tangqa' Tavern - Nyx samples the nightlife (Everyone Welcome)

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“Tsk tsk tsk.” Nyx shook her head at the Daimon. “And here I thought you would be a man of means. I’ve always thought of your people as being the best with monetary assets, but the proprietor acts as if you are a pauper who can’t pay his tab.” She took her eyes off of Hoka and surveyed the other patrons of the bar. “Perhaps I should find other company…”


A tall, slender man with sharp features came in and took a seat at the bar. He wasn’t flashy or showy, but he wore a clean, well-tailored suit of charcoal grey that made his blond hair and blue eyes pop a bit. He didn’t have the air of a tourist or the flash and pomp of a merchant, but he did look quite professional. Without looking around too much, he began to read the menu as he awaited service.


“Welcome to tangqa’ Tavern,” came a roar from somewhere out of sight. Seconds later and the speaker emerged - tall, muscular and unmistakably Klingon. Or at least in part. Dressed in black leather trousers and faux-chainmail halter-top, with a chaotic mountain of blue-tinged and midnight-black hair, Mirai Nakuto cut a striking figure indeed.
Positioning herself directly across from the newcomer, amber eyes studied him intently.
“Do you come here to drink or to feast?” she asked with a nod to the menu, “or to scrutinise my accounts?”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Owner - tangqa’ Tavern)

To the Klingon, he replied solemnly: “I would drink gratefully, but I have no interest in examining your accounts. Such is not my business, I’m afraid. Perhaps Aldeboran Whiskey?” His voice was deeper than his frame would make one think, soft-spoken but with a hard iron edge in it that gave further shape to his slight germanic accent.

“Excellent choice,” Nakuto nodded respectfully, placing an ornate tumbler before the man and then filling a little over a third with the emerald green liquid. “I have just sent a bottle of this to my sister. It seems that her captain is also a man of refined taste. Like yourself.”
Presenting the bottle for his inspection, the triangular edges blazed in the reflection of the surrounding firelight as she turned it over in her hands. Then with a wink, she withdrew the bottle again and roared an enthusiastic “Enjoy!”

Her attempt at making Hoka come back with how rich he was, followed by a dump of information to impress her, wasn’t having the desired effect. So when she heard the proprietor speaking to someone new at the bar, she turned to look. A blonde, human, male was sitting there looking at a menu. Dressed in a suit, much like her boss, he looked ordinary. Sin’s Spidey senses, however, told her there was something about him that was definitely not ordinary.

Curious, she smiled in his direction. “Hello there. Are you new here? I’ve heard that everything is tasty and the alcohol is potent.”


He smiled at Nyx, the expression charming but a bit stiff somehow. “One expects potency to be a matter of… honor… in a Klingon Establishment.” Metzger allowed himself a small chuckle. “Yes, I am new here. Perhaps I’ll stay awhile.” His blue eyes examined Nyx at a distance, though not impolitely.

-Metzger, Civilian

“You’re right, of course. One thing Klingons know is potent liquor.” Her attention now focused on the new comer, Hoka and his lack of input was firmly put on a back burner. “Actually, this establishment is new. They just had their grand opening the other night, but I missed it so I came in tonight. If I might be so bold to ask, what brings you to OED?”


Curious, this woman’s manner of speaking about Nakuto rather than to her. A younger Mirai might have rushed to the offense for such a slight, but initiating the first brawl in her newly-decorated bar had not been in her ambitions for today.
Still, she recovered quickly and, at the comment regarding Klingons and liquor, her glass of bloodwine was raised to the heavens with a roar, before being drained in a single, assertion-confirming gulp.

Metzger smiled politely, and took a sip of his drink. “I came to see an old friend, but I appear to have missed him being here… I have quite a bit of vacation time saved up, though, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t enjoy myself now that I’m here.” His blue eyes seemed to appraise her as he glanced over. “You are a resident of this fine city?” He asked in his precisely annunciated accent.

-Metzger, Civilian

Having taken to the preparation and serving of drinks like the proverbial targ to grass, Nakuto was finding the social perception aspects of the bartender role a little more difficult to master. But even disregarding her own primitive skills, there was no denying the shroud of mystery that enveloped Mr Metzger. So as the half-Klingon retreated to serve other patrons across the longboat bar, still one ear remained trained on this conversation between the newcomer and Nyx.

  • Mirai Nakuto (Owner - tangqa’ Tavern)

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