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Mirembe leaned forward, her fingers brushing against the cold surface of her desk as she considered the man opposite of her. She seemed to scrutinise him for several moments before a broad grin erupted across her lips. “Just one more question, Mr. Ngaiziv…” she let her fingers rest for a split second ”…when can you start?”

M’Ahar had struggled to sift through a pool of applicants. Where some were consumed by an ulterior motive, others were looking for easy work. She needed someone reliable, forthright and ready to put in the effort wherever necessary. Mirembe hadn’t found many who fit her strict criteria, until Ngaiziv.

Bzz! A slight reverberation tore Mirembe’s gaze from the Orion to her assistant, who took perched by the door. “Dr. M’Ahar,” she caught the tail-end of their acknowledgement, “I have the information you asked for.”

“Thank you,” Mirembe nodded, briefly turning back to her newest hire. “Mr. Ngaiziv.. if you’ll excuse me. Mx. Imig will forward you all of the necessary documents. I will be in touch about your next shift.” She ascended to her feet and extended a hand. After a curt shake, she signed, “I look forward to having you on our team.”

After seeing him off, Mirembe turned to her assistant. “So.. I finally have a scientist to bother?” She mused and gratefully snagged the PaDD extended to her. Briefly scanning over its contents, she managed a slight smile before setting it on her desk.

“Do you want me to set up a meeting, Doctor?”

“No,” Mirembe shook her head, “I’d prefer to reach out to the Lieutenant, myself.” She flipped her wrist and took note of the time. “Your day’s almost over anyway. Why don’t you pack up and head home?”

“Are you sure?” They gave her a slightly bewildered look, to which she offered a nod.

“I wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t,” she assured. “All that’s left are a couple of messages and analyses. I don’t need your expertise for those.” She paused before waving her hands wildly at the door. “That was Mirembe for ‘go!’“

M’Ahar watched as they scrambled from the officer quicker than she could change her mind. Amusedly shaking her head, the Terraformer rounded her desk and plopped down in her chair. With a quick crack of her knuckles and a little stretch, Mirembe pulled up her messaging portal and whipped out a quick message.

To: Lieutenant Madison Marsh
From: Dr. Mirembe M’Ahar
Subject: Invitation

Lt. Marsh,

I’m Mirembe M’Ahar, director of Oed’s terraforming initiative. I understand we will be seeing a lot of each other in the coming years. So, I thought I’d extend an offer to dinner at the tangqa’ Tavern to give us the chance to get to know one another. If you’re up for it, please let me know what days work best for you.

Dr. Mirembe M’Ahar, PhD
Director of Terraforming

Mirembe’s fingers danced above the keyboard before she clicked ‘send’ and relaxed into her chair. Stealing a glance out the window adjacent to her desk, the soft rays of a sleepy sun cascading over her, she released a soft sigh. But the peace didn’t last as long as her breath.

– Mirembe M’Ahar, Director of Terraforming

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Madison had been swimming laps at the top floor pool at her resident living apartment complex for around one hour. Her heart was racing as she was bound and determined to finish her freestyle laps for the day. The cardio was exhilarating for her and made the release of endorphins was a wonderful feeling. As she reached one end she completed a quick somersault under water with her feet making contact with and pushing off the wall as she headed down the main line for her final lap stretch. Her arm and leg movements were fluid and on point to the freestyle stroke which put her high level of experience on full display for those in the pool area. In fact, her speed actually increased in this last stretch in an effort to finish the exercise strong. She was used to competing with her teammates and her younger brother Richard for many years prior to this point. Giving her all in everything that she did on a daily basis was just about habitual now in her thirties. She extended her right arm outward and reach for the wall, gasped for air from hyperventilating, and shifted her googles on top of her swim cap. As she took deep breaths and settled her heart rate down, she heard her PADD go off due to receiving a message. Before picking up her PADD, she wiped her hands with a towel to avoid getting the electronic device wet. Her eyes reviewed the message while she leaned against the side of the pool. She used her thumb to type up a quick response and after reviewing the final draft, she pressed send. It appeared that is was time to get her work started on Oed V.

To: Dr. Mirembe M’Ahar
From: Lieutenant Madison Marsh
Subject: Re: Invitation

Dr. Mirembe M’Ahar,

Hello there! I look forward to working with you during my tenure on Oed V. How about we meet at 18:00 on Thursday night. I believe the tangqa’ Tavern has drink specials for ladies night on Thursdays. We might as well save as much money as we can right? :-)

See you soon!

Lt. Madison Marsh, CSO

With one hand clamped around a bag of groceries — an apple dangerously close to escape — and the other fumbling with the access code, Mirembe could help but grimace at the vibrations seizing her back pocket. Wait! Her inner voice seethed, guiding her free hand to the door in one last, feeble attempt at entry. But to mock her strive, it unlatched before her fingers could accost its metal face, feeding into the annoyance that flickered across her own. Mirembe scowled.

Relieving her groceries to the dining room table, the Haliaan flexed her fingers and palmed the device from her pocket. Soon, a once vexed cast tempered into a grin.

To: Lieutenant Madison Marsh
From: Dr Mirembe M’Ahar
Subject: Re: Invitation

Lt. Marsh,

Thursday is perfect! I haven’t heard much about the Tavern’s specials, so I’ll have to take your word for it. See you then, Miss Marsh!

Take care,
Dr. Mirembe M’Ahar, PhD
Director of Terraforming

— Thursday. 17:45 hours. Rabbitus Memorial. —

Bzzz! A raspy chime tore Mirembe’s turbulent gaze from recent atmospheric analyses to the door. She lifted a hand and touched the admittance button nestled just below her desk. A furrow knit her eyebrows together as she watched the young human peek their head into her office. “Is everything all right, Mx. Imig?”

“Oh, peachy.” Playful sarcasm wove into the essence of their words, but it resonated only as a soft, terse vibration at Mirembe’s temporal bones. “I was just coming to remind you about your 1800.”

“My 1800?” She asked, somewhat confused.

“You had it marked down as ‘Lady’s night’,” Imig shot her a knowing grin, “I assume that has something to do with the ‘Fleet CSO?”

“Oh, yes!” A bashful grin spread across her lips as she rose to her feet, snagging her faux leather jacket from the seat and tossing it about her shoulders. “Thank you—“ Mirembe paused, her eyes widening at the time. “I’d better get going. Are you good here, Imig?”

Mirembe turned to release a few parting commands to her monitor, shutting down the remaining applications until she could get to them tomorrow. Slipping her PaDD into an open pocket, she slung the bag around her shoulder and shifted back to Imig.

“All good,” Imig waved a dismissive hand.

“You’re the best,” M’Ahar chuckled softly.

“I know,” they shrugged. “Now, get going before you’re late.”

Saluting in a facetious farewell, Mirembe slipped past her administrative assistant and made a beeline for the door.... and made a wish that she’d arrive on time.

— 18:00. tangqa’ Tavern. —

Mirembe slipped through the tangqa’ Tavern’s doors without a millisecond to spare. Though her feet were fatigued by the journey through Oed’s bustling Centurion Square, they were quick to guide her past its threshold and toward the bar… IAN just inches behind her.

— Mirembe M’Ahar, Director of Terraforming

Madison had been sitting at the bar for the past ten minutes because she had arrived early as was the norm for her. She had already had to fend off two suitors that had offered her free drinks but most certainly would have come with a catch that she did not prefer to be tangled in. Her history of becoming ill from drinking on an empty stomach also played a role as she waited for her new colleague to arrive. She saw Mirembe enter the bar and waved at her to draw her attention to the bar area. Madison looked down at her PADD, the clock read 18:00 hours, Mirembe was right on point with her timing.

  • Lieutenant Marsh, CSO

From behind the bar appeared a large and gregarious half-Klingon. Were it not for the long apron, then her chosen attire of leather trousers and form-fitting tshirt might have marked her as patron instead of proprietor. But any lingering doubts would be instantly cast aside as she roared to the two women “Welcome to tangqa’ Tavern! And how may I help you this evening? We have the finest selection of spirits and liquors in the entire quadrant and a menu that will facilitate further drinking by a hearty lining of the stomach!”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Owner - tangqa’ Tavern)

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