Two Scientists and a Bottle of Bloodwine

Posted April 20, 2021, 6:30 p.m. by Civilian Mirembe M'Ahar (Director of Terraforming) (Trinity Fister)

Mirembe leaned forward, her fingers brushing against the cold surface of her desk as she considered the man opposite of her. She seemed to scrutinise him for several moments before a broad grin erupted across her lips. “Just one more question, Mr. Ngaiziv…” she let her fingers rest for a split second ”…when can you start?”

M’Ahar had struggled to sift through a pool of applicants. Where some were consumed by an ulterior motive, others were looking for easy work. She needed someone reliable, forthright and ready to put in the effort wherever necessary. Mirembe hadn’t found many who fit her strict criteria, until Ngaiziv.

Bzz! A slight reverberation tore Mirembe’s gaze from the Orion to her assistant, who took perched by the door. “Dr. M’Ahar,” she caught the tail-end of their acknowledgement, “I have the information you asked for.”

“Thank you,” Mirembe nodded, briefly turning back to her newest hire. “Mr. Ngaiziv.. if you’ll excuse me. Mx. Imig will forward you all of the necessary documents. I will be in touch about your next shift.” She ascended to her feet and extended a hand. After a curt shake, she signed, “I look forward to having you on our team.”

After seeing him off, Mirembe turned to her assistant. “So.. I finally have a scientist to bother?” She mused and gratefully snagged the PaDD extended to her. Briefly scanning over its contents, she managed a slight smile before setting it on her desk.

“Do you want me to set up a meeting, Doctor?”

“No,” Mirembe shook her head, “I’d prefer to reach out to the Lieutenant, myself.” She flipped her wrist and took note of the time. “Your day’s almost over anyway. Why don’t you pack up and head home?”

“Are you sure?” They gave her a slightly bewildered look, to which she offered a nod.

“I wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t,” she assured. “All that’s left are a couple of messages and analyses. I don’t need your expertise for those.” She paused before waving her hands wildly at the door. “That was Mirembe for ‘go!’“

M’Ahar watched as they scrambled from the officer quicker than she could change her mind. Amusedly shaking her head, the Terraformer rounded her desk and plopped down in her chair. With a quick crack of her knuckles and a little stretch, Mirembe pulled up her messaging portal and whipped out a quick message.

To: Lieutenant Madison Marsh
From: Dr. Mirembe M’Ahar
Subject: Invitation

Lt. Marsh,

I’m Mirembe M’Ahar, director of Oed’s terraforming initiative. I understand we will be seeing a lot of each other in the coming years. So, I thought I’d extend an offer to dinner at the tangqa’ Tavern to give us the chance to get to know one another. If you’re up for it, please let me know what days work best for you.

Dr. Mirembe M’Ahar, PhD
Director of Terraforming

Mirembe’s fingers danced above the keyboard before she clicked ‘send’ and relaxed into her chair. Stealing a glance out the window adjacent to her desk, the soft rays of a sleepy sun cascading over her, she released a soft sigh. But the peace didn’t last as long as her breath.

– Mirembe M’Ahar, Director of Terraforming

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