Black Sparrow - Dinner is served...

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Posted by Lieutenant Katherine Prescott (Wing Leader (Pilot)) in Black Sparrow - Dinner is served…

Posted by Lieutenant Katherine Prescott (Wing Leader (Pilot)) in Black Sparrow - Dinner is served…

Posted by Ensign Valkris MacLaren (Security Officer) in Black Sparrow - Dinner is served…
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Valkris took a moment to glance around, her eyes spotted no one disgruntled and the Captain still drifted among his guests. He appeared to be enjoying himself, but she wondered if it was a masquerade rather than genuine. At the mention of strong drinks, she chuckled softly. The smile continued on her lips as she enjoyed the company.
Before she could comment, the corner of her vision picked up movement. Her mouth sealed shut and her attention zoned in on the subject. Chief of Security, Longstreet, wandered over. He had detached from Apollonia and decided to join them. She immediately relaxed when the unknown was revealed as Katherine addressed him first. Once he mentioned R&R, she decided to reply.

“It’s interesting to see you here, sir. I didn’t think we would cross paths outside of duty.” Valkris couldn’t stop the formality from slipping in. Still, she was polite and casual with her tone to keep the mood light. Her mother had taught her enough to be approachable at least.

–Ensign Valkris MacLaren, Sec

((feel free to respond… I’m just gonna move us along a bit since CO is still LOA a bit longer))

At that moment, a bell like chime sounded and Katherine exhaled a sigh of relief. She glanced at the Security Chief and the young woman beside her. “Dinner is ready. If you’d like to go in, you will find your seats easily enough. I shall make sure everyone is accounted for and join you in a moment.” She nodded as a way to politely excuse herself from their conversation and made her way around the room making sure everyone was making their way into the dining room where name cards were placed at each seating area. Valkris, Longstreet and Apollonia were near one another close to one end of the table.

Katherine waited till everyone was seated and moved into the room. With her usual, casual smile, she headed for the end of the table closest Valkris and took her place opposite the empty end where Michael would join them soon.

She hoped.

“I sincerely apologize, everyone. The Captain had gone to see to a personal matter and will be joining us as soon as possible. He has asked us to please indulge and help ourselves.” She laughed lightly and added as an aside. “I think he hopes if we eat it all, he won’t be stuck with leftovers tomorrow. So, shall we not disappoint our host?” She opened her arms wide to indicate the food laid down the center of the table and nodded as she took her seat.

The center of the table held tidbits and morsels that encompassed all the species on board. From Klingon Ghagh, to Andorian Tea. From Earthen finger foods to Vulcan delicacies. All the servings were small and manageable in a way to make sampling and tasting a more enjoyable time.

Katherine nodded to those around her she had been speaking with moments ago and took a sip of her own serving of tea as a couple waiters came and took drink orders from those who didn’t still have drinks from the other room.

((filling in for Captain Mike))

Valkris eyes shifted to Katherine, acknowledging the words. Instinctively she glanced to the nearest clock only to realize the conversation had gone on longer than she thought. She lightly blamed the woman’s charm in blinding her sense of time. Her fingers placed any drink she currently held onto the nearest tray as a waiter slipped past, his uniform melted in the crowd.

“It’s rather rude to keep others waiting, especially the host. I suppose we’ll catch up later then.” Her attitude remained casual and light, avoiding any rudeness to it.

She had only met Longstreet in passing during her arrival on OED V, but not enough to gain a confident read on him. For all she knew, he held grudges and repaid them in full during work hours. Long shifts didn’t appeal to her at this stage of her life. Without additional words, the officer sauntered away toward the dining room.

As she listened to Katherine’s speech about the Captain’s absence, the hybrid’s eyes already picked out the bits she intended on eating. A habit born from time on her father’s homeworld and sharing her half-brother’s favorites. She dismissed the desire as she reminded herself she was in less greedy company than her family. At least this time, she didn’t have to worry about her nephew mushing her Gagh.

Once the two waiters arrived, she ordered a Red leaf tea instead of bloodwine. She chose to ignore the hidden surprise on the man’s face as he moved onto Longstreet.

“I haven’t seen this much variety in one sitting for a long time,” Valkris commented, hoping to start off a conversation.

–Ensign Valkris MacLaren, Sec

((With the loss of the Sparrow Captain, I will fast forward to bring us all back to the hanger at OED… feel free to post responses to conversations beforehand if you wish. I’ll leave room. And feel free to continue the ‘hunting’, ‘trysts’, spying and other shenanigans thru invitations, stalking, etc lol))

Katherine laughed. “I’ll give him credit. The Captain lays a nice spread.” She indicated the food and filled her own plate half full of morsels and tidbits. She even got bold enough to snag a couple wriggling gagh from Valkris’ bowl with a teasing laugh.

Dinner ended on a high note with folks going off in pairs and small groups to retire. By the following morning, they were back in the hanger on OED and everyone was being shepparded off the Sparrow with thanks from those on board for their coming. Katherine had spent a long night alone, barely sleeping, wondering what she would do now. She stood, the next morning, on the bottom of the ramp, smiling and nodding to everyone as they departed. Several folks had sought her out over the last twenty four hours to meet and greet, and finally thank, her for the trip.


OOC: At this point, I’m not sure what Valkris is needed for or what the original goal was. So I’m a little lost.
-Janice B.

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