patronage. His eyes fell on the man at the bar and a feral grin played across his lips. “Karlson! Brother of my brother! So good to see you, my friend! Come! You drink with us this night!” and he walked into the space and rubbed his hands together gleefully.

Johann inclined his head “It would be my honor Lord Duroc” He said with a wry smile. He was aware that the brothers had returned and made quite the spectacle once more”

“Where is the owner of this place?!” he shouted loudly. “Arrangements have been made and I bring a gift for the one who has created such a place as this!!”

Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc, Son of the Builder

From behind the bar came Nakuto, her arms wrapped around a large and ornate barrel, which she was quick to throw at the feet of her newest customer.
“I, Mirai Nakuto, am the owner of this tavern. And this,” she pointed to the barrel, “is bloodwine of vintage 2309. If your gift pleases me then this barrel shall be yours in return. If it does not,” she threw a wry grin towards Karlson, “then I shall have my bar staff make pina coladas for you all. With cherries, whipped cream and umbrellas on top!”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Owner - tangqa’ Tavern)

The Klingon Lord stepped forward and looked down at the bold bar owner. He smiled and leaned down, his lips near her ear and he whispered “Oh… you and I are going to get along just fine, I think. Keep the whipped cream handy.” and he stood up and dropped a large hand on her shoulder. “Challenge accepted!” and he raised a hand and beckoned an Andorian forward. The blue-skinned and armor-clad soldier moved forward carrying a half-keg made of wood with metal straps around it. He set the small container at the feet of Nakuto and stepped back. The barrel’s contents were not specified, but one thing was: It was a personal reserve, and the brand on the top made the owner unmistakable…

The Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.

“I see your vintage, and raise you a batch. Quality… not quantity.” and he threw his head back and laughed loudly.

Urg, Lord Duroc

For a brief moment, the Klingon bravado was shed, Mirai offering a genuinely heartfelt reply in its stead. “I never expected for my humble establishment to be graced with such an honourable vintage,” she exhaled, falling to her knees and examining the barrel up close through a whispered threat of tears.

Johann looked at the brand and smiled. He hadn’t seen a bottle of Bloodwine from the Chancellor’s personal reserve for quite some time, a kingly gift. He then shot a glance at the Bartender “Nakuto” He said quietly it stirred a memory but he wasn’t sure from where. He turned back to Duroc “I see your flair for the stylishly dramatic has not diminished as you’ve grown in status” the Icelander said with his usual sardonic smile.

Johann Karlson

“Personality has to match the title, my friend. Otherwise those p’tagh in the Council Chambers would think they could tell me what to do. And we can’t have that kind of delusion in Imperial governance, now can we?” and Urg roared with laughter and clapped the man on the shoulder.

Urg, Lord Duroc

Duroc’s impressive demeanour did much to re-establish Nakuto’s own and she once more leaped to her feet and faced off against her esteemed guest once again.
“For this, you get everything from the menu that you demand,” she roared, before indicating towards the stairs and adding, “we have already prepared a private chamber for your party to dine. You should find everything laid out that you need and plenty more besides.”

Turning now to Karlson, she added, “Shall I have your drink sent up there as well?”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Owner - tangqa’ Tavern)

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