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A few nights after the grand opening, the Governor’s Assistant, Sinayda Nyx, made her way to the tangqa’ Tavern. It was the newest establishment that served alcohol and fermented beverages, so it was the place to be. In truth, she was on a fact finding mission for her boss to find out what she could about the Ferengis in the Commerce of Economics.

Wanting to invite attention, but not too much, she was dressed in a black pant suit with triangular cutouts on either side of the jacket. Taking a seat at the bar, Nyx ordered a rum on the rocks, double, crossed her legs and turned the stool so she could observe the others in the room. “Excuse me, do you get many Ferengi in here?” Fixing the bartender with her cognac gaze and waited for any information.


The half-Klingon proprietor of tanqa’ Tavern filled an elegant glass goblet with ice and then rum, before depositing it on the bar top with the grace of a rampaging targ. Leaning in to face Nyx, she frowned then replied, “Quantify ‘many’? I find Ferengi to be an eager clientele for an establishment such as this. Unlike the Starfleet contingent on this planet, who I suspect have no clue what to make of me just yet.”

Around that time Daimon Hoka came out of the restroom and looked towards Nyx and walked up to her. He was dressed in a nice suit and an expensive one. She knew that suit would keep this bar operating for two months. He was obviously half her size but since she was sitting at the bar, the strain on Hokas neck wasn’t bad. He bowed to her but briefly. “Why do you not just ask one of us yourself Madame Nyx? I would summarize that a Hew-Mon such as yourself, dressed the way you do and are, and in the position you hold, would not have a problem talking to a source directly? Oh. Sorry I could not keep myself from hearing your questions.” He stated as he waved to his very large ears. “It is in the rules to always listen but it is hard not to when you have big ears.” Smiling at the He motioned for the bartender. “I to would like the rum and coke. It sounds intriguing.”

Looking back at Nyx as he climbed into the bar chair across from her. “I can suspect that you want to talk to the right Ferengi and not some peon. You want answers and not headaches. I can answer your questions Madame Nyx.” He looked at her intently but did not smile this time while waiting for his drink.

Daimon Hoka

Nyx looked at the large eared male in the chair next to her. “You have made many assumptions here, Daimon Hoka.” She reached out slowly and stroked the outer edge of his right lobe. “Why do you assume I’m here for answers of some kind? Can’t I be looking for company?” Sin took a drink of rum as she waited for the Ferengi’s answer.


“It is true I made assump..........ahhhhhhhhhh”. He said as he was cut off mid sentence by her touching his ear lobe. Shaking his head. “That was a dirty trick. But I liked it. I am not a stupid being Madam Nyx and neither are you. Both of us did not get to where we are today for assuming or for being stupid. We all have our faults and motives. I am curious to know yours and I bet you might be curious to know mine. But mine will have to wait until we have the meeting with the new Governor to talk about what Daimon-Ress Zerbo and the Ferengi Alliance wants to do here. But I will state that it has to do with Rule 37. The early investor reaps the most interest. So do you want to rub my lobes more?” He grinned.

Sinayda leaned back on her stool, separating herself from the Ferengi. “Perhaps later. I thought a little conversation with a being like yourself would be nice. I spend most of my time looking out for the Governor, but I have the night off to just be me. That’s why I’m here…to indulge myself with some company and whatever may come my way tonight.”

Even though she had no fondness for Ferengi, Hoka would never know that from her interested and flirty demeanor.

.>Mirai nodded and returned, seconds later, with the drink. “I have added it to your tab,” she informed Hokas. “But remember, defaulters on bar tabs are liable to be thrown into my fighting pits.”
The half-Klingon winked then moved off to serve another customer.

  • Mirai Nakuto (Owner - tangqa’ Tavern)

“My dear Klingon. Rule 192. Never cheat a Klingon… unless you’re sure you can get away with it. And I am very certain I will not. Besides, I am one of the wealthiest beings on this planet. I will pay my debts. Thank you for the drink.” He brought the glass to his nose to sniff it and gave an awful look but took a sip anyway. His reaction was priceless and he spat out the drink back into cup and coughed a bit before sitting it back down. “Water please!” He said with a harsh tone but from the drink and not anger.

Daimon Hoka

The half-Klingon growled deep in her throat, like a wounded animal preparing to pounce.
“My drinks not good enough for you, Ferengi?” she roared, the sight of her fine rum being spat out almost too much to witness. But after a moment she collapsed into laughter then, exchanging an exasperated glance with Nyx, placed a glass of water with slice of lemon before the DaiMon.
“Let me know if you want a lollipop to go with it,” she called over her shoulder, before retreating to serve other patrons once again.

  • Mirai Nakuto (Owner - tangqa’ Tavern)

“Tsk tsk tsk.” Nyx shook her head at the Daimon. “And here I thought you would be a man of means. I’ve always thought of your people as being the best with monetary assets, but the proprietor acts as if you are a pauper who can’t pay his tab.” She took her eyes off of Hoka and surveyed the other patrons of the bar. “Perhaps I should find other company…”


A tall, slender man with sharp features came in and took a seat at the bar. He wasn’t flashy or showy, but he wore a clean, well-tailored suit of charcoal grey that made his blond hair and blue eyes pop a bit. He didn’t have the air of a tourist or the flash and pomp of a merchant, but he did look quite professional. Without looking around too much, he began to read the menu as he awaited service.


“Welcome to tangqa’ Tavern,” came a roar from somewhere out of sight. Seconds later and the speaker emerged - tall, muscular and unmistakably Klingon. Or at least in part. Dressed in black leather trousers and faux-chainmail halter-top, with a chaotic mountain of blue-tinged and midnight-black hair, Mirai Nakuto cut a striking figure indeed.
Positioning herself directly across from the newcomer, amber eyes studied him intently.
“Do you come here to drink or to feast?” she asked with a nod to the menu, “or to scrutinise my accounts?”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Owner - tangqa’ Tavern)

To the Klingon, he replied solemnly: “I would drink gratefully, but I have no interest in examining your accounts. Such is not my business, I’m afraid. Perhaps Aldeboran Whiskey?” His voice was deeper than his frame would make one think, soft-spoken but with a hard iron edge in it that gave further shape to his slight germanic accent.

Her attempt at making Hoka come back with how rich he was, followed by a dump of information to impress her, wasn’t having the desired effect. So when she heard the proprietor speaking to someone new at the bar, she turned to look. A blonde, human, male was sitting there looking at a menu. Dressed in a suit, much like her boss, he looked ordinary. Sin’s Spidey senses, however, told her there was something about him that was definitely not ordinary.

Curious, she smiled in his direction. “Hello there. Are you new here? I’ve heard that everything is tasty and the alcohol is potent.”


He smiled at Nyx, the expression charming but a bit stiff somehow. “One expects potency to be a matter of… honor… in a Klingon Establishment.” Metzger allowed himself a small chuckle. “Yes, I am new here. Perhaps I’ll stay awhile.” His blue eyes examined Nyx at a distance, though not impolitely.

-Metzger, Civilian

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