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“The High Council has already approved the project… like they had any real say.” He growled the last part. “And as I said. I am looking forward to meeting with your new Governor when they arrive. I have spoken to Captain Xavier, and he is agreeable. So hopefully I can convince this new Governor that our presence is in the best interest of the colony.”

Urg, Lord Duroc

“I can’t think that the new governor would take issue with it. Diversity is a cornerstone to an excellent outpost economy.” She said primly as the serving staff came by to take their order. “Targ and veg quiche and mixed fruit tarte. I would also like some tea, just pick something smooth and calm.” Astrid turned to watch Lord Duroc as he made his order.

Astrid, HotJ

He looked at the Chief Justice and nodded approvingly. When he spoke to the server, his tone was low and respectful… uncommon for a Klingon, especially one with some kind of title. “Deltan ceviche and hot sauce. Dark bread. For dessert, chocolate cake. And Vulcan ds’rat tea. For the lady as well. Just bring a pot of it. We can share. Thank you very much.” and he looked at Astrid. “You said smooth and calm. Ds’rat is that, for certain. I have a cup every evening, actually.” and he chuckled and picked up his glass of water and took a drink.

Ds’rat tea was indeed smooth and calm and she bowed her head a bit to acknowledge his efforts to make their lunch pleasant and accommodating. “Personally I have it from time to time though not every night. I have a wide range of teas to choose from and just pick whatever suits me in the moment but I do drink tea at least three times a day.”

“So how long have you been on Oed, Your Honor? Is that the right term? I swear, some human customs are just tedious.” and he winked.

Urg’tohn, Son of the Builder, Lord Duroc

“Obviously not as long as you have Lord Duroc”. Came a voice hissing from the shadows and now into the light. Zerbo was dressed in a very elegant silk robe that was dark purple in color and trimmed with gold. He had his hands behind his back and very uncharacteristic of him, he had no guards in sight. He smiled showing his razor-sharp teeth and bowed before them both. “Your Honor” To Astrid. Bowed to Urg’tohn. “Your Lordship.” Raising and still smiling he waved a hand. “See Urg. I going to call you Urg. It is not really that hard. As someone in a position of authority and power such as ourselves, it would be very wise to learn such things as titles or you risk losing an ally, friend or worse…Profit.”

Before Astrid could respond a new person joined them, a Ferengi she had a vague recollection of reading a report on sometime ago. She bowed her head a bit in return for his acknowledgement of her presence and resolved to watch and see how this interaction fared. Now was not the time for her to respond to Urg’s question.

He grabbed his robe and raised it up a bit as he found a place to sit right in between them and waved over their waiter. “I too would like a nice bottle of your finest red wine. It is time to celebrate the rise of” His voice got loud for all to hear and in a Shakespearian type theatrical voice boomed....”Urg’tohn. Son of the Builder and Lord Duroc! The inauguration of Astrid to Chief Justice and myself for being........well. Myself.” He chuckled at the last part and grabbed Astrid’s hand with his small, claw-like hands and bent down to try to kiss it and spoke in the same manner. “Oh! But tis are my manners my dear lady. I am Daimon-Ress Zerbo of the Ferengi Alliance. I am second only to the Grand Nagus himself. Now. How may I make myself available to you. madame?” He said while looking straight at her with his razor-sharp teeth showing again.

Daimon-Ress Zerbo

She didn’t like being touched without permission and she thought about turning her hand to shake his like a human would and thus avoided the kiss on her own hand and made him more likely to stop his advance.

The look on Urg’s face needed no interpretation. In fact, it was quite clear that had the Chief Justice of the colony not been sitting where she was, the Ferengi Daimon would no longer be breathing. Instead, a very large and gauntleted hand landed slowly on the Daimon-Ress’s other hand and the pressure on that appendage was… more than noticeable… as small bones rubbed in way that small bones were not necessarily supposed to.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to make him stop. Urg grabbing his hand distracted the Ferengi and allowed her to slip her hand away from his and pick up her drink to sip. She didn’t think Zerbo would like what she had to say about how he could make himself available to her.

Zerbo felt the pain grow but tried to keep a smile on his face. He knew full well what he brought when he made his grand entrance. He turned from the Chief Justice and looked at the Klingon still smiling and raised an eyebrow. “Yes. ” He said as nicely as he could.

Daimon-Ress Zerbo. A bit of advice, Ambassador. One… never use the name of the Builder as a calling card in the presence of his Chosen. In fact, to ensure your continued ability to generate profit… never use the name of the Builder again. And two… it is customary when dealing with dignitaries from other cultures to ask before inserting yourself into conversations that may or may not involve you. I trust your lack of protocol this time will be a most appreciated learning lesson… will it not, Daimon Ress?” and the pressure on the hand grew to a point of pain, but not where it invoke a… ‘less than honorable’… reaction.

Urg, Lord Duroc, Son of the Builder

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IC: This time Zerbo winced since hopefully the Chief Justice couldn’t see his reaction. In a calm tone but with a quiver of pain in it he spoke. “My dear friend. I meant everything I said about The Build..... ah, him, with the upmost respect. Honestly. But I believe that I am in need of a little training in manners myself. I’m not too proud like some others to admit it.” He winked at Urg before continuing.

“But since I’m already here Lord Urg. Would you not want to grant me a spot at your table by lending me the hospitality that not only the mighty House of Duroc is know for, but their mightiest warrior, Lord Urg is renowned for, especially to beings that are lesser than him and pose no threat? He turned his head to look at the Chief Justice the best he could. “Madam Justice. What is the saying that Hew-Mons tell in your presence? Ah!” He slowly turned his head back to Urg. “I throw myself at the mercy of your court your Honor.” Zerbo was in pain because he had a weak body, after all he is not a warrior like Urg. But his mind and will are strong and he’s a different kind of warrior.

Daimon-Ress Zerbo

Urg glared daggers at the Ferengi, but his lips smiled… not a pleasant site. “Well said, Damon-Ress.” and he suddenly and released the pressure. Looking at Astrid, he nodded once. “Apologies, Your Honor. I think the Damon is now more reasonable than he he initially let on.” and he picked up his glass and took a drink.

Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc

She really tried not to smile as she watched the two play their game. They were so quintessentially Ferengi and Klingon. Deciding that Urg’tohn had done enough to persuade Zerbo to be more polite in the future, she chose not to say anything on the matter and let it drop, giving a small smile to Urg.

Zerbo let out a slight sigh as the pain subsided. “Ah. Yes. Well said indeed. Unlike your kind Lord Urg. Ferengi are smart and great with words and the gift of language. It helps us make profit. But unlike my kind. My kind is physically weak. Your kind is strong and victorious. Which also helps make profit.” He was about to go on but the waiter brought out the wine and poured three glasses full and placed them about the table.

Zerbo nodded to the man and was reaching for the glass before he felt pain in his hand and then decided to use his good hand. He picked up the glass and raised it. “To us and this planet.” He looked to Urg. “And may we find strength and honor.” He then looked at the Chief Justice. “May we find Wisdom and Duty.” Then he brought the glass back to himself. And may we find profit.” He took a sip and smiled. “Please join me. This expensive bottle is meant to be shared amongst friends or beings that prove useful.” The last part he said while looking at Urg and smiling which was also not pleasant.

Daimon-Ress Zerbo

Astrid set down her lemon drink and picked up the wineglass, looking into the deep red of the wine and taking a small sampling of its delightful smell. She wouldn’t drink much, but she could take a few sips and enjoy Zerbo’s rather awkward but well intended offer.

She picked up her glass and raised it. “I do believe that is an excellent toast Daimon-Ress Zerbo. I suppose, if Lord Duroc does not mind, we could welcome a third to our table this fine morning.”

Rousseau, HotJ

The big Klingon’s jaw muscles were visible and the pressure between his clenched teeth would have left marks in deuterium. BUt he nodded graciously at the CHief Justice and said “Of course, Your Honor.” and he picked up his glass and raised it as well. “To new opportunities for us all.”

Urg, Lord Duroc

“To new opportunites.” He said while he drank and then got up out of the chair. “I am afraid I must be going your Honor. Business and all of that. Besides. I got what I came here for.” He looked at Urg and winked and made sure he was not in striking distance. This game has played out. “You take care of yourself Lord Urg. Good day to you both.” Bowing once more but this time sincere and turned and walked away.

Daimon-Ress Zerbo

Astrid knew that the Klingon was doing his best to control his temper. It had to ruffle him a little to even be around someone like Zerbo. She sipped her glass and set it down, being respectful of the gift Daimon-Ress Zerbo had offered in getting it for the toast. She watched as he got up out of the chair and skipped out and struggled herself. Instead of anger, she held a great deal of mirth. Zerbo had intruded and made himself known in a way that they could not possibly ignore his acquaintance.

Finally, after he was truly out of Ferengi earshot, she could hold back no longer. She began laughing, soft giggles at first and then into full on laughter. Between breaths, she shook her head. “I do apologize Lord Duroc, I just found the situation to be so typical of a Ferengi, that I could not help but laugh at the absurd smoothness of it all.” She rested her hand on his arm, “Please do forgive me. I know he was incredibly tiresome for you.”

Rousseau, HotJ

As the Chief Justice laughed, Urg’s demeanor relaxed slightly. He did, however, pull a small device from his wrist guard and scan the table for eavesdroppingand recording devices.

“Tiresome? Oh no, not at all. In fact, I was thinking just this morning that a bloated sack of money-grubbing arrogance was what every good brunch needed.” and he chuckled himself. “Remind me to contact the Daimon. Maybe if his business falters he has a future in the service industry.”

Urg, Lord Duroc


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