Pre-Sim: Check-in with Captain Xavier

Posted May 4, 2021, 4:38 p.m. by Lieutenant Madison Marsh (Chief Star Fleet Science Officer) (Matt Bongiorno)

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Posted by Lieutenant Madison Marsh (Chief Star Fleet Science Officer) in Pre-Sim: Check-in with Captain Xavier

Posted by Captain Parker Xavier (Lt. Governor) in Pre-Sim: Check-in with Captain Xavier
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Madison stepped out onto the balcony of her new 23rd floor apartment in the residential area on OED V and took in the view of the colony’s skyline just before sunset, “Wow, you do not get a view like this on a starship, it is quite a unique one in it’s own right.” Her voice was calm in tone with an accent that was unmistakably of Australian origin. She sat in the white chair on the balcony, casually set her feet on on railing, and crossed her legs at her lower shins as she leaned back in a comfortable position. The transfer from the U.S.S. Leviathan was officially completed and she had one week to get settled in her lovely new place. Madison enjoyed having Tal as a roommate when she was a junior officer, but was looking forward to living on her own in a much more spacious living quarters. She definitely could not wait to show all of her friends the new pad. The promotion to full Lieutenant and Chief Science Officer was in recognition of her diligent work and set a new bar for her in growing as a leader along with delivering results being the primary challenge.

Madison pulled out her PADD from under her arm and began typing a message to her new commanding officer, Captain Xavier. She would definitely miss Captain Cobb along his lovely breakfast at mid day meals and whiskey. With that being said, she still looked forward to developing under a new leader. Her sky blue eyes peered at the screen as her fingers typed on the keyboard.

“Captain Xavier,
I am Lieutenant Madison Marsh and have been transferred to OED V from the U.S.S. Leviathan to be your Chief Science Officer. I have attached my transfer orders to this message and am in the process of getting settled in my new home. However, I would like to take some time to meet with you as well. Part of being new to the colony is that I do not know where everything is just yet. If you could please provide me with a location, time, and place, I would like to set an appointment with you sir. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Lieutenant Madison Marsh”

Madison proof read the message twice, corrected a minor spacing error, and clicked the send key. She set her PADD on idle and laid it on her lap. The luminous lights of OED V were breathtaking and could potentially be seen as signifying a bright future for her within this new chapter of her life. However, at the end of the day, only time will tell what the future holds for Madison.

  • Lieutenant Madison Marsh, Chief Science Officer

The return message was from Yeoman Martinez a female human who worked as the Lt. Gov’s executive assistant.

=^=Message received. Check your calendar Lt. There will be a meeting invite with the date and time to meet with the Captain. Dress is duty uniform. Do not be late. End Transmission.=^=

Yeoman Martinez

Madison reviewed the message from the Captain and ensured that she was adequately prepared to meet with him on the set appointment date. On the day of the meeting, Madison took a shower and then dressed in her standard duty uniform. She looked over her reflection in the mirror for a moment as she set her blonde hair in a standard bun. Her appearance was indicative of both professionalism and elegance along with having a look determination that is quite evident when peering into those blue eyes that lead to her very soul. She approached her replicator in the kitchen area, “White Chocolate Mocha coffee, made to go.” The replicator produced a white chocolate mocha coffee which was her signature drink in the mornings. After gathering her PADD, she exited her apartment complex and took a ground transport to the Captain’s office location. During her transport ride, she looked out her window and observed the areas of the city that she went through in an effort to begin to adapt to her new surroundings all while taking occasional sips of her warm delicious beverage. When she arrived at her destination, she checked in with an associate and then sat in the waiting area reading the news on her PADD while awaiting her new Captain to become available.

  • Lieutenant Madison Marsh

OOC: As discussed lets make it the Starport office instead. Everything you wrote here can support that as well.

The Captain sat in his large, but not as large as his Lt. Governor, office on the Starport. The men and women of SF Oed did not get to see him to often up there as the job kept him in bureaucratic leg irons. However for this meeting he had made sure to have Yeoman Martinez make the arrangements and move from the Government Tower to here.

Martinez, a rather good looking yeoman could be a tough assistant for the civilians to navigate. She was to the point and had her Captains interest, and only his interest, as a priority. He liked having her as a filter. She generally had the civilian visitors in the right mind by the time they entered his office. He had also caught a furtive glance from her, though very well disguised. He wondered if it was his imagination. As you got older you forgot you were not a young man anymore except every time someone took a holo photo or something and your age stared at you with no mercy.

He awaited his CSO. Something he had not had as a resource in a very long time on Oed. Martinez advised him that Lt. Marsh had arrived. He already guessed she had arrived a few minutes or more before and Martinez just had her wait to make sure she understood that the Captain was on his time and not hers. Martinez also came into his office to tell him. Something he knew she did not have to do. Again was that just fanciful thinking. At any rate he was her very superior officer.

“Send her in.” He said and Martinez disappeared behind the swoosh of the door.

Martinez motioned with her hand to Marsh.

“Lt. the Captain will see you now.” She said and returned to her seat.

Captain Xavier

Madison stood up from the chair and held her PADD in her right hand. She glanced down slightly at the desk and met Yeoman Martinez gaze, “Thank you.” Afterwards, she walked into Captain Xavier’s officer and scanned his office assessing his decor choices prior to making direct eye contact with him. “Hello sir, I am Lieutenant Madison Marsh and have been transferred to Oed V to serve as your Chief Science Officer. I have my transfer orders if you require them along with my personnel file. It is a pleasure to meet you Captain Xavier.” A smile came across her face after she greeted him in a polite and professional manner. She had an obvious Australian accent to go with her soft tone of voice.

  • Lieutenant Madison Marsh, CSO

“Lt. it is good to see you have arrived to our post so far away from everything. Please have a seat.” He greeted her.

The Captains Starport office was all SF. There were some decorations from his service displayed, the usual President of the Federation picture on a wall etc.. It was sleek in that clean SF way. His office on the planet had a little more character to it but if someone knew the Captain well they would know that SF was his character and as such the office was him than people realized.


Madison had an appreciation for Captain Xavier’s dedication to Starfleet as a whole as it was clearly evident in his office decor. The man appeared to be a Starfleet officer to the very core. She took a seat as he requested and crossed her legs comfortably. She was definitely curious about what he had to say about her new assignment and the direction the Oed V colony was taking in the overall terraforming process.

  • Lieutenant Madison Marsh, CSO

“Lt. I must address and issue that has caused problems in the past. You need to understand that your first and foremost priority as the Chief Science Officer of SF on Oed is SF and its operations. The terraforming projects, dome projects etc..are the priority of the civilian government and to a lesser degree SF. I have no issues with you taking the lead any project, SF or civilian, as long as your core SF duties are not impacted. That means working on the Spaceport a percentage of your time, studying galactic anomalies in our sector of space, scanning for threats, duty time on the Centurion etc..” He said. “If your thinking this is a terraforming assignment then we might need to look for another CSO because it is not.”

Xavier was not being harsh rather he was being direct so the understanding was clear.


Madison heard Captian Xavier’s explanation out and nodded her head in acknowledgement, “I understand the assignment clearly sir. Thank you for the additional details and expectations.” She said this with a tone of confidence in her voice and kept a neutral expression on her face. Her sky blue eyes made direct eye contact with Captain Xavier and she paused briefly to allow him to continue addressing her assignment if he intended to do so. She was definitely itching to get started on her new mission on Oed V and had high hopes for a successful run in this assignment.

  • Lieutenant Marsh, CSO

“So why Oed?” The Captain said switching gears.


Madison made direct eye contact with Captain Xavier as a slight smile spread across her face and her tone of voice optimistic, “I see Oed V as an opportunity for me to grow in the leadership role of Chief Science Officer. It is a new experience for me because I have spent most of my life as a student and then a researcher at various institutions.”

She naturally paused for a moment and then continued, “I love the idea of this assignment being more so planetary based and has a blend of Starfleet and Civilian contractors to interact with on a daily basis. Overall, Oed V is an outstanding opportunity for researching, experimenting, making a true difference, and developing as I continue my career in Starfleet.”

Her facial expression shifted to neutral as she thought about a question to ask him in return to avoid the conversation becoming to one-sided. Plus, research indicated that a great quality of a successful leader is one who asks questions, “How about you sir? Why did you decide to come to Oed V?”

  • Lieutenant Marsh, CSO

“I was ordered to Lt.” He answered honestly. “You see there were no ships available for a new Captain’s slot so they offered me this role. Which some would say is much more than a Starship Captain’s role. Certainly it has its own challenges and this experience has made me a better leader for sure. However I am a Starship Captain at heart. I was aCO of the old Ark Angel several times and truth be told as much as the CO’s that changed out. I miss that chair and as much as I like the Centurion its not the same. However we serve SF and this is currently where SF has wanted me.”

Xavier Lt Gov

Madison had a neutral facial expression as she processed what Captain Xavier answered in regards to his assignment. She pitied the man to a certain extent. If the man wanted a starship, then give the guy a starship already right? Unfortunately, for him it did not work that way and he was stuck on OED V with the rest of them. She pondered how she would respond for a moment and then said, “Captain, I garner an abundance of respect for both your past and present career history in Starfleet. I have high hopes that you get your own ship again in the future, so that you can continue to chart the stars sir.” Her soft lips formed an assuring smile and there was a slight twinkle in her sky blue eyes for a moment there, “I look forward to serving under your command sir. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you Captain.”

  • Lieutenant Marsh, CSO

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